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  1. I think personally it matters to me, for I am trying to save the world here, one vegan at a time. But just by this dude being on Ellen 3 days ago I am thinking he created at least 100 vegans and tons more veggies and cats thinking about reducing the meat eating, so therefore he has done more for the movement then I ever have. Cheers to this guy, but it would rock if he did the next obvious step. Now if we can just get Gores bitch ass to drop the angus farm lifestyle and go vegan.( at least he admits the impact now)
  2. Yup, they inject the virus in the eggs to grow and incubate. Just get sick, it wasnt that bad. Well yeah it was, it was, SERIOUSLY. But fuck the vaccine, grow a pair and prepare for the hell.
  3. Poor wifey, I hope you dont get as sick as I was/ am. I cant shake this shit. Dog smells, and I gotta go to work. If you stay home tonight we will lay in bed and watch movies. Sorry you have missed working out all week, my body is screaming to lift something heavy!
  4. The wifes on this site, her name is storms wish her well
  5. Shes sick now, and I love raw garlic! Thought I was getting better, now I feel like ass again.
  6. I am trying, this shit is hanging on something fierce. Looks like a whole fucking week of work has gone down the shitter.
  7. People sure can be a wee bit serious around here, chill the f out kids.
  8. Doc says I should be better by tomorrow, but i gotta say right now it sure does not feel so. I really dont want to have taken a whole damn week off of work though, already lost a ton of cash. Plus I am assigned to run a table at a MFA dinner tomorrow, I really enjoy that shit and have been looking forward to it for almost a month, fuck this is super lame
  9. By far this is the sickest sickness I have ever had. LAME
  10. Sober 120 days today, still extreamly challenging everyday, wish I didnt have the swine flu today
  11. I got swine flu, and it blows fucking balls. I am so goddamned sick, aint stopped coughing for more then a few minutes for 6 days now, and my neck keeps getting so stiff I cant move it. Temp of 103 FML.
  12. Good god girls, I am amazed. Horsedoc, holy shit, and candyflip, damn. Ruz you know your amazing, and Dj great as usual. I have no freaking clue who I am going to vote for, seriously.
  13. Ok here is a new one, driving me insane though. I went to a spinning class and saw my doctor in the class. This had to violate some freaking rule of nature. Now I am thinking of my doctor not only as a normal entity, but as some sort of a peer, some sort of a regular lady. Now I know, as someone in the health care world I should know this as fact, she is a regular human who thankfully cares about her health, but I just cant get over this shit now, I am not suposed to be watching over my shoulders while lifting afraid that some lady is going to creep up and bust my balls for lifting wrong and be all like, ahh thats why you hurt yourself last year, or, I thought you couldnt do that seeings how your shoulder is in such pain, isnt that why you needed all the drugs. Ok I havnt taken drugs in over 100 days but still damn it, not cool.
  14. Shits liquid crack, I got a 30 serving bottle the moment it dropped, hell yeah
  15. zinzen


    The whole killing things with the car is moot, its all intent. If you intend to end a life then negitive karma you are making, if kill by accident then the universe sees no harm. Bottom line, dont kill shit man, and the bees are not free, biology dictates that once the hive is set, this is where they must stay. It is the way of the world.
  16. zinzen


    The point is that bees are not ours to be turned into slaves to produce a product that we steal. Many of these beings are not only killed, and smoked out of their own homes, which does not exactly feel good I am sure, or they wouldnt fly away when the smoke came, but they are also tested on and used as items and not living beings. It is food for them they are hard at work producing, and for thier " children". And when things die by our doing, simply because we want something they have, well that aint right, and it aint vegan. By your thoughts then there is also no reason to not wear or use silk, even though the worms producing said silk are boiled alive so they do not break the thread. I am damn sure this came off as with attitude, I do not intend it to be, it just is what it is man. But in the end you are to do what you do, I hope this has somehow answered your question. When I first started this vegan trip I had the same question, I didnt care about honey, but then I found out the answer, and aint used it since. As a dude named Tom I refuse to have anything to do with any business that kills for profit, so thats my trip. And as for the car thing, its intent bud, you dont get in intending to kill, and you are not making profit from it neither.
  17. Really, what asshole invented this class, Wow I nearly freaking died, needless to say I will be doing it again. By the way my wife just joined our happy little forum. Her name on here is storms.
  18. Welcome my little monkey. Thanks for almost killing me tonight with spinning.
  19. VJ gods honest truth, no he is most def not the change I was looking for, but give him time, it hasnt been long yet. But no, not what I had hoped so far.
  20. I have had 13 surgeries in my life, and have been recovering from the last shoulder one ( log is on this site about it) for over a year, needless to say yes I have gone through limitations, yes it blows monkey balls, and yeah I am getting through it. Some lifting is better then no lifting, and as long as you do what you can do correctly you will grow bud. Keep your head up.
  21. Woulda ate fries and thats all. But I am sure with a little planning your next trip wont suck as much
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