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  1. On this day I am starting to feel my energy back, its been a long time(8yrs) since I felt my chi flow, and its coming back, man I missed that feeling. bout to go to the gym for the second time today, I remember when I did that a bunch, back when I lived 30 seconds away.
  2. zinzen


    I had it for a minute, then they fixed a hernia I had since birth in my umbilicus and boom it was gone, go get checked for a freaking hernia bud. any other questions let me know
  3. Gotta tell ya I figured at least 2 responces by now, aint like half the members here from Portland
  4. Another day half gone, headache still hardcore. Oh well, just came back from dog days at the botanical gardens, good fun for sure. I am still amazed day in and out that I can laugh and be silly and have a good time without being fucked up. Good times had by all.
  5. The wife and I are looking to relocate this time next year due to a total hatred for Cleveland winters. I have a few questions. First what is the occurance of Seasonal depression in and around this city? 2nd, do we have many Massage therapists on this site from there and can anyone tell me licensure requirments? 3rd, are there any restrictions on breed of dog, I know in cities around here there is a bully breed Pit bull ban. Thanks -Tom
  6. I swear I laid down at 8 pm to nap because of a headache, hoping sleep would kill it naturally ( I am kinda scared to even take tylenol, I was known to abuse all forms of pills) it is now 1:30 am and I am wide awake with a pounding skullfuck of a headache. ARRRRRR
  7. Shit makees me sick just thinking aout it. Gotta do something though now that I am starting to train again. Might just have to bite the bullet and spens the dough at GNC
  8. A nice way to start your morning, go to pay a bill to find you are shit ass broke, good stuff. Man I am starved and I got no dough, what a shot to the pooper. I need me some coffee, I dont know what it is about dope and coffee, at least I didnt start smoking ciggs again. There is just something nice about coffee and soy milk in da morn. Thanks again for all that reads and posts, it really does keep me accountable for my actions, and all knows that shits a good thing. Peace be with all on this Sat morn.
  9. Another successful night of not taking drugs, find it a curious thought that I went from a steak and chicken patty loving drunk drugged out violent skinhead to a straight edge vegan treehugger, what the fuck
  10. What is this a random video post now Another night with no dope and nothing to do for entertainment, wifes about to go to work, and I am sposed to be at a friends doing the wash, but alas I sit here, bored, and I got no food. But I could complain for hours, I think I shall just state that today I did step 3 and now its on to #4, the personal inventory. Good stuffs
  11. No matter how hard I try I can not find that whole skit
  12. I do cardio, and dispite the pain I lift too, just fell off my gym awesomness because of school and dog and wife, trying to get back with it. He has been kissed
  13. I find more shit in my wifes silly homeland of Canada then around here, maybe if you were on the west coast USA but here in the midwest we get nada, Cleveland aint exactly too vegan friendly, sure there are much worse places but CAnada aint bad
  14. for sure right. I will shoot a message to richard or something.
  15. Hope you enjoy the people here, its a good bunch of weirdos
  16. No clue how to move this to another area of the board
  17. Starting to, my sponser is also the biggest mofo I have ever seen so he is telling me that soon we will be getting me back into shape. My shoulder is still messed up from the last surgery, tons of pain that I am now just simply putting on some testicles and sucking it up for. Long head tendon of my left bicep may actually be partially tore, kinda just waiting for it to get better or shatter. If I need more surgery my wife shall be the keeper of my meds and I will be going to two meetings a day, but that is neither here nor there, but it does leave my old lifting out still As for moving this, never did that before, I just always go to veiw active topics so where someone posts has never been a concern of mine, but I will attempt to figure it out. And yeah Cam is a full boxer, but people see his tail and assume otherwise, we are just hardcore AR people and dont feel any need to hack off parts of animals, though the balls are coming off soon but for reasons of population control, and yeah I do feel bad about it, but as a rescue his life happened because his parents owners didnt fix their male and female and were suprised when they did it, and just dropped the litter off at a shelter, how nice right, didnt even give em time to feed on the ma or nothing, bitches! My life is a constant battle of wanting to burn down mothafucking labs and fast food joints to wanting to smoke a bong and let the world fade, from destroy to compassion, hatred to loving kindness. I am beyond a balance between these things, as Noah Levine says its time to meditate and destroy, destroy the illusion, greed, fear, and attatchment to pleasure and avertion from pain. I am dillegently working towards freedom, towards peace. I have been on this mission for as long as I can remember, but the dark side always won, well I say its time to rise from the ashes of a life half wasted, its time to fucking rise.
  18. Veganmama, the wife and I argue most before I quit about everything, Drugs, money, sex. now we argure about money and honesty. same shits most argue about. My marrage has grown better in the past two weeks then it has been since before we got married, and it gets better every day. We have been through a ton of stuff since meeting, for shits sake I actually had to illegally steal her from Canada to get her here. We are both in school for biology, and I DO NOT want to be in Ohio anymore, winter murders my soul, but she has a hard time with thinking about transfering everything due to her want to stick with as little schools as possible to look better on a transcript for med school, whereas I say if I dont get the fuck outta here I am liable to die. We are planning on moving in a year though to Portland just toget outta the east coast climate killing me. That is as long as we can both work there. That about sums it uo, gotta go to this follow up app with the dog now.
  19. Now tonight was hard, HARD on the Tom. Apperantly my doggie ate some mushrooms and started drooling and puking and shooting a diarreha out his lil bum like you wouldnt fathom. So I rushed him to the doggie ER and they fed him activated charcoal and an anti nausea shot along with some barium, and all the while I am thinking if this dog dies I am going to get wasted, I am sick and tired of these thoughts. But I have had them for over a decade so I cant expect em to stop immediatly. I gotta take him to the vet for a blood makeup to see if and organ damage has happened, lame. I dont think I ever posted a pic of him, I shall try now. http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b215/zinzen/camandgirlfriend.jpg http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b215/zinzen/camsmile.jpg http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b215/zinzen/camsuperhero.jpg And just the wife and I a few days ago, just because I think its a funny pic http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b215/zinzen/bestever.jpg I am going to try to sleep
  20. It was 19 when I grabbed it. I dont go for the incomplete proteins like just hemp or just pea, I understand the reason why most dont care, and I am in no way trying to argue, especially with a big ass mofo like you octo, just not my dig, you know. But man this shit is a great big slice of sick as all hell. I was taking choco soy powder from GNC, but they jacked the price to much, tasty shit though. For some reason Vega has the same nasty ass taste as nitro to me, I really do need a soluble protein so I can just slam it alone again.
  21. Ahh another day. I am feeling great when Im great and horrid when I am horrid, def better then the gray fuck my life feeling of the last year. Good stuff. My real hit today was for some reason I was thinking ack on the 2 months of adderal and oxycontin and my heart started screaming out for more, seems like that will be there for a bit. Gotta pay attention to now, thoughts destroy the soul. Like they say in recovery, what I got here is a spiritual problem. Something about that is so neat to me, a bunch of cats getting together to fix something that we have no proof is even there, and it has nothing to do with organized religion, just cool I say.
  22. Its actually the sickest shit I have ever had, yet I just bought some again. Can anyone say cheap. Bodybuilding.com had a sick sale on it, and I am poor. but yeah I cant take it straight, need to mix with a nanner or some kinda smoothy
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