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  1. Last night was delts and arms. Normally I would train legs the day after chest and back but my back is still giving me a bit of trouble. I went back to evening training, I prefer it as there is more of an atmosphere at my gym. The workout was Lateral raises 12kg x 20 20kg x 5 x 5 Standing military press 60 x 12 85kg x 3 x 6 sets Incline bench rear delt flyes 18kg x 12 x 3 sets Standing barbell curls 35kg x 6 x 5 sets - I went a little lighter than usual, I think it works a bit better, normally I heave up 50kg or so but think I may staywith the lighter weight for curls for now. Dumbell skullcrushers 22kg x 8 x 5 sets - I throw them a bit like darts, similar kind of movement, quite explosive Standing ez bar curls 35kg x 8 x 3 sets - again a little lighter but felt it work better and my arms pumped up a lot more. Skullcrusher/closegrip superset 45kg x 8 x 3 sets - 8 reps for skullcrushers, 6-8 reps straight after for closegrips Finished off with some leg raises 5 sets of 12 Diet for yesterday was a little better than previous day Meal 1- Sunwarrior and blueberry shake - the chocolate flavoured protein goes really well with the blueberries. Added 10g of flax sprouts. Meal 2- Lentil burger, beetroot chips (I just slice them thin and bake) alfalfa sprouts, 1/4 avocado Meal 3- Raw food bar, the active greens flavour Meal 4- Vege schnitzel, mixed salad, some dulse flakes and macadamia oil - strange mix but nice Meal 5- Pre workout 15g BCAA, Biotest Superfood powder, 15g spirulina, 3g creatine, espresso Meal 6- Post workout Vega packet (Thanks RC and Lean & Green) then juiced up some pineapple, orange and celery when I got home. Just got my new juicer so I've been making plenty of different combinations. Meal 7- Lentil burger, small amount of taro- made it into chips so only had a few pieces, mung bean sprouts. Before bed I snacked on some dulse leaves. That was it for the day. I don't always use them throughout the day, my meals at the moment aren't very structured so I just carry a few supplies in my bag and make things as I go. At this point in time I'm not too worried about the insulin levels going up because I'm not dieting but at the same time I'm not really having anything with them, maybe just some berries and stuff, so I'm not having a calorie surplus when my insulin levels are spiked throughout the day. Good point though Sorry mate, I started counting in kg again now that I'm training with MVS, previously I was counting in lb's. It all gets confusing sometimes. That's where I got the idea from. My brother has used them in the past and got very strong from using them so I thought I'll give them a real go now. Looking at your photos I think your chest is quite a strong bodypart for you.
  2. I am disappointed about Gaspari using feathers for their aminos, I would have figured they'd be more considerate than that. I'm pretty sure MRM use rice for their BCAA's as do Primaforce (I once emailed them and they told me it's derived from vegetable sources). There are a ew here in Australia which use rice as the source but there are others I would be wary of.
  3. I figured I would start my own training and diet journal, it should keep me motivated preparing for my shows later in the year- I tend to lose track of things when I'm not dieting. My goals are to get stronger and hope to thicken up my chest and back which are my weakest bodyparts and now that I'm training with MVS I want to bring my powerlifting numbers up, which have been all over the place recently. I'm aiming for a 160kg bench, 200kg squat and 200kg deadlift by the middle of the year, my numbers over the last couple of months have been about 15-20 kg below my pb's from late last year, I need to rectify that now that I'm training with some really strong guys. Yesterdays workout was chest and back. Bench press - bar x 15 60kg x 6 75kg + 15kg of chains per side x 5 x 5 The chains have helped in the past get past my sticking point in the bench so I have started using them again. Pullups - Bodyweight 6 x 6 Floor press - 85kg 3 x 3 sets One arm rows - 45kg 3 x 10 sets Incline dumbell press - 54kg 4 x 2 sets Incline dumbell rows - 30kg 10 x 3 sets - hurt my back squatting at MVS so needed back support. Meal 1 - Sunwarrior protein shake, small bowl of taro Meal 2 - (pre workout) 3g creatine, BCAA, espresso coffee Meal 3 - Post workout 3g creatine, Sunwarrior protein, glass of juice (pineapple, orange, apple, ginger, celery) Meal 4 - Lentil burger, dark rye bread, mixed salad Meal 5 - 130g Tempeh, mung bean sprouts, salad Meal 6 - Fava bean stew with vegetables, some baked chickpea patties Meal 7 - BCAA shake with blueberries
  4. I think I'm going to start a log, especially after reading everyone else's on here
  5. I'll find some more to post, I should make a training log on here so I can post training and nutrition too, like a lot of the others have done. They are interesting and motivational to read
  6. I find that doing something that I enjoy which can take my mind off the rest of the negatives that may be going on in my life can give me a more positive attitude to deal with them when I have to. It may not work for things that are really depressing, or out of your hands but most of the time it can help with getting a move on in the right direction. If that doesn't help, these emoticon smilies might help
  7. I always knew there was a reason I don't like them
  8. Are you preparing the beans properly? For now I would say start using some sort of hypoallergenic protein, like a rice or hemp, a couple of times per day and if you can stomach them, eat a small amount of seeds, like chia or pumpkin. Have you tried soaking almonds before eating them? I find that helps make them a little easier to digest. Even eating some sprouted grains and legumes may be ok for you, just try them all in small portions. Tempeh may be the same, it's not as harsh to digest as tofu or whole soy beans. I think you should get your symptoms evaluated though, just to see where the root of the problems stems from. You may need some digestive enzymes, or to take some bitters to stimulate digestion.
  9. Happy Birthday Robert. Like Crash said, belatedly, but better late than never. All the best mate
  10. Thanks Robert, I'm glad to be part of the community here I tried 185kg not long after that lift but failed, I should have just tried it before I did the 180. Either way it was my best deadlift. Thanks heaps mate, I'll get some more pics and videos and post them up soon. You never know, some other weightlifters may want to become vegans after they see you lift.
  11. That would be great mate, keep me posted. Thanks for the kind words guys, the guys have done a great job organising the group and it's good to finally be part of it.
  12. Looking great! Excellent rear double bi and side tricep pose.
  13. Looking very good mate. If you can, try and not curl your arms so much on the front double bicep and try and lift your chest up a little without breathing in and puffing it out. You may need to flex your lats a little more and try lift our shoulders a little. It's very hard to explain in words so see i you can get someone to have a look at it and try to make some little adjustments. You have a lot of good muscle, it's just all about showing it off the best way to highlight all of it.
  14. Yeah he did a 232.5kg deadlift, it looked like he could have gone higher if he just went for it. Massive guy and very humble too. I think it is going to be a very positive experience training with them. You and I will have to have a workout sometime, whenever either of us travel interstate
  15. I just recently joined a vegan powerlifting crew and we filmed some of our lifts. There are a some very strong lifters in the group and I think I will have my work cut out to get my lifts back up to challenge them. I've posted the link to my lifts, I did a pb on the deadlift but my squat and bench are a bit down at the moment- I'll get them back up again soon. http://www.veganstrength.org/profiles/joel-kirkilis/
  16. I usually refer to them as rack pullups. EIther get someone knowledgable to look at your form or there are some videos on youtube which you may find helpful. For what it's worth, I have never really found them to be beneficial, I think regular pullups and bentover rows are more effective
  17. You're not too shabby yourself! The symmetry and size of his legs is very impressive, awesome for a raw foodist even more so as it isn't as common in bodybuilding
  18. I estimate I spend about $450-$500 per month, including supplements. I try and buy a lot of organic and now that it's summer I seem to be eating a lot of berries, which are quite expensive. I think it is worth spending a little extra on good quality foods, especially as we spend a lot of time and energy trying to perfect our bodies
  19. When I'm in the last 4 weeks I cut out all my supplements, except for aminos and creatine, which I use until the last week before removing. I just try and use the plainest, highest protein foods, like plain tofu and tempeh for my protein sources, which can be a bit boring and not the most nutritious way to go but at that point of time it's not about health as much as it's about getting lean. I am not really a bar person, although I like to have some greens bars in the off season. The reason I keep the aminos (it's plain essential aminos) and creatine in is because I still try and train heavy and keeping as much size as possible can make the difference on stage. I only take them in small amounts but I still keep them in till I start depleting. I think try and use wholefoods, like tofu, tempeh and possibly seitan if you don't have an intolerance and base your diet around them.
  20. Thanks mate! My avatar pic was from the 2006 INBA state championships. I placed second in that show.
  21. If you can stomach it, have a serve or half a serve of the rice protein pre workout with your juice and creatine. I used to just train on some aminos and creatine when i trained in the morning and it was fine. I think it is important to get some sort of protein into your system before working out, especially as you have not eaten since the previous night. The small bit of rice protein shouldn't be hard to get down, as you are already drinking juice
  22. It's all worth it, no matter how hard it feels, when you get into that shape and know you're the best you can be. Then you can cheat all you like after that!! Shouldn't be long now till I get my protein
  23. Nah, no wheat. Pea, Rice and Artichoke powder. Ha ha! Sounds like it should be
  24. Awesome physique Giacomo, your legs look great, great symmetry too. What else is there to say about Robert.... Keep up the great work mate! By the way Giacomo, I couldn't help but notice the Nautilus pullover machine in the photo you are barbell curling. You're lucky to have one at your gym, I think they're pretty rare now and nothing else compares to it
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