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  1. anyone else- ideas? places we should eat? visit?
  2. Thanks! yea, I'm glad to be rid of the crutches!! makes getting to classes a bit easier (getting around in general). I think my foot is just bothering me from not using it for a while- plus it's never really been 100% since my horrible sprain (not that it ever will be...). I've been icing it and stretching it like crazy! still need to work on being more consistent with my stretching afterward- also thinking of making Sunday a yoga/stretch day good news- I passed my first statistics exam!! its really been stressing me out! If I fail this class I can't get my masters this May and would have to wait until next January to take the class again. I've been studying my butt off- so the gym (and my diet a bit) are coming in a bit second. Just keep telling myself it will all be over in May =)
  3. A few pictures (a la RC style) after my shoulder workout yesterday. http://i51.tinypic.com/2diniuh.jpg http://i55.tinypic.com/lb2nl.jpg
  4. I keep reminding myself of that Paige =) Today I was told I can start including the elliptical in my workouts so I did 10mins. I could have gone longer since my hip didn't really hurt but my foot is beyond killing me!
  5. I don't think we'll make it over that way- maybe next trip I've been studying Applied Sociology at UMBC (its a smaller Honors University in Maryland- well known for the sciences and engineering). Chewy- Looks like we're skipping Oban and going to visit a distillery closer to Edinburgh. So we'll definitely be staying in Glasgow for a night or more. would be awesome to meet up!
  6. Saw my ortho. today. He told me I can completely ditch the crutches now, still not allowed to do any gym stuff. Which I'm okay with, I know I need to take it slow and rehab it all the way. My workouts are kinda maintenance at this point- I'm still trying to push myself in the gym but my minds just not in it with all of the stress with my hip and school has me studying almost every waking moment. Crunch time before graduation (in May) and I'm feeling it!!!! I'm simply exhausted...
  7. Yah! glad to have you on the forum! (I've seen ya over on the vega community forum as well). It's great that we're getting more and more female competitors on the board- finally people who know what I'm going through and can offer advice =)
  8. While I was doing them I kept thinking, "why haven't I been including these into my usual routine?" they seem like a great alternative to front or hack squats)front squats feel awkward to me and my gym doesn't have a hack squat machine). yea I'm not pushing it and don't plan on doing any leg stuff until I'm 100 percent better and my docs give me the go ahead and once they do that I'm going to start with a trainer (who trains figure) so I'm headed in the right direction and wont risk re-injury. (ps thanks for the email!)
  9. we'll be in Glasgow for at least a day or 2- give ourselves enough time to drive from Oban. We're only going to Oban to visit the scotch distillery (Myke is a big scotch fan). Thanks for the suggestions we'll check them out! are you anywhere close to those cities? We're going to celebrate my graduation from Graduate school. I've always wanted to visit the UK! and Scotland in particular since that's where my Dads side of the family came to the US from.
  10. great video! what is a cottage pie? is it the same as shepherds pie? I make a mean shepherds pie!
  11. Coming to the UK in June finally!! fly into London June 6 and will spend a few there- see Wales and drive up England to Oban, Scotland (fly back from Glasgow June 20). Would be awesome to meet some forum members! also, suggestions for places to stay and eat would be great!
  12. I like all of the above... here's a band from where I'm from (not vegan)- thought you might enjoy them anyway- The Burning Season
  13. Guess what?!?!? I got to do ball squats at PT on Friday- not much but its pretty exciting! =) walking more without the crutches now but still limping badly- all of my muscles are weak on that leg and my ankle (which a severely sprained a few years ago, that leg of course) is tight making walking harder. I'm thinking I may invest in an awesome massage to help work out the scar tissue issues I have.
  14. luvpitbulls: I also thought about doing the Charm City Classic. It would be awesome to compete with someone else! I was all by myself at my 1st show, fun but would have been way better with someone else! right now though competing is on hold until I get the ok from my ortho and physical therapist to start training legs again. either way, I'll be there! =) have you only checked out OCB shows? I'd also check other organizations to see which fits you best- they may have different show dates. (I've been thinking about looking into other organizations as well). As far as bikini vs figure goes thats up to what you're more comfortable with and what your goals are. If you want to do figure I'd just go for it even if you're not where you want to be at your 1st show you can get useful feedback from the judges for your next show. I'll PM you the person I worked with- I'd also get your shoes (and suit) early to practice walking in.
  15. Congrats on deciding to compete! it can be scary but you'll be great and enjoy yourself! Have you picked out a show you want to compete in? to answer your questions: When I was training for my competition (it was my 1st, but definitely not my last!) I had help from an inline trainer (much cheaper!) but you don't need one there are plenty of resources online. Just make sure to use good form and never cheat yourself! push yourself! I will however be hiring a trainer for my next competition for 2 reasons 1.) rehab from the surgery and 2) I didn't place as well as I wanted in my 1st show so I want someone who trains figure girls to push me beyond where I will push myself I use Manitoba Harvest hemp pro 70. It's expensive and can take some getting used to the taste (sort of has the texture of milk). I have it with just water, I think it would taste weird with anything else. I have used mixed proteins from true protein as well in its place to help with the costs and to mix it up a bit. Feel free to try gemma some people love it. it tasted like vomit to me.... but the pea blends from true protein i never had an issue with. The diet I posted above is exactly what I ate pre-contest. I manipulated it a bit as I got closer but I won't be doing that again (my calories were way too low). I'm still trying to figure out what diet works best for me but I think that's part of the fun of competing. I am trying to get my calories up to around 2000 right now and my protein to about 140 grams. My advice for a 1st time competitor is: 1.) practice posing 2.) don't drop your calories too low (especially too soon). your heath is more important than winning!! 3.)practice posing 4.) don't take yourself too seriously and don't worry so much about winning. just competing and pushing yourself beyond what you previously thought was possible is winning!! 5.) ohh, and practice posing! I cannot stress that enough. It is harder than it looks and is very very tiresome! - I did actually get a coach for this part. Thanks to her I was not nearly as freighted to get on stage and the judges told me I had good stage presence and didn't look nervous or uncomfortable like most 1st timers. 6.) also, ask the judges for any advice after the show. they can tell you why you placed how you did and what you can work on for future shows. ps I live in Baltimore =)
  16. Don't get discouraged, you have made great progress for 6 months!!! It can take years to develop certain weak areas on your body (have you seen the "before pics" I posted not long ago in my journal of my spaghetti arms?). Keep working your whole body and I am sure in time you will see progress. Dallas makes a good point. How much do you weigh? try to aim for at least 1 gram per pound of body weight. I also wonder what your overall diet looks like and you work outs? try keeping a journal on here. The feedback may help you from getting discouraged.
  17. SO glad you're here! I love that we're seeing more female competitors on the board =D Looking forward to reading your journal and seeing your progress- don't worry about posting the "before" photos, it will help you to see the progress you've made and inspire not only yourself but others too! Will you be competing in DE area? I may have to come up to see the show and show my fellow vegan some support =)
  18. applehead, you might also enjoy seeing this: it's inspiring to me! http://www.fighterdiet.com/blog/?page_id=290
  19. I'm fine with tofu and soy products (I bought some tempeh recently to add in)- I was avoiding soy and gluten pre-contest and will most likely do that again when I compete (definitely made me less bloated). So far I've added another cup of almond milk and a tbsp. of PB to my morning smoothie- protein up to 120 (I weigh 140 so I need to add about 20grams shouldn't be tough) Maybe I'll add some tempeh to my salad at lunch.... being long and lean and 5'8" my body seems to want to stay that way, but I won't let it! I think upping my cals. should help with that. I've also not been doing much cardio (because of the surgery and because I'm scared to loose any muscle I gain). I'm thinking pre-contest I'll do longer cardio sessions that aren't too intense. I talked to a trainer friend who competes in bodybuilding and he assured me he'd help me get back the muscle I gained in my legs. which is good cause my butt is flabby and my thighs too! (well, flabby to me anyway...) I just want to dead lift and squat!! =D
  20. So this is what I was eating pre-contest. I dropped the calories lower around 4 weeks out (not doing that again! I'll just up my cardio since it wasn't that intense anyhow). I didn't mind this diet but in the off season I'd like to add at least 500 more calories if not closer to 1000. I'd also not be nearly as strict allowing myself "cheat meals" or a beer or a glass of wine every once in awhile (so I don't go crazy!) here it goes: NitroFusion lrg banana Almond Milk (unsweetened) Prot. 28.5 carbs 41.5 fat 6.25 cals. 314.5 Hemp Protein powder Strawberries 100g Oatmeal 1/2 cup 27 39.5 8 322 hemp powder raisins 28grams romaine grape tomatoes bell pepper 26.5 45.5 4.5 322 carrots (100 grams) raw, unsalted Almond butter (1 tbsp) apple (150 grams) 3.75 34 9.45 220 NitroFusion steamed broccoli ( 1.5 cups) Sweet potato 6 oz 33 53 2.6 347 Day Total Protein 118.75 Carbs 213.5 Fat 30.8 Calories 1525.5 I'm thinking I could add more veggies, eat a whole sweet potato, add another tbsp of Almond butter. any more ideas?
  21. one week on crutches to go!!! yesterday in PT I did weight shifts and was allowed to put 50% bodyweight on my leg off and on! quick back work out after PT- didn't realize how late I got there and had a lunch date with the hubby at the worlds best Indian buffet. Was a bit late but I got 4 exercises in wide grip lat pull down 55 (or so lbs) narrow grip 70lbs reverse grip 70 (or so lbs) rear delt (pretty sure it was 70) -didn't get to stretch afterward -need to start writing my wk outs down will post my other diet (after I get this paper written...story of my life...)
  22. Good idea MaryStella. I'll try that. I still mean to post what I was eating (pre-contest) to get some feedback. Once I get more time. On Friday I did 15 mins. on the recumbent bike! and I want one of these SO bad!!! http://www.elliptigo.com/
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