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  1. IT WAS AWESOME!!! my brother is in the Navy and has gotten all of his guys really into it so while I was visiting I PT'ed with them a few days. tire flippin', box jumps, burpees, air squats...that sort of thing. I found a gym not far from here that actually houses a crossfit and the price includes all the gym has to offer ( a pool!!) and the crossfit. I'm thinking of going to take a tour. much more expensive than my gym now (but my gym doesn't have a pool or any classes or stuff), but I will most likely wait until my last grad semester is over and I'm fully recovered from my hip surgery to really get into it more since I'll still be paying my other gym, my loans, I'll need to get a job, stress, blah, blah, blah... most importantly time will be short as is. My forearms, hands and quads were crazy sore the next 2days after the tire flipping and 'it pays to be a winner'!! felt great!
  2. Yah!! another vegan figure competitor!! =D I agree with you, low on calories. I learned from my first show not to go too low with calories, I went in smaller than I was 4 weeks out and wasn't happy with it. May be helpful to post what your food journal as well. Very exciting, congrats on deciding to do your first comp!
  3. Thanks for the well wishes! Had to change the surgery by a week, oh well. Out in beautiful Idaho visiting family, may try some CrossFit on Monday if we don't go hiking or travel to a surrounding state. It sure is nice here, very action orientated!
  4. It depends on which organization you compete with- they all seem to have different standards. figure usually has a masters level and no gymnastics required, usually just quarter turns. I'm not too familiar with bikini but I know fitness requires a routine and some orgs seem to be phasing it out. I've seen some natural orgs where the female bodybuilders aren't much bigger than the figure girls
  5. scheduled my surgery for Jan. 7. i'll be on crutches for 6 weeks and am not supposed to put any weight on my foot. I'll have to see what he says about doing any type of upper body. oh well, it's a small set back but I'll rebound. so much for competing in June or so. maybe later in the year... might be better anyhow since I'll be all stressed out finishing up my Masters by May...can you say bloated with cortisol!?!? lol
  6. well, I met with my ortho. today good news: I didn't tear my labrum! =D badish news: He still suggests surgery for the impingement. it's either modify my activities and do therapy and hope it helps or do the surgery. I'd rather do it while I'm young. Plus, I'm too young to modify my activities!!
  7. I've never done wide grip dips, for me it would put so much more stress on my shoulders (I have a shoulder problem-TOS- that will never go away; which is one of the reasons I do dips sporadically). But, I'm curious what other people think.
  8. Welcome! And I agree with Ted Trendy Crass is awesome!
  9. CONGRATS!!!! =D I love that color on you, looks great! (that flower ring is cute too)
  10. still kicking (well maybe not kicking per say...not with my old lady hip! lol). I'm still at it trying to bulk but haven't been motivated to eat the huge amounts that I should; school is stressing me out and I'm lucky if I make to the gym. in other news, I had my hip arthogram today; pretty freaking painful!! good news is I should have some answers soon and can go from there. one step (squat) closer to being able to sqaut!! I can see my butt getting tighter and quads growing just thinking about it! yah!
  11. you're not alone, I have the same problem! If you really love something buy the larger size and take it to a tailor. I've always had this problem even before I started lifting (I don't think they thin k about women who have a chest, broad shoulders or wide back when they make these jackets) Whenever I try on a jacket or blouse and it's tight in my arms or around my back and chest I feel the the incredible hulk! lol!
  12. I have no idea how to re size photos (I'm not a computer wiz). I usually use tinypic. I guess you could just post a link to whatever site you use. hopefully someone else is more helpful than I am!
  13. The first thing someone is going to tell you (ok I'll say it) is that you are a vegetarian because you eat dairy (and whey a dairy product)- a vegan would not consume those. secondly, I think in order for people to give you the best advice you should post a sample of what your current diet includes. Do you know how many calories you are consuming in a day? also, are you maintaining your current weight?
  14. Went to see my orthopedic doc yesterday and confirmed that I have a hip impingement. He wants me to get an MRI with contrast and a cortisone shot to see if I tore my labrum. Fun stuff.. good thing is he said I can still do all of the leg stuff (as long as it doesn't hurt) which, unfortunately, means no leg presses or squats. I'm a bit frustrated with this since I need to build my legs the most. my weight is holding steady at 140ish lbs and I've upped the weight on just about everything. I invested in some straps to lift even more, it I'm loving it! This week I'm aiming for the most weight I can handle for 10 reps and 3 sets of each. I really wish I could find someone to train with, I'll need a spotter soon I think. Also, I've added 30 mins of cardio to the end of my sessions
  15. just wanted to let everyone know I'm still alive =D and still training. Just with the TA position and 3 grad classes and physical Therapy there isn't much time to log on and post everything. I'm still working on the diet. I found this picture and put it on my dresser for inspiration. not sure I want my arms to get this big, but her back is UNREAL!!! http://fighterdiet.com/
  16. Awesome videos! I went to a Rush in NC and I liked it. It's similar to mine but with a hell of a lot more! the one I went to had a jacobs ladder, jealous! and I thought it was pretty cool that each machine was color coded for what bpdy part its for- at least for beginners.
  17. Thanks for the help Zack! I am only guessing my maintenance is 2000 (using the online calculators and dropping it a bit to make up for water weight and such). I hope seasiren does see this =) seasiren? help!!! lol
  18. I would find a competition first and then worry about getting in "shape", it will give you the motivation you need and a better idea of what you need to do with you diet and when. I agree with Zack, if you really love them I would substitute them for another starchy carb you may be eating but aren't in love with. I started cutting my carbs maybe about 5 weeks out from figure competition.
  19. What is your fat intake at? I would bump it to around 2kcal and go from there. Also, (I know I'll get heat from VeggiePrincess if she reads this ) as long as you're eating at or below maintenance calories, you're not going to add bodyfat from a high-ish portion macros from carbs. You need to be a few hundred calories above bmr. I'd bump the fat some unless it's already too high? I figured out that my food (that plan from yesterday) is around 70.9 grams of fat for the day- How does that look? Also, I'm not looking to loose weight, my main focus is on gaining muscle right now. will eating below my maintenance calories even allow for this? since it reads around say 2000 calories for maintenance should I be shooting for around that or 2100-2200?
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