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  1. Thendanisays Has AWESOME calves!
  2. I usually look up the restaurant before I go out to see if they have anything (a lot of times they have the ingredient list on their web page, Burger king actually states that the veggie burger is not suitable for vegans.Or Panera bread which has the list in the store and they label things as vegan. I ALWAYS ask how something is cooked (for example if the fries are fried in the same fryer as the chicken) Of course it is nice to eat at only vegan places, but sometimes (like with work for example) you don't have a choice. If anything you can have salad ( I always bring my own dressing to avoid the sugar issue)
  3. Everyone has awesome calves! me..not so much. With my ankle injury I have been way more focused on that than my calves =( they will be awesome soon enough though. this is the first time I've posted any picture on the site so it's good practice anyway. http://i35.tinypic.com/2ih14dv.jpg http://i34.tinypic.com/4h2uc6.jpg http://i38.tinypic.com/ngypmv.jpg http://i36.tinypic.com/spw0mx.jpg
  4. Here I go.. I have been working out for about 2 and a half months now. I have noticed a bit of body fat loss in the thigh/butt region which is AWESOME! =) my goal is to be to about 15%bf if not lower, I did some measurement thing in the beginning and I was something like 26% LBM= 92.47 So today is just a cardio day, probably just take the Gabby dog for a 40min walk (it's SO nice outside) yesterday here is what I did: Giant superset 1: dumbbell squat 10reps 4 sets no rest (10lbs) Leg press 10 reps 4 sets no rest ( I think it was around 90lbs?) Calf press 25 rep 4 sets no rest upright row 10 rep 4 sets 60 sec rest between each new superset Giant superset 2: leg extension 10 4 no rest leg curl 10 4 no rest standing calf raise (two legs) 15 4 no rest triceps kickback 10lbs. 8rep 4 60 sec rest between each new superset superset3 adducter and abductor machine 15 4 no rest Abs Trunk curl and crunch Crunch/pelvic Lift combo 10 4 no rest ( I could really feel these! =) ) Cardio 20 stairclimber/ 20 minute crosstrainer = 45mins total with cool down stretching. In march I sprained my ankle and now I notice when I do mostly these cardio machines and the bike my right foot (the bad one) falls asleep. what's that all about? yesterday I ate: breakfast: 1/2 glass lemonade water whole wheat pancakes with pecans blackberries and agave snack: water apple vega shake lunch/dinner Quinoa salad with white beans and bok choy 1/2 grapefruit snack: mini PB crackers this is not a typical food for me I usually dont have pancakes for breakfast (i'm on vacation so I'm trying to actually eat breakfast at home and not in class) I will keep posting my workouts and food so I can get better feed back on my 'normal' stuff.
  5. I wish I could make it, but I'll be in Philly that day...my vacation before the semester begins =( I hope we can do this again!
  6. =) it's not pronounced like David Bowie though, =( it's pronounced Boo-e ,too bad it would be pretty awesome if I could say it had some relation to David Bowie Nice to see someone local on the board =) I don't have any dancing videos, but if I ever get some I'll let ya know.
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome as far as dancing goes, this fall I will be taking modern (my favorite), ballet, and an improvisational dance class.
  8. Hi all! I have just gotten back into training after an injury. in 2006 I worked out like crazy ( I was a vegetarian then, I have been vegan since about last March) and I saw a big change in my body. In high school I was slightly over weight, at 5'8" I was about 163lbs.my senior year I lost about 10lbs. simply because I had my tonsils out and couldn't eat anything but sweet potatoes ,Before I started working out in '06 I was about 145lbs. Before my wedding in '06 I dropped down to about 135 or so. I am currently about 127-130lbs. after my wedding I didn't work out as much as i wanted to (we simply couldn't afford the gym membership so we bought some home weights to work with but it wasn't the same.) I am currently working on my BA in Psychology with a minor in dance and sociology ( i LOVE to dance!!!) This past March I severely sprained my ankle and had to stop my dance classes =( I just started back up with my workouts. I am currently doing 3 days a week of weights (as well as working on rehabing my ankle) and cardio (I am also trying to fit in cardio on my days off.) This fall I will up the weights and cardio to 6 days (tues and thursday I am taking 3 dance classes) I am SO excited to have found this forum, it is a real motivator and makes me feel like an even stronger vegan! I will have to post some info on my diet as I am concerned with my calorie intake ( it will be very important this fall with all the extra dancing)
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