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  1. every single thing you said and then some, I guess what I am looking for is food plans others have followed, and has anyone ever expiremented with food scales. the problem I am finding now is really finding portion size, and I have heard all the things like a protein size should be as big as your closed fist, ect. I have been studying for a personal training license whie going to medical massage school which is also heavy into nutrition so I really SHOULD know all this, so it should work, but alas, still not cut up. And come september 8th I have my 3rd shoulder surgery so all upper arm workouts fly out the window for 4 months, so I gotta get on the ball now with knowing what to do, of course cardio aint out, but its still going to blow.
  2. Does anyone out there have a tried and true way in your own training that got you real cut, I am so damn sick of not seeing the abs I work so hard for. and the worst part is that I know all the physiology of using our energy proper, but sometimes I would love to hear stuff that actually worked for another person, not just a book version of what should work. Any different things I can try would be appreciated. Tom
  3. On the lat pulldowns if you very your grip you will build awesome inner, mid and wide V shaped lats. you can also do straight arm extentions, and just a tip when doing pulldowns, picture your arm, not your forearm doing the movement and try to bring your elbows into your sides. Wide rows kick much needed ass on lats and mid traps with rhomboids.
  4. It turned me from a vegatarian to a vegan
  5. My personal best is wide grip 15, close grip pull up 20, close grip chin up 20 also. It took me quite a while to get there for sure
  6. Wow out of all the posts not one person suggested sports massage. active release will probably help a lot, we do that here in Ohio as part of Medical Massage. trigger point work will also help, which is one thing active release helps alleviate, unfortunatly rest and PT exercises are the best bet, sucks when you jones for lifting. See a Massage Therapist my friend
  7. so all this is fun and all but does anyone have any clue of what my post was about or am i going to have to go through all these posts to find the list that may have been posted. not to be to serious i am just in real need of this info
  8. Does anyone have a list or know of themself of which supplements from big companies like BSN and Muscletech are vegan? Thanks
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