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  1. Thanks Lean and Green! I would really like to keep in touch during our preparations, it would be great motivation. I am competing in Australia, in the Victorian Championships. My height is about 174cm and I aim to compete at about 79kg. My bodyfat at my last show was measured at 5% but I want to get lower, obviously! Hope your shoulder recovers soon, it makes all the difference coming into a show feeling strong. Thanks to everyone for welcoming me, I appreciate it!
  2. You're correct and for the most part I think it is a hypothesis. I'm was just going by the theory that sprouted foods contain more life force.
  3. Slaughterhouse- Gail Eisnitz Terrorists or freedom fighters- Steven Best PhD They both inspire me to fight for the cause of those who can't fight for themselves
  4. Scrambled tofu mixed with coleslaw mix and sunflower seeds, plus some tomato sauce.
  5. I don't know about the fat going down or protein going up but I think soaking nuts and seeds makes the nutrients more bioavailable. It is also supposed to increase the oxygen content. Either way, they taste better soaked in my opinion
  6. It is an inspiring website, good to look at to get fired up to train. But there's nothing really there that's vegan friendly, I struggle to find any of their line which isn't animal derived.
  7. Those are a killer! What about leg curls holding a dumbell between your feet? They're a bit hard to do on your own but if someone can place it between your feet for you it will work quite well
  8. Legs are my favourite, probably because they are my best body part. Single leg squats and walking lunges are my favourites
  9. Thanks, I am looking forward to discussing supplements and nutrition with everyone here! I will post pics as I get closer to the show, which is about 3 months away. My avatar pic was from 2006, I came second, was vegetarian at that show though, eating a couple of eggs a day. I came in bigger last year as a vegan, around 185lbs.
  10. My name is Joel and I'm from Melbourne, Australia. I have been training for about 5 years and competing for 2. I have been a vegetarian most of my life (was raised by vegetarian parents, lucky for me!) and have been vegan on and off a lot of that time, finally cutting out eggs for good over a year ago. I have competed and placed in my state championships and am aiming for a show in October. I think this forum will be a great place for me to pick up new ideas and to offer any advice I may have, as I am qualified as a personal trainer and am completing my degree in Nutritional Medicine. I look forward to my time here!!
  11. Yeah I will do that, maybe someone will be able to help me post my avatar pic too!!
  12. I'm a qualified personal trainer (have never used it though!) and in my final year of my batchelor's degree in Nutritional Medicine. I do agree that it's not a lucrative field to be in but I'm basically doing it for my own knowledge and to be able to constructively debate anyone who challenges me about bodybuilding and veganism. By the way it's great to be here on this forum
  13. Leg press with your feet high and wide on the platform can really hit the hamstrings well. Slow controlled form is a must!
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