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  1. You all are awesome!! Thanks for the support! Today was my last gym session before Saturday, I shaved all of my body hair, feels weird with no arm hair. Last time I shaved my arms I was in elementary school. Getting my nails done tommorow and picking up some earings to wear, the suit is being overnighted and should (better) arrive Friday. I'm almost glad it's late, the designer asked for updated measurments and I had lost a few inches in my waist (not to mention a few pounds). Getting excited to see what I'll look like all oiled up and tan! (I'll try to post some picks the night before)
  2. Thanks everyone! I'm not too nervous right now, I know that will change come Friday though. I'm really just looking forward to meeting other figure girls who can somewhat relate to what I've gone through (minus the crazy amount of chicken they have consumed I'm sure). I've been debating about the nail thing- I've been trying hard to grow mine out so I didn't have to get them done. What do you guys think? I know presentation is a good portion of my score, will the nails make a huge difference?
  3. I agree with what everyone has said. I like NitroFusion (chocolate is my favorite), I use Manitoba hemp pro 70, and I use a mix of hemp, pea and rice from trueprotien- which is awesome because they have a bunch of add-ins and flavors.
  4. Welcome!! I'm also in Baltimore What band are you in? As far as weight training I don't train a special way because I am a girl, I just train like "one of the guys" here's a link to some programs you could try: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/bbinfo.php?page=WorkoutPrograms A lot of people like the 5X5 which I think I'll start doing after my competition is over. Try to start keeping a journal on here of what you're eating everyday- I know it was really helpful for me when I started- really opened my eyes to what I was actually eating. It also helps others to give you better advice.
  5. So it's that time already, the final week!! I don't know if it's normal but I must have the figure blues. I've been knocking my physique and I know I shouldn't. I just have little motivation to keep going. I just keep telling myself, "I've come a long way and have already won because I am in better shape than I was and will only continue to improve". Still tough though. plus my energy levels are pretty low. anyhow, I've changed my song to Chemical Brothers Galvanize instead and am still waiting for my competition suit to arrive!! freaking out a bit! (at least I have my practice suit as a fall back). Polygraph on Friday and have my tanning that day as well. I think I'll get my nails done that day as well (I plan on NOT getting fake nails- even though others do them I can't stand them and it would be a waste of my money). In the meantime- gym and posing practice (need to get the posing perfect)! still have some poison ivy- but the big spots just look like some weird birth mark at least.
  6. Welcome from another Baltimorean and someone who loves VA, Beach- Norfolk has AMAZING vegan options! =D Are you doing the Baltimore half in October? My husband and another forum member will be running it together (myself and another forum member will be there cheering them on).
  7. You're probably thinking of Ted Trendy's Team Green....I would pm him for the link (or I guess you could Google) i know that dude. http://i.ytimg.com/vi/UjFKMIqaYQQ/0.jpg YES!! greatest movie reference EVER!
  8. I sometimes make white bean fritattas and burritos, but I definitely don't eat enough beans, mostly due to a lack of fast recipes. Vegweb is sometimes hard to navigate or find recipes that are high-calorie/protein, but I browse through there occasionally. Those veggie burgers sound great, but I don't have a food processor. I should probably get one since I've had to skip over recipes before because I haven't ever had one. Do you have a decent blender? before I got a food processor I just used my blender- not as great but it works for most things.
  9. OK, I just whipped these up but I haven't cooked them yet because...um.... ...if you cut yourself while cooking and some of the blood gets into your veggie burgers, are you still a vegan? (Just kidding.) OK, not really. Herc http://i203.photobucket.com/albums/aa47/efzmonkey/Tastyburger2.jpg seriously, I will have to make that (minus the blood of course)
  10. thanks tuc! hmm, that seems weird. Were you able to see the facebook page? what are they all talking about? I think I should just learn Finnish =D
  11. ordering from them was easy. the quality is alright and the fit is ok- you get what you pay for. I wanted a cheap suit since it is my first comp so I expected it to not be amazing.
  12. yea that's all I got, that's why I was trying to get help. ?
  13. Thanks guys! I'm still a bit worried about the poison ivy, but I'm trying not to worry about it. I just hope it doesn't spread any more or get any worse ( not to be gross but covering up blisters may be a bit hard). The suit it my pictures I got at fitnesspro.com it's a periwinkle color. but it' not the one I'm wearing at the comp. I ordered another from vandellacostumes.com and it will be a darkish purple (but I'm freaking out a bit since I haven't received it yet and the comp is next Saturday)
  14. YAH!!! glad to see you have a journal =D I've never done side rows- I'll have to add them to the mix
  15. I was invited to join this facebook group from a friend of my family. of course it's all in Finnish and I have not a clue what it says. I think it has something to do with being vegetarian (the girl that sent it to me grew up veg. as her parents are vegetarian- at least they were when they visited my family last). Jos 1250 Liittyy niin emme syö kasviksia vuoteen- http://www.facebook.com/reqs.php#!/group.php?gid=123966360962315&v=wall What is this group all about? thanks for the help
  16. phew, well I'm glad they'll go away eventually =D I practiced my posing the other day and had my husband tape it- not too bad actually. It was the first run through with the andrew wk song I picked and without a mirror. I think it looked pretty good. I'll try to post it if I can figure it out. on an awesome note- I'm going to see Heart tonight!! on a not so awesome note- I got a little poison ivy on the back of my thighs from an outdoor photo shoot I had last Wednesday. I sure hope it goes away by August 14, that won't look too cute on stage
  17. Thanks! I'm more stressed that my actual posing suit hasn't arrived (at least I have my practice suit as back up) I've been eating (just trying not to stray..) and I need to up my water I'm sure. I've been sidetracked yesterday and today (3 whole days of not working out, I feel guilty!) from being sick with a rough sinus infection. but I figure it's better to miss a few days and get better than to get worse and miss even more (or even worse the actual show). +I have a posing session again next tuesday. +getting a new tattoo tomorrow. +finally getting my internship paper written (that's the plus to being sick). - I had a nightmare about the contest last night, in it I forgot to bring my music and didn't realize it until I was supposed to go on. I had to borrow someone's music.
  18. Thanks! That's where I feel my weakest spot is (although there is serious room for improvement all over...)
  19. http://firesmusic.blogspot.com/ Myke's band (both he and the bass player are vegan)
  20. That would be freaking awesome!! but, I understand if you don't make it. but still, it would be great! Sorry I didn't make it to the raw potluck, I took my mom to an animal sanctuary (trying to persuade her =D) how'd it go? We also never did that double date, if you come in August you'll have to come out to dinner with us (if you're able to)
  21. Do you like the other NitroFusion flavors? Chocolate is my favorite, I'm too scared to try the tropical flavor. fake fruit flavors are usually blech!
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