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  1. Erin Stern for sure!!!! I think I have possibility to actually reach (or come close to this anyway....one can dream). What's inspiring to me is that we're a similar build, she's tall too =D http://i56.tinypic.com/sncahx.jpg http://i51.tinypic.com/291dceq.jpg
  2. Pauline Nordin. She's on my inspiration board too! You can follow her on facebook (fighter Diet) I've read all about her diet concept, very Extreme but interesting. Something I might follow (altered of course) pre-contest but I'm not into having very low body fat all year. great thing is she seems open to people being vegan!
  3. I have GERD too (as does my mom). For me, I've noticed which foods trigger problems. Really rich or fatty foods (especially fried foods!) alcohol (especially red wine), tomato sauces. Surprisingly I have little trouble with raw peppers. The cleaner I eat the less trouble I have. I usually avoid my trouble foods anyway but occasionally indulge. When I eat the foods that bother me my heart feels like it's beating faster and I feel intoxicated. And have a "hungover" sensation the next day.
  4. There's a good Whole Foods there. If you have a fridge or microwave in your hotel you could buy some things there
  5. I guess my main concern is consuming protein shakes at every meal. I've been trying to decrease that number. I'm worried though about all the carbs in this. But maybe they're good for bulking up some. I'm having a hard time adding calories to what I was cOnsiming to reach around 2500-2000. Especially convenient (not junky processed) foods. Ill try to post my previous plan and items I've thought of adding.
  6. I've been trying to get my diet in order (seems to always be the problem) Even though I'm not able to do any leg stuff and wont be able to for a while I still think I'm eating to few calories to support growth. I found this in a search for vegan figure off season diets- any thoughts? I've been trying to find a diet that doesn't include so much processed stuff. I've added some things to the diet like PB in my oats, tempeh (instead of hotdogs) , and a ton more veggies since it seems low on that front. http://www.bodybuilders.com/ilonam.htm Example Off-season Diet: Meal #1: 1/2 cup Oats with 1/2 oz almonds and a banana with one scoop of soy protein powder. Meal #2: Veggie Sandwich - 2 slices of Ezekiel bread (half, sliced tomato, onions, 1/3 sliced pickle, 1 tbsp natural Dijon mustard, 1 tbsp salsa; I make my own), and vegenaise (a vegan mayo alternative) *Ezekiel bread is a flourless freshly sprouted bread which contains 6 different grains that make it a complete protein! Meal #3: Brown rice and chili beans. Meal #4: Brown rice pasta with veggies such as broccoli, zucchini, and asparagus. I also add mushrooms and soy sauce or I make my own marinara sauce. Meal #5: 1 hour pre-workout; Repeat meal #3. Meal #6: Immediately post-workout: soy yogurt and any kind of fruit Meal #7: This meal always changes, it can be either meal 1, 2, 3 or 4 or it can be something like a veggie hotdog on an Ezekiel hotdog bun, a veggie burger on an Ezekiel hamburger bun, or a veggie wrap with beans.
  7. Thanks! that pic was maybe 4 or 3 weeks out from my 1st competition. Hoping to get that vascularity again but keep my size. I'm not cutting until 8 weeks out this time and only doing steady cardio. seems I burn easily at this point..sure that will change with age though. lol Haven't picked any shows to compete in this year. I was thinking of doing the same show I did last year and hoping to come in bigger. But I'd really like to change my season to before summer instead of after in August. But at this point it all depends on my progress with the leg.
  8. Shoulder workout went well, felt great. I think I could push it harder but it's tough since I'm either sitting or standing on one leg. If anything its great for abs, right? lol. I did try some additional ab stuff but nothing too crazy since most of them use the hip flexors more than I think I'm ready for. also, did 10 mins. on the recumbent bike! yah me!! =) now to write this dreaded paper.... a week into the semester and I already know it's going to be horrible!
  9. VEGAN HOTDOG CART?!?! you'll have to tell me how it is so I can get one when my husband and I head down there to visit his family
  10. Not sure if any of you have seen this site. Thought I'd share it: http://gymgems.com/index.html
  11. not today, but Wednesday...close enough http://i52.tinypic.com/73cca8.jpg
  12. and I'll just throw this in cause I like looking at it http://i37.tinypic.com/1424lfa.jpg
  13. MaryStella, I'll have to try that seated ball throw sometime, even if it's after I'm better =D I did some bi's and tri's at the gym Wednesday and per order from my physical therapist, I tried the recumbent bike for about 5 mins. went well but noticed my ROM in my ankle that I sprained a few years ago is horrible! one more thing to stretch, lol Today I'll do shoulders, try some "gentle" ab stuff. By gentle I mean no utilizing my hips too much or stopping if it's too painful. and go for 10 mins on the recumbent bike. last semester of Grad school in underway...STRESS already! reading an entire textbook this weekend. At least it's interesting! on disability and deformity in the Graeco-Roman World. Oh and did I mention about 4 hours of statistics homework?!? fun stuff... Thought I'd post a few pictures for good measure. The first one is when I met Robert for the first time in 2008 (?) and the other one I took Wednesday after my workout. My arms were at least half the size they are now! =D http://i54.tinypic.com/29f3t77.jpg http://i52.tinypic.com/73cca8.jpg
  14. In order to put on muscle you need a surplus in calories. Don't be too worried about putting on some weight, your weight will change if you put muscle on anyway. focus on what you see in the mirror. What do you eat on a typical day? How many calories? protein? carbs? fats? etc.
  15. Just wanted to check in and see how it's going =) Did you guys get anymore snow, we got a bunch here in Baltimore and I hate it! I found a large reusable water bottle that I carried with me everywhere and that helped me to drink more water. I usually only have problems drinking water and with my diet if I'm home-which seems like the opposite of what is expected. Happy Training!!
  16. Thanks everyone! I've been doing alright. A bit sore and using crutches is frustrating!!!! especially in the snow... I was supposed to start my 8 week Physical therapy program this week but because of snow I have to start next week. I'll be in PT 3 times a week =( should be fun.... I was able to manage to get to the gym again on Monday and plan on going maybe M-W-F but at least Monday and Wednesday when I don't have any classes, maybe before I go to PT. As long as I don't put any weight on my right leg I can do whatever I want there, which is mostly machines for the time being since I can't carry weights and use the crutches at the same time. But other regulars at my gym offered to help me if I needed it. I had a lot of people starring at me on Monday when I was working out on crutches. maybe I lit the flame under some of their butts, lol. side ramble- being on crutches I've had to use the elevator more and never realized how many lazy completely capable people wait to use the elevator when the staircase is right next to them...unbelievable!! I had the post op and all went well, unfortunately my x-ray showed signs of impingement on the left side too which eventually could cause some of the same issue I've been having and explain by lack of flexibility in my hips and most likely my back pain. The doc said we'll wait to determine if I need to have surgery to correct the left side as well, if so hopefully it can wait awhile! I meet with him again sometime in March for another follow up. I've decided that this year my main fitness goals are: stretch more (this is most likely my biggest downfall and is certainly not helping prevent injuries), increase my endurance, and of course grow. and in life: just do and see all the things I've always wanted to do and see but for some reason just put off- even the little things. I guess live more in the moment. With school as my focus its been very easy to have tunnel vision and not relax as I should. another side note: has anyone heard of or tried this bread? http://julianbakery.com/low-carb-bread/manna-from-heaven/
  17. you're an inspiration! Have you seen this bread? http://julianbakery.com/low-carb-bread/manna-from-heaven/
  18. So I'm 2 days post-op and it hurts like all hell!! At moments it doesn't seem too bad and then I move, lol. They have be on vicodin for the pain and I'm trying not to take it too much (I'm not a fan of pain meds, they make me a bit nauseous and super sleepy!!!) I didn't talk to the doc after the surgery but he spoke with my husband and mom and from what I gather I did have some tearing. I meet with him for my post op next week and will find out more then I'm sure; along with my PT orders. Right now, I'm just trying to focus on eating, the nausea is not helping! Its a bit frustrating that I can barely lift my leg! Being as active as I am I feel for the people who aren't active, how the crap do they deal with this?!?! I take to bandages of to change them today, maybe I'll post some gross pictures later...
  19. oh yea, I'm preparing for surgery next week. No vitamins and meds until after and was told to avoid fortified foods until then. do you know how hard it is to find stuff without vitamins added?!? lots of rice and beans and veggies for me right now (not that its a bad thing)
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