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  1. It's not really a diet where beans could be used, it would be an unhealthy diet even if is was vegan because it would mean cutting out too many food groups. I think veganising it would be very easy though, swap the whey protein for gemma, swap the meats for for tofu or seitan. Even though I have followed a diet very similar (just with a lot more fats) I'm going to try something similar to what Fallen Horse was elluding to by using some sort of whole grains, like the sprouted breads and legumes and lower the fats a little. I think it would be easy to get very lean keeping some carbs in but in wholegrain form, unlike this diet that says to take some juice after training. I'll write up what I'm intending to try when I get the chance and I'll write what I used to eat pre contest
  2. That diet looks very similar to the Palumbo diet, probably a knock off by someone. I don't know why they would recommend simple sugars after training though, a ketogenic diet would generally involve low intensity cardio and short, intense weight training sessions, therefore reducing the need to use post workout sugars. I think the diet would be easy to veganise, it would however need the person following it to eat a lot of tofu, seitan and processed vege burgers etc, to keep the carbohydrate content down. I agree Dropsoul, a vegan cutting diet which is quick and easy to find when diets are searched for would be great
  3. I swear by that protein, although I am looking forward to trying the SunWarrior Rice protein and getting my hands on some hemp powder (not easy to find in Australia). Soyfreewarrior, I found mocha to be my least favourite, preferred van. choc. and berry personally
  4. With that degree of difficulty, I would add a bonus 50lb to your lift I used current max. lifts
  5. Arnold was notorious for burning out many training partners because of his huge training volume. While I admire his physique (particularly his upper body) it is crazy to think his training programs are going to yield the same results, unless someone is a genetic freak, on steroids, or has all day to lay around on the beach like Arnold did. I think striking a balance between Arnold and Mentzer would be a better way to grow
  6. Nice article, thanks for posting it. I personally am a believer in creatine but because this is intended for teenagers, getting the basics of diet in consistently is the most important
  7. That's cheap. Tropical isn't too bad anyway
  8. Can't wait to try it, cheques in the mail somewhere, heading towards the good old U.S of A
  9. That isn't too bad actually, considering it is $85-$90 here in Australia for the 5lb
  10. It's Gemma protein with some betain added in, unless the U.S. version is different (we get all the watered down Canadian stuff from LG, Muscletech etc.) It doesn't taste too bad, thick like Gemma protein generally is. There's saccharin in it though which I'm not a fan of, hence I stick to Nitrofusion.
  11. Yep, MACA is pretty nasty. Spirulina runs a very close second though, tied with ginseng, they both make me gag everytime I take them
  12. Awesome sounding workout, I think we're onto something with the combination of the 5x5 and HIT stuff. Maybe we can do a veganbodybuilding e-book and use this program
  13. Yeah, the koala is being cared for now by a wildlife rescue organisation, hopefully he will recover completely
  14. It is also quite draining doing the 3 sets. Doing one intense set will still stimulate growth (I'm starting to sound like Mike Mentzer now)
  15. There are still fires that haven't been contained and there has been a lot of backburning which has left the city very smoggy. For a lot of the affected areas it's all about rebuilding now, which will take a long time. Plus there are still bodies unaccounted for.
  16. I am the opposite to Gaia, I have gone as high as 65% fats, with trace amounts of carbohydrates. It is not the easiest diet to follow though and certainly not the healthiest, as I have to cut out a lot of protein sources and having such high levels of fat, although mono and polyunsaturated plant sources, is still a lot of fat. For my next comp I'm going to go lower, around the 30% level and increase my carbohydrate levels in the form of green vegetables and some other nutrient dense carbohydrate sources, i.e. quinoa. My guess is I should still be able to get in the same shape but it will be a little healthier and add some more variety.
  17. Yeah he's in custody now, facing 35 years jail. He will have a hard time if his identity is ever revealed as there are people baying for his blood
  18. Thanks heaps mate, I'll get onto them and see where I can pitch in. It's upsetting that a lot of the livestock is not really getting much care. I appreciate the links.
  19. It is a terrible situation and the fact that it only happened about 30 mins from where I live makes it quite scary. The cooler weather and less wind has calmed the situation slightly but the end is still not near. I've donated some cash and vegan pet food to try and help a little but it's difficult to know what else to do, especially to help the animals
  20. I'm the same as Phil and Johan, there's not much difference in my workout and non workout calorie count, I guess just my post workout creatine/carb drink at the moment
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