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  1. volleyball on my turf! muscle beach is a shit show in a fantastic way.
  2. i would just take the two weeks off. i do that twice maybe three times a year. just rest for two weeks. sometimes ill continue my cardio or do some good yoga. i always come back and add ten pounds to me bench. enjoy.
  3. i figure these animals are the way they are regardles of how they got there. we need to take care of them.
  4. solar planes make so much damn sense it hurts my colon.
  5. so whats the deal. alot of people would say that buying organic is the way to go because it doesnt use pesticides and its way tastier. but if you have to ship it further you bring up gas issues on the environment and all the companies you support with the trucking industry. so now the carbon footprint has come about to measure that. a local pesticide ridden apple bought at a stand may be better for the world on the whole than an organic from south america. i dont know any statistics so really im very unaware of which would be better and also im sure it is situational. so the question is ... does the same go with some aspects of the vegan lifestyle?
  6. cows are awesome. can you image cows being endangered. that would suck. just because 98 percent of farm animals are used in haneous ways doesnt mean the other 2 percent should stop mating. i ant wait to have a farm again. cows and chickens and whatever other animals i can rescue. blind gay pittbulls. all of them. also i love that you call it calving in refrence to what im talking about. its not like we made them, cows are just like us with feelings and all. on my farm we didnt call it calving, we called it sex.
  7. Pink Flamingoes. unfortunately a chicken is killed in it and if i think too much about it it ruins it for me. but i figure any major motion picture nowadays serves so much meat for production that way more animals are harmed in pop movies than this indie jem. this movies "blood footprint" is way smaller.
  8. i was speaking specifically about about one instance where a member said he knitted an article of clothing made from the wool of a friends sheep. if being vegan means paying such close attenttion to the lines in the sand that you loose sight of the beach then im not a vegan. also i will say, i never really cared what people called me. i have lived with cows and often times they produce more milk than the calf can drink or te calf is ill and doesnt drink any. we would milk the cows to ease the burden of carrying all that milk. i have never lived with sheep but ive seen sheep when they arent sheared and that wool is a major discomofort and can be hazardous to their health. why throw the wool away? this is my point. being vegan i presumed was doing what is in the best interest for ALL living creatures. CASE BY CASE. the sheep doesnt have a choice in being sheared but neither do cats when they need vaccines or what food they eat or sheltering them from cars with fences. my whole point of continuing this thread and the defining vegan one was that sometimes you do un vegan things to do whats best for the animal...which in turn makes those actions vegan. i really appreciate all of the responses on here. its given me alot to digest. so thank you. i no longer think vegan is the right term for myself. i always felt a bit odd about giving my lifestyle a title anyway.
  9. but by this means the sheep would not have his wool removed and cows would go unmilked.
  10. dr. natural i found both topics to be very simialar. vegan, i thought, is about loving animals. dr. natural making a wool sweater from a happy sheep is more vegan than everyone who shopped at a mall or chain store this season.
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