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  1. Best of luck, that product and industry have to be the most fucked of all of em, the footage of that shit just makes me want to shove that tube up the , well you get the picture.
  2. LAME Ihope this doesnt hurt them too much, this company is sweet for speed and cheap prices
  3. Funny man, ever figure out your woman troubles?
  4. Change may not be, and few may say that I have changed, that I am more social, a wee bit more comedic, but inside the hellish pits of my mind, test me and the rage is the same, I am still as angry, and bitter as before, is all I mean.
  5. Still sober, next week, 7 days from now it shall be 90 days and my sponser owes me a cookie. This shit has not, and is not easy by any stretch of the imagination, but it is now getting that way. The sad thing is change, as in I have not. Yet I am still the same asshole I have always been, just sober now. I am working on this though. Thank you for all your support and words.
  6. Well it has now been a few days over a year, and I am happy to say that after I quit drugs I threw all my focus on the strengthening of my subscapularis ( rotator cuff muscle cut away from my humerus for surgical purposes) and I can now do dips and pull ups again, and it has been weeks since my shoulder fell out. I have yet to attempt any flys due to the fact that I am just not too sure it is ready yet, but it cant be long now. I am almost back to the strength I was before surgery. Anyone thinking about shoulder surgery, and reading these posts and getting scared, understand this.... I became very depressed and drugged out for most of this year, because of this I tossed rehab out the window. Do not be scared, my surgery went splended, I just did not do what was asked of me until recently.
  7. Well thats just some good stuff there. Just goes to show how the world looks at people. Great to be ranked with such fuckballs like Osama. Find another server and check the site out, well worth it.
  8. Been a minute since I posted, still sober. Some days its a breeze, some days not so much. Today I went to AA and the lead was fucking funny as all hell, good stuff. My fear of the impending doom of winter is whooping my ass, bout to go get one of the SAD lights, hopefully thatll help me through, if not totally fix the depression. Thanks again for everyones help and comments, all of you kick much ass. Peace -Tom
  9. Got my order, took a bit, guess they had problems with paypal, well worth the wait though. Great site to help out.
  10. The pic with the knive behind the back was damn sexy and just horribly disturbing, good job.
  11. I saw. Best of luck. We can all do this shit. Nurse was all you don't want drugs. She was almost scared. I walk away with celebrex free samples, turned down the muscle realxers. I rock. So proud of me.
  12. off to the doc with a massive headache on its 3rd day, first doc visit since sober, gotta stay strong and not get any drugs, really just going for a doctors note, but if she has some needle she could shove into my brain that would rock also. wish me luck
  13. Stuff is on the way IYM, email em for sure, the shirt is my fav, cant wait to get it.
  14. I cannot say who, but let it be known that someone on this here VBBF site is awesome, Thanks a ton awesome one!
  15. Does anyone know anyone involved with this site, I ordered some stuff off here and the phone # they got is a voice mail always full and they dont seem to want to email me back. any suggestions?
  16. I understand what you are saying but what i mean is not that said person in control is high all the time not living true, but that said person with self control can when the choose smoke, or drink and put the item down and maybe never touch item again. then they are just what they are, a drug, with a use, and then to be put away for whenev, simple just another product. But when you cant control your use it is not the items fault, i.e, its not ice creams fault that people get obese if they keep gourging on the product, its the mind that is addicted to the ice cream. This is all, if you dont have an issue then you can see the plant as a plant that makes you feel funny, if you are like me it goes beyond the plant to something that is obsessed on, something I cant be with out, its no more that I am purchasing and using a plant, I am quelling a craving that wont stop, just like the junkie that no longer even gets high, they still need to shoot that shit in them.
  17. All I was saying was you were being a douche. I said nothing of my thoughts on the matter
  18. Today and yesterday got difficult for some reason. The wife and I got into it about money and boom ,started hearing all sortsa shit in my head, then my dude texted me drunk, drinking on my fav booze and all its been is hey get fucked up. Just came back from a meeting and while this lady is talking all I am hearing is hey lets get drunk. Lame. Well I guess some days will be like this.
  19. So heaven is not cool, but aliens from the heavens cool? got ya. I must ask after reading this whole thing, Abey, how old are you, just a wonder. Joe, jesus man I have argured with you on this site more then my fair share and I can see how much fun you are having, god its just great entertainment, the popcorn... priceless. VE, hows church treating you, right you big ass vegan skateboarding stoner, and Abey watch what you say to this big oaf, if it wasnt for him and his girl we wouldnt have half the shit we do as vegans. All I saw was how much of a douche you were in the beginning of this post, so harsh especially being a new person on this forum, you totally deserve Joes annoying wrath, sorry, you may be a cool cat but fuck, slow your roll man, no one is here for sides, and we are ALL against Joe, thats what makes him him, so its not like you are going to win friends by hating on the old guy. But seriously you have a theory, one that is very true to YOU, and you argue it the same way Christians argue thier TRUTH, and you are calling everyone who doesnt follow you names and saying they are wrong, just like a DOUCHE, so look at the hate you have for god and the followers of said god and place it on yourself and you may just get a feeling of how much of an ass you look right now, and just a sample of how I am feeling towards you.
  20. So since this is my journal I shall write about yesterday. I met up with a girl I was engaged to freaking ten years ago, aint seen her since she kicked me to the street and I had to live in my car for a few months. And I apologized to her, HA. It was bad times and I really did have a lot to be sorry about but the irony almost killed me. I remember the last thing she asked me to do was drive her to get birth control, after she kicked me out, my god people can be fucked huh. But I was absolutly insane back then, and talk about drugs, I used to sell opium and I really cant remember any of the time I was with her, she reminded me how I used to lite opium up and just have it burning in my living room as incense, my god I am suprised I am as well off now as I am. Man I had a lot of that shit. Its real hard hearing stuff you cant remember because you were certified nuts, spent time in a mental ward after all that, but hearing some of this shit, and then having it come back, well I felt like I was in that movie the butterfly effect, like I was about to fucking have a nose bleed and a seizure right there. Well thats one person down, on to the other 1000000000000000 cats.
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