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  1. All I can think of is food!! =D I'm planning a baby shower for a friend and I've been getting the menu set (which is sort of torture, but I'm looking forward to testing it all before the actual shower). I've also been looking at magazines and results posted from recent OCB shows (it makes me feel like, "hey, look at them, I've got this!") People in the gym are helpful, there are the regulars I see all the time and most of them know I am competing (some even said they want to come to the show). I think my lack of motivation is simply because of hunger and exhaustion. I'm looking forward to eating clean still, just eating more and cutting my days back in the gym. On another related note. I noticed that it has been 48 days since the start of my last menstrual cycle. Last month was really light and short and I'm a bit concerned since I haven't started yet. I'm not pregnant ( I know this for a fact). Just think my workout is a bit strenuous and obviously my calories are down and my weight (currently 126lbs at 5'8'). Anyone else have this problem?
  2. Not sure if this is what Saulo is referring to, but I know NitroFusion has a mocha java flavor, I have yet to try it but have wanted to.
  3. Sorry, I just saw your post. I was thinking of this song (I love working out to it) Andrew WK she is beautiful I understand the motivation thing! I'm struggling to keep mine up, especially when I just feel like I'm lacking in certain areas and can only do so much about it before August 14.
  4. Thanks! I'm doing debut, and figured I might as well do novice and open too. Whats crazy is the food I'm craving is not junk food really, I'd love to eat an entire bowl of fruit (mangos, cherries, you name it!) and of course pancakes =D I know you just had a show (congrats again!) what music did you use- any music suggestions?
  5. I play flute (though not as often as I should) and my husband Myke (also a forum member) is in this band: http://firesmusic.blogspot.com/
  6. I am getting pretty excited But mostly for it to be over so that I can start eating more and put on some size. I feel I look too small in certain areas and its bugging me Still need to pick out my music for the t walk. I am doing debut, novice and open so I want 3 different songs so as not to bore the judges. Any ideas? I'd really like something either hip hop, dance, or really anything with a beat that I can feel confident and sexy walking out to. something that makes you feel like partying. I bought some vibram five fingers yesterday, I think it may help with some gait problems I'm having and I think they'll be good for deadlifts and squats.
  7. Whats even funnier is that they are, VegNews actually, gotta get those house guests on the right track
  8. Thanks! Wish you could have made it out too, maybe I'll make it to the one in LA next year.
  9. Thanks for the vote of confidence! =D here are a few photos of my progress (taken a a week or so ago and crappy posing): http://i31.tinypic.com/2mwcz8g.jpg http://i31.tinypic.com/muxzrk.jpg
  10. 4 weeks out. Today starts no frozen foods and added seasonings (need to reduce that sodium). my motivation is dwindling (mostly due to hunger and the desire to put on more size, but I know this will only come after the competition is over and I'm able to eat more food..can't wait!) I'll be posting some photos from the AR conference 2010 when I get back from the gym today.
  11. I think they are the only vegan stuff nominated, unfortunately.
  12. A few vegan supplements have been nominated for the bodybuilding.com 2010 supplement awards, including: vega and clif bars. VOTE!!! http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/the-bodybuildingcom-2010-supplement-awards-nominees.htm
  13. Agreed, can't wait to hear how it went
  14. Had a bit of a slip up with past weekend, but It's a new day and I'm killing it this week! Although cardio will be tricky this week. I'm supposed to run stairs...yea it's 103 degrees outside!! So, I'm doing some kind of intervals in the gym instead.
  15. So glad to see another female competing on here! =) I have my first show in 6 weeks. Wish I was able to be there to compete as well, it would be awesome to have more than 1 vegan on stage! Good luck!
  16. You might find the following website helpful: http://www.happycow.net/europe/france/ i'll be visiting France(I have friends in Lyon) next summer, can't wait!
  17. Ran stairs today for 20mins after my workout (biceps/triceps and 10 min elliptical in between supersets) these are a few photos, just messing around with self tanning lotion and body oil. Weighed 127lbs this morning. http://i48.tinypic.com/a1jmdw.jpg http://i49.tinypic.com/t8x2z4.jpg
  18. Well, I'm 7 weeks out from the Presidential Cup, and it's coming along. Still want to gain some muscle in my quads and shoulders, but need to cut body fat as well. I think I ill try my best but will make sure to make this a focus in the off season. the list of foods to eat when the comp is done is growing and growing...yummy can't wait!
  19. Welcome! One site you might want to check out is http://www.vrg.org/ If you search crohn's they have some info. All of their information is reviewed by a dietitian. You can also contact them, they might be able to give you more information that you can bring with you to your gastro doc.
  20. I think I'm going to add gardein plain cutlets back into my diet. I know I'm not getting near enough protein (I was at around 100 grams, this addition will bring it up to above 130). I've also cut out all of the high sugar fruits I was eating. My focus now is to try and put as much muscle on my quads (need that quad sweep), hammies and deltoids (shoulders in general really). Not sure if I'll compete again next year or not, I'm thinking I should focus on putting as much muscle on as possible, plus I want to change my on and off seasons. I'm not a fan of this cutting during the summer! far too many opportunities for cheat days and too many gatherings with friends that I'm missing out on! My diet will be this: without cutlets: 103.5 protein, 120.25 carbs, 25.85 fat, total calories= 1085 with cutlets (I'm also only doing a half a serving of hemp with my lunch shake, I might make it a full serving again) 127.5 prot., 128.25 carbs, 29.85 fat, Total cal= 1265
  21. I was also that girl, of course I was around 40 lbs heavier (soda and snickers bars for breakfast will do that to a girl, lol!) I'm going to my husbands high school reunion a week after my first figure show (I can't wait to have him show me off! not to mention it's in FL., I think I may just live in my bikini!! ) Where is your show in August (my first is also in August), welcome to the forum by the way, you look great!
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