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  1. Lotsa racquetball the last couple of months, very little running. Finally went for a 3.1 mile run yesterday and about 4.5 today. Had to lay off of weight lifting for several weeks due to a rib injury, but am beginning to get back to that. Weight is doing much better than at this time last year; I was 156 this morning as opposed to about 162 at this time last year.
  2. I like a specific exercise the most, flat bench presses, because they work many muscles at once (in chest, triceps, etc.), more so than any other upper body exercise. My lower body is pretty well developed from biking, running, racquet sports, etc., so I like to hit the upper body pretty hard on days when I do presses. Now that I'm being consistent with my workouts, it's finally starting to pay off, I set a PR today.
  3. Did a full body workout today, just 1 rep each because I was pressed for time. Set another PR in the flat bench press! Did 5 x 135. It felt great to slap those 45 pound plates on there and get them up, for the first time ever! Will probably do shoulder shrugs and overhead presses later, as well as some time on the bike trainer (did 15 min. aerobic on some weird machine at the gym already).
  4. Still doing at least a little bit on the bike trainer every day, but haven't uploaded the stats yet and had a low charge on the Garmin a couple of times so I don't have stats for all of them. Doing a split upper body routine lately, chest and back one day and shoulders and biceps the next, then a day off. Was really sore from dancing, of all things, earlier in the week so I haven't done legs yet. Set a PR of 4 x 130 (then 5 x 125 and 8 x 115) on flat bench press.
  5. Well, obviously a big fail on updating this blog daily, but I'm managing to work out regularly at least. Did shoulder shrugs, curls and other upper body stuff I didn't do Monday on Tuesday. Rest day Wednesday. Thursday I did mainly leg stuff. Friday I did pushups, shoulder press, a couple of other upper body things. I know I've had at least two sessions on the bike trainer since Monday, but don't recall when so I'll have to retrieve the data later. Friday I played racquetball for about an hour and a half. Today I did a pretty full upper body workout, and ground out 6 reps of 125 on the flat bench press, a PR. Did 8 x 115 on the second set.
  6. Rode the bike on the trainer for half an hour last night. Today, worked out at the Y. Managed 5 reps of 125 on flat bench press, couldn't manage a sixth and very slightly strained something in my shoulder trying to get it back on the rack, but I managed to do a set of 8 x 115. Did some other upper body stuff that didn't strain anything further. Didn't do any heavy aerobics, but walked around a lot in downtown Indy, and went to swing dance tonight.
  7. May either ride the bike trainer here or head over to the Y for that and some more time in the whirlpool. I really wish my foot would heal up, but at least I'm not limping today, unlike yesterday.
  8. Worked out for about an hour, all upper body work. Back machine, abs machine, flat bench press (125 x 4, 120 x 4, 115 x , shoulder raise, barbell curls (2 x 8 x 60).
  9. Crap, where did my Thursday and Friday posts go? Thursday Jan. 5 I went to the Y and sat in the whirlpool for a while, did shoulder shrugs (3 x 8 x 135), rows, and a few other things that I'm blanking on, then did about 45 minutes on the elliptical machine. While I was on it, I chatted up the woman next to me and then asked her out. Oops, she was married! Guess that's a hazard of hitting on girls at the gym, you never know 'cause they don't necessarily wear rings when working out. Friday Jan. 6 I played racquetball for over 2 hours at the Y. Did some calf raises at home as well. I also started on a new diet regimen, trying to get a lot more protein and upping the calorie intake some. In a few minutes it's off to the gym for a planned intense full-body workout.
  10. Did intervals on the bike for a few minutes this morning. Tonight I went to the Y and practiced racquetball for a few minutes, then sat in the whirlpool, which seems to be helping my foot some, then I did a short weight workout. Chest press figure was 6 x 120 and 6 x 115 tonight.
  11. Tues. Jan. 3: Foot still a little sore, I probably won't play racquetball today. May go to the Y to get in the whirlpool and swim some.
  12. Sun. Jan. 1: Ran 2 1/2 miles since the Y was closed, and regret it--foot hurts more than it has in a while, and I wasn't able to play racquetball today. Mon. Jan. 2: upper body workout--pushups (20), abs, shoulder shrugs (15 x 120), row, flat bench (4 x 120, 8 x 115), lower back, lat pulldown. Got super-strict on diet (no sugar, very low calorie but high protein) today.
  13. Saturday Dec. 31: elliptical for 45 minutes, did flat bench presses and a few other upper body exercises. Did 12 reps and 8 reps of 115 on bench. Would be really nice to get up to being able to press my own body weight some time this year!
  14. Played lots of racquetball at the Y tonight, maybe 5 games of doubles and 1 of singles.
  15. Well, so much for keeping a great record, I didn't realize it had been over 2 months since I posted an entry. But now that I have an incentive, I'll try to get back to it! Eventually I'll update the workout log, but for now the big news to report is that I've joined the Y so I have a regular place to work out indoors, and some racquetball partners! I've played racquetball a few times and lifted a few times as well as done the elliptical since I joined about 2 weeks ago. Another reason for joining is that, unfortunately, my plantar fasciitis is still bugging me (over a year now!), so I need alternatives to running.
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