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  1. BlueRose, that's awesome! you never know, maybe you'll compete one day- if you want to you can do it! (by the way, what's good in Boston? I'm heading that way for a day next week)
  2. If I were preparing for a competition I would cut starchy vegetables (which to me would include corn and squash). The mantra "everything in moderation" is great if your goal is to loose weight (I lost plenty this way)-it's not great if you're preparing for a competition. amawalke, I also love acorn squash! When is your competition date? What other carbs are you including? For my competition I lived on sweet potatoes (which is good since I love them!)
  3. I looked into my BMR needs (w/ an online calculator), apparently 2400 or so. So maybe 1749 is a bit low- I'm going to add in a butt ton of Veggies and see if this brings up my calorie numbers and not change the carbs and protein too much (plus with all that protein such veggies are not a bad idea.) I'll follow this diet for a few weeks (except while I'm on vaca in Mass. next week) and see how it goes. any input guys?
  4. So I'm trying to get my diet figured out and am posting what I ate today to get some feedback from any of you figure girls (or bodybuilding guys). I don't think I need to bulk- in fact, I don't want to change my number on the scale too much unless it's all muscle gain. I think I binged a bit more than I intended and am paying for it now. I plan on eating clean but am honest- I'll have cheat meals or days here and there (especially with travel-trying new places). at the comp I was at about 125lbs and 1080 calories- not too positive of the breakdown. and am now around 138lbs!! I'm sure some of that is water retention but still shocking ( I guess you get used to it the more you compete... but it's frustrating when your pants no longer fit!) Here is today's food: Meal 1- 3/4 cup soymilk (to finish it off) 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk Banana NitroFusion 1 piece rudis spelt bread 1tbs PB Total 37g prot. 37g carb 405 cal. Meal 2 2 rice cakes harmonized protein powder apple Total 27g pro. 51 carb 322 Meal 3 Morningstar ckn meal starters 2 Ezekiel wraps with mango salsa Total 29 pro. 34 carb 310 Meal 4 1 tbs PB 1 slice Ezekiel bread 1 cup soy yogurt a few frozen mango pieces Total 18 pro. 44 carb, 371 cal. Meal 5 1 serving seitan w/ 2 tsp mango salsa 2/3 cup green beans Total 25g pro. 23 carb 205 cal Meal 6 (still need to have) Nirtofusion with ice Total 25g pro 5 carb 136 cal. Daily Total: 161g. prot. 194 carb 1749 Cal. I did shoulders today and 15 mins walking on the treadmill at an incline (just to make me feel a bit less chubby, lol) and I"M FREAKING HUNGRY!!! What do you think of the number of cals? and everything else
  5. What do you think of this person's bulking diet? obviously it needs to be veganized, but other than that? http://www.lesleyliftinglife.com/2010/01/my-figure-competition-bulking-diet.html
  6. Thanks for the input Zach! I may add in a bit of cardio once in awhile. I never feel like I did anything when I do low intensity cardio. I also feel like it would burn muscle not fat- I feel this way mostly when I compare what sprinters look like compared to long distance runners. Of course my goal now is to not burn either, of course I'm hoping not to gain too much fat but this is where my diet comes in and to be honest up until this week was a bit of a binge. I'm getting back though and will probably just have to work a bit harder when it comes to comp time to loose the extra bit of fat from the junky foods. Robert, I can work out Tuesday afternoon (have class at 7pm), Wednesday is usually off but we can still do something, Thursday afternoon and Friday whenever- Where are you staying? I could probably get you a guest pass to my gym
  7. Hey Zack! glad to have you checking in on my progress! I'm not following the program 100% for multiple reasons. I'm not going to complete failure each set, but I am picking a heavier weight to fail by the third set. I plan on increasing the weight by at least 5lbs each week. I'm not doing either leg presses or squats until I get my hip issue resolved. I went to see my therapist and we're working on my psoas muscle- it is ridiculously tight!! As far as diet...that's where I'm a bit more concerned. I want to make sure I'm eating enough, but not too much and that I'm eating the right things. I'm going to come up with a sample and maybe you can help me out. It seems tricky to use Robert's sample menus since they are written for a male bodybuilder- not a female figure competitor. I want to eat a lot, but not 5000 calories! Also, When bulking what are your thoughts on cardio?
  8. I know!! I thought 1080 was pretty low, now you can see why I think it may play a role why my period stopped. anyhow, I've been back to training the past couple of days following that program and it feels pretty awesome! I'm really loving not supersetting everything right now. The only set back at the moment is the hip issue I've been having, I met with my usual therapist today and will be seeing him at least once a week. I can still do some leg things just need to take it easy on the leg press and squats (for now, which sucks since that is really where I need to grow the most). my focus now has been on eating more in general -which hasn't been of the greatest foods always and I'm trying to work it all out still. Paige- is Tosca's program simply not the right foods or not enough? I am new to the whole bulking thing? Started classes today- looking forward to grading all of the students term papers- 10pgs each and 85 students?!?!? sounds like a blast!
  9. So- obviously I need to put on some size. I was thinking of doing this routine- http://www.muscleandperformancemag.com/training/2010/7/the-three-month-mass-gain-plan What are ya'lls thoughts on this plan? The diet is under construction- I know I need to eat more (I was only eating 1080 for the show prep and grew a little but obviously stopped- not nearly enough calories to support much growth) I've been looking at Tosca Renos vegan plan in her eat clean book I got when I met her- I'll post more about that when I get a chance. Side note- I'm going to go meet with the physical therapist I saw for my Thoracic outlet- the last time we met I was having issues with my hip/groin ROM and it has gotten dramatically worse, in fact I can no longer bend my right leg to sit "Indian style", driving is a problem and obviously bedroom activities... needless to say it will make leg day a biotch!
  10. So here is what I got back from the judges: "Hi Ashley, Thanks for reminding me which classes you were in. I always go back and review the photos before sending comments. I find that my notes are written so hastily during the show that I sometimes need a reminder to help me decipher my notes. I remember that you had a fairly nice stage presence, which is good. I think you looked a little nervous at times, but for the most part you looked confident and like you were enjoying yourself on stage. That can be the hardest part for a beginner, and I think you handled it well. To improve your placing in the future, I think you mainly need to work on developing some more muscularity. I'm also a tall competitor, and unfortunately, our height stretches our muscles out, making us look less developed than the shorter competitors. Overall, your conditioning was ok, but your muscularity just did not show through. I recommend taking 6-12 months to concentrate on making good mass gains. Your legs look pretty good, right now, so I would focus mainly on upper body development - aim for nice full, round shoulder caps, and wide lats. You will need to lift heavy with lots of presses and lat pulldowns. Also, try deadlifts emphasizing scapular retraction at the top of the lift to help build out your lats. If you can do pull-ups, that will help too. And do not forget your diet while gaining. You still should eat clean - avoiding junk - but get in enough protein and complex carbs to fuel muscle growth. Other than that, I think you did very well for a first show. Your posing was very nice, without a lot of the stiffness and awkwardness that most novices show. Remember in your side poses to rotate at the waist, bringing your back shoulder to face the judges. Keep up the good work, and you will do well in this sport. Sincerely, Katie" "Ashley, Congratulations on doing the show! I have noted on my sheet that you have nice smile/stage walk. For future shows, come in a little bit more defined and work on your gluts/hamstring tie in. Hope this helps. Good luck with future shows! Dianne" "Ashley, Congrats on your first show! You did a great job with the presentation portion of being a figure competitor. Your hair, makeup, suit, tan etc were wonderful! You could have placed higher in this show by being leaner and showing more muscle mass. You did a good job with your posing! But your face gave a sign that you may not be comfortable on stage, so something that may help you place higher next time would be to try to come across more confident while you're up there Congrats again and keep up the hard work! -Mel" "Hi Ashley, For figure right now basically you need to work on adding more muscle to your frame. Chad"
  11. http://www.devotionvodka.com/?page_id=107
  12. thanks guys! I guess I shouldnt be bummed- at least I got 6th in Novice tall =D paige- don't worry I'm not giving up, thats just not the type of person I am. I really think eating such low calorie really screwed me over (which is most likely why I stopped my period and stopped maing gains in size even though I was lifting more than I've ever lifted before) http://www.photoreflect.com/store/Orderpage.aspx?pi=0SKV001I060099&po=99&pc=108 I'm in photo 100-103 http://www.photoreflect.com/store/Orderpage.aspx?pi=0SKV001I060066&po=66&pc=108 http://www.photoreflect.com/store/Orderpage.aspx?pi=0SKV001I0N0329&po=329&pc=546 in 330-332 let me know if you can't see them- I'll post some Myke took once I upload them
  13. Welcome!! so glad to have you here! I just did my first figure show (didn't do as well as I'd wanted)- I'll be picking your brain for sure!
  14. Paige- I didn't talk to the judges, I'm trying to get in touch with them to find out their comments. Here are the results (I'm Ashley boss): http://www.thenaturalmusclenetwork.com/OCB/Contests/ResultsOCB20100814DC.html I don't understand my placings ! Ill post more when I'm back in town and less bummed...
  15. I know you're done with clothing...but, I was thinking at my show yesterday that it would be awesome to (one-day) make zip up black hoodies/warm-ups and pants with the logo on the back. I wanted to wear the shirt (but I didn't want to ruin it or my tan and make-up). maybe I can make one on zazzle?
  16. Thanks everyone for your support! results: nothing! I did debut (there were about 20 of us), novice tall (again about 15) and open tall (also 20). The competition was stiff, everyone looked amazing! I was a little surprised that I didn't place in anything- especially when I saw some of the people who did place! I guess you never know what they're looking for. I'll upload a bunch of photos when I get a chance. My focus now is to eat super clean (after a bit of fun food for a bit) and focusing on putting on more muscle- I really leaned out quick for this show. I may aim for another next May (Since I'm planning on going to Europe in June).
  17. Congrats!! that's awesome! Was it a large show?
  18. speaking of crepes..... dieting down for a show sure has given me a huge amount of inspiration for my baking. I'll be making rocky road pancakes, something with the butterscotch chips I found, vegan cashew cream cannoli crepes (and/or cupcakes), I bought dried pineapples with chili powder on them and will be using them in some type of chocolate cupcake. Also, I am throwing a vegan baby shower for my friend so I'm making samples of the dessert and foods or that- it's a jungle theme so I'm sticking with a lot of coconut and banana flavors for dessert and tropical/exotic foods for the rest. There will be about 70 people at the shower!! if all goes well I should just open a catering business already.lol in other unrelated news- I'll be a teaching assistant this semester for a criminology class that I'm super stoked about!! I'll get paid and get to come to this class and learn for free. sweet!
  19. HOLY CREPE!!! it's tomorrow- I know I've been busting my butt or months but I can't believe the time is here! Robert, I sure hope to have something to show you in Sept. (the top 5 get a trophy so... I better make top 5, lol)
  20. You might be able to buy one from a Physical Therapist- that's where I got mine.
  21. Thanks, I just want to go home with something in my hands! lol
  22. Congrats on your last show! and good luck this weekend! Have you got your figure suit, shoes and poses down? Is it an NPC show? I like your attitude- just dive right in! That's the same way I'm viewing my first show (also this weekend).
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