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  1. Hardcore question. Cant possibly decide, do you go off of keen sence, telepathy, strength, mystery. Gambit Psylock The Maxx All charecters from Dragonball shit millions more, no way to tell. PUNISHER, because he wouldnt hesitate to burn this motherfucker to the ground.
  2. Tom is great, 5 weeks tomorrow, allergies are whooping my ass and since I used to abuse benadryl thats out, and all these other drugs make me feel different and for me thats a slippery slope, so i sneeze, which makes me grumpy, but nothing like I used to be.
  3. Ahh hippy things, I have been a huggin lotsa trees now-a-days. The more I get back into the groove of meditation the more I see how important it is to tap the energy and wisdom of that which is around me. As long as I stay away from sweet sweet mary jane I am down to hang with some hippies. Man that freaking plant never did me wrong, too bad for my absolute lack of self control. Maybe someday FAR down the line.
  4. I most certaintly am happy, very freaking happy. I actually said I was awesome today multiple times, something i had never said in 28 yrs. Mr. Hobson, been a while, where have you been?
  5. I made a attempt at a no caffeine today, does not in any way seem to be working to my advantage, will take a stab at it at a later date
  6. This dude who just screams yeah buddy to himself while walking around, I swear dude is fucking retarded, and he is a trainer. I cant stand when dudes hit on women while they are trying to lift, its painful to watch. These two super douches who load ungodly amounts of weight up and leave it there like dogs marking their territory, we get it your huge, you fucking live in a gym, great trade douche. People who talk to me while I have headphones in, seriously, do you not understand the purpose of headphones, sound comes out of them when I want it to, namely when in my ears, therefore I dont have to hear you on the phone or hitting on the girls. Mostly naked women, guys, well straight guys, you know what I mean, its the last shit I need to see while trying to concentrate. And I am a massage therapist and I still dont use gloves, last I checked I wasnt a pussy. Dont really seem to stop caluses on people I meet anyways, just gear that makes people feel like they are playing body builder. As for listing shit that makes me irritated, well I see what I see, I laugh when I laugh and I can recall and make a list when requested to do so, shits funny.
  7. So I woke up today to a slashed tire, seems someone slashed all the tires on my street and some up on the main street. Still no relapse though, this was my first anger test, but I somehow turned my rage into compassion for my fellow slashed. Amazing that this buddhism works.
  8. Shave your head, I went from long ass hair to bald, and it was awesome.
  9. For sure listen to Seasiren, for both you and her have boobs, therefore she knows a bunch more about the craziness that goes on in your bod, even though what she has just said goes for the boobless also, and yeah abs are mostdef made in the kitchen, hence my lack of a visable six pack.
  10. Its all good, I hope that you can get to where you are trying to get
  11. This day I walked and walked, untill I got to lake Erie, then I sat and sat, and now I eat. Godd morning so far. http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b215/zinzen/home.jpg Home
  12. For sure, thats the only way to figure out what works, eventually you will be able to rock em all
  13. are you on your toes or knees, there are variations, also you can try to get in a pushup position and hold the top portion, its another plank
  14. Yup Yup, today is swell none the less, huge headache but oh well
  15. VJ you post some seriously strange things up here but I gotta say CCR is in fact one of the greatest bands this planet has ever seen, so its cool buddy. Qigong class was great, its nice how less painful sitting is becoming for me.
  16. Man I really have to wonder why it is that I still wake up feeling hung over a lot. Not the nausea so much as the gereral uhgness of the whole situation. What the shit anyways, lasts only a fraction of the time but absolutly shitty anyways
  17. I feel all that for sure, what I am talking about with the anger is not a thought or no thought , but in fact a feeling, a weird ass feeling that I can turn on and off like a switch, not so much a peace feeling but an energy feeling. It was an old school meditation I used to do, a by product of qigung. Tomorrow I go to the cleveland zen centre and start free qugong classes, Excited
  18. Build up your core strength for now with planks, this works directly on your Transverse ab. I am not in such specialties as womens health, just a pre-med massage therapist, so go with what SS said and stay away from crunches, but planks will build up strength and if they are too difficult you can adjust to make em easier, just look up planks and variations
  19. Another day closer to a month, I find Friday nights to be the hardest, so we will see if that has eased yet tonigh. Off for some coffee and to read.
  20. Enough freaking questions, geeze. YOu loose fat that way because of genetics, that is just where your family line stored, its all good, just keep busting ass and it will go. Ever see some families with fat faces but skinny everything else? It happens. You can get plenty of defined abs, the cut heals, its not like a mofo took a serrated saw to you muscle, its a clean surgical incision, now the scar on your skin will always shine on, but with enough fat loss your abs will be present. Yes skin shrinks, as long as the fat behind it does also, though if you were really large and lost tons of weight by the time your body remodels you may be dead. The body is constantly remodeling itself, from muscle to bone to enzymes, if we are not using it the body tears it down and uses the materials for other things, quite efficiant we are. any other questions about the thing you are ask away.
  21. So today I figured out how to freaking stop thinking and reacting to things out of anger. funny thing is I have been doing it forever, just at the wrong times. Wonder how long itll last.
  22. good sound, couldnt seem to download the demo though.
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