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  1. Yeah it was a nice little break from the diet, although far too short lived Have had a couple of pretty miserable training sessions over the last couple of days. Monday was a powerlifting club session but I left early as I just couldn't get into it at all. Bench press - 60kg x 8 80kg x 5 100kg x 3 120kg x 4 120kg x 4 120kg x 3 - the coach later made me do 110kg for 6 to make up for it but I only got 4 reps. Dumbell bench press - 30kg x 20 30kg x 15 30kg x 10 - I think I aimed a bit high trying to do all 3 sets for 20 reps. Was trying to get a good feel for the movement as lately I have felt my technique become a lot more loose and inconsistent. Decline skullcrushers - 40kg x 8 x 3 sets Box squats - 110kg x 2 x 6 sets I left after that, wasn't keen to try heavy squatting, will save that for later this week. This morning (Wednesday) had a session at the garage. It was only a short session but I still ran out of fuel and felt very flat. Deadlifts - 60kg x 6 100kg x 3 140kg x 2 180kg x 1 160kg x 3 x 3 sets Clean and press - 70kg x 3 x 3 sets Dumbell curls - 15kg x 5 x 3 sets My eating has been very clean and consistent. Yesterdays meals were Meal 1 - Tempeh, mushrooms, broccoli, chickpea sprouts and macadamia oil Meal 2 - Nitrofusion and lucuma powder (only a little bit because of the sugar content) Meal 3 - Lentil burger, mushrooms, broccoli, chia seeds (I cooked up a lot of mixed mushrooms with some red onions and then added some broccoli to just soften a little bit) Meal 4 - Protein cookie Meal 5 - Same as meal 1. Had one less meal because I didn't train yesterday.
  2. Nah, it hasn't arrived yet, just finished my last tub today. I'll use Nitrofusion or Sunwarrior till the Vega comes. It is a real pain ordering stuff online from overseas, expensive too. Nevermind, it should be here soon. Had a refeed day yesterday and just a light workout. Trained back, delts, calves and biceps Pullups - 6 x 3 sets Bentover rows - 65kg x 10 x 3 sets Close grip pullups - 8 x 3 sets Lateral raises - 12kg kettlebell x 10 x 3 sets Bentover lateral raise - 15kg x 10 x 3 sets Barbell curls - 40kg x 6 x 3 sets Barbell calf raises - 65kg x 15 x 3 sets My meals weren't all that structured but I ate enough without going overboard, hopefully it will help my strength for a couple of days, it has already made me feel hungry today. Basically just ate a loaf of rye and fruit bread with raw brazil nut butter, some beans with rice and bread and some 80% cocoa chocolate. It was pretty nice but now I have to get back into it. I have my first comp in about 5 weeks and then plan on doing shows in the three weeks following. I should be in reasonable shape by the time the last couple of shows are on, the condition seems to improve after each show because of how strenuous it is on stage and having to stay on the diet.
  3. Sounds like a great name for a band... or something more sadistic
  4. Sorry to hear about your injury. Hope it gets better soon and you won't need the antibiotics.
  5. Trained at the powerlifting club, felt pretty good, although I'm already nervous about next Monday nights' squat session. Yesterday was light bench and squat and heavy deadlifts. Bench press - 80kg x 5 x 6 sets - I changed my grip width on each set Deadlifts - 100kg x 6 150kg x 3 172.5kg x 5 x 3 sets - that is probably the best I have ever deadlifted in terms of repetitions with that weight. Incline bench - 80kg x 6 x 3 sets Overhead dumbell extensions - 15kg x 8 x 3 sets Squats - 80kg x 5 85kg x 5 x 3 sets Glute/ham raises - 6 x 3 sets - tried one more set with a harder adjustment on the machine but only got 4 reps Trunk twists - 10 x 6 sets Diet Meal 1 - Lentil burger, soy, chickpea and alfalfa sprouts, spinach, chia seeds Meal 2 - Protein cookie Meal 3 - Tempeh, mixed sprouts, broccoli, chia seeds Meal 4 - Vega shake Meal 5 - Aminos, creatine, glutamine during training Meal 6 - Vegan schnitzel, spinach, macadamia oil
  6. Yeah it is not making me the most energetic person at the moment. Atleast I'm starting to look pretty good - pictures will be coming soon, I just have to find someone to take photos of me and have my camera handy! Trained last night at the garage gym but have just got a membership at another gym too, they have kettlebells and some good powerlifting stuff, I'll be able to go there on my nights off the powerlifting club. Anyway, had a back, shoulders and biceps workout. I'm starting to work my own stuff into the powerlifting club routines, hopefully the combination will get me a lot stronger. Bentover rows - 60kg x 8 105kg x 5 x 3 sets T-bar corner rows (just used a barbell with weights on one end and a v handle) - 80kg x 10 x 2 sets Military press - 70kg x 3 x 3 sets Lateral raise - 10 x 2 sets with miniband Curls - 5 x 3 sets with 2 minibands Diet Meal 1 - Protein cookie/bar Meal 2 - Lentil with chia seeds and alfalfa sprouts Meal 3 - Vega shake - nearly out, hoping my U.S. order will arrive soon Meal 4 - Aminos, carnitine, yerba mate, tribulus tablets Meal 5 - Nitrofusion shake, creatine and spirulina Meal 6 - Tempeh, shiitake mushrooms, broccoli, walnuts
  7. That would probably be the initial detoxifying effect it has. The symptoms disappear after using it for a little while
  8. That's a pretty good idea, you'll be able to keep the intensity higher
  9. Didn't make it to the powerlifting club yesterday so I trained at the garage gym again. The session was heavy bench press and squats. Bench press - 40kg x 8 80kg x 6 115kg x 5 x 3 sets - Didn't feel too bad really, it was much easier than the 6 x 3 program I was doing. Floor press - 95kg x 3 x 3 sets Squats - 60kg x 6 100kg x 3 140kg x 1 170kg x 1 160kg x 2 x 3 sets Lunges - 80kg x 5 x 3 sets Skullcrushers - 40kg x 8 x 3 sets I think my strength is dropping too much for me to try and do both the powerlifting and bodybuilding comps, I'm still trying to train heavy but the weights' are much more of a struggle and I'm not recovering as quickly. Cardio yesterday was just skipping 10 sets of 100 skips.
  10. Haven't had a chance to get any progress pics yet, I will in the next couple of days. Just had a small workout yesterday. 3 cycles of the following Sumo Deadlifts - 140kg x 5 Pullups - x 5 Wide grip upright rows - 70kg x 5 Dips - x 5 Decline crunches - 10kg x 15 Barbell calf raises - 70kg x 15 Leg raises - x 15 Diet is going well, am down to 83-84kg and aren't suffering too much. Meal 1 - Protein cookie/bar Meal 2 - Spirulina, amino acids, Nitrofusion Meal 3 - Lentil burger, alfalfa sprouts, chia seeds, spinach Meal 4 - Tempeh, spinach, avocado Meal 5 - Amino acids, Yerba mate Meal 6 - Vega shake, chia seeds, creatine Meal 7 - Lentil burger, spinach, avocado
  11. That was pretty funny, the woman struggled to keep a straight face
  12. I didn't have time to fit in a session at the club last night, so ended up training at a different gym. Yesterday was heavy deadlifts and everything else was lighter. Bench press - 60kg x 8 100kg x 5 110kg x 3 x 6 sets Pullups - 6 x 3 sets Deadlifts - 60kg x 6 100kg x 3 140kg x 3 180kg x 1 x 3 sets Box squats (low box) - 100kg x 2 x 10 sets - wasn't meant as a speed workout, the weight was pretty heavy anyway Dumbell skullcrushers - 25kg x 6 x 3 sets Kettlebell curls - 16kg x 6 x 3 sets Trunk twists - 10 x 3 sets
  13. Yeah, I reckon a bit of muscle on a woman is sexy, nothing over the top but with the feminine shape still there is nice
  14. I'm sure pea protein in bulk isn't very expensive, I guess the flavour might just be an issue for you if you didn't like the hemp protein. Of the other things you mentioned, i only think creatine monohydrate would be very beneficial for you at the moment. Keep it simple and you will get better results
  15. "Bodybuilding" session at the garage gym last night, starting to really get into the dieting now, as strange as it may sound, I guess the more results I get the more motivating it is. Basically a whole body workout, minus chest because I will train for the bench press again in a couple of days. High pulls - 85kg x 5 x 3 sets Pullups - 5 x 3 sets Lateral raise - 15kg x 5 x 3 sets Close grip floor press - 90kg x 5 x 3 sets Did all four exercises back to back with a minute rest between rounds Dumbell front raises - 15kg x 5 x 3 sets Box squats - 110kg x 5 x 3 sets Bentover rows - 90kg x 5 x 3 sets Dumbell curls - 15kg x 5 x 3 sets Floor skullcrushers - 40kg x 5 x 3 sets Again all back to back with 1 minute rest Decline crunches - 12 x 3 sets Barbell calf raises - 70kg x 15 x 3 sets Leg raises - 12 x 3 sets 1 min rest between rounds Diet Meal 1 - Sunwarrior custard with walnuts Meal 2 - Tempeh and tvp mince with silverbeet, alfalfa sprouts and broccoli Meal 3 - Vega shake with chia seeds Meal 4 - Amino acids, carnitine Meal 5 - Amino acids, glutamine powder, spirulina Meal 6 - Lentil burger, hummus, spinach, small bowl of cherries
  16. Trained at the powerlifting club last night, final week of the bench press intensity program, I have found my bench press getting steadily weaker with this routine, although speaking to a couple of guys who have used it before, it is normal to lose strength because of the high volume. My squats were a bit down last night too, it feels a bit repetitive doing the same stuff every week, I am thinking of using more of my programs at the club and just not letting the coach find out too much. Bench press - 50kg x 8 90kg x 3 Started at 125kg but only got a double, went back to 123.5kg and had a couple of good sets but ended up going down to 120kg (which I still only got 2 reps) by the last set because I could only get doubles at 123.5. Board press - 105kg x 5 110kg x 4 - failed on the 5th I think I went back to 105 and got 4 reps Dumbell shoulder press - 35kg x 6 x 3 sets - seemed pretty easy compared to the benching Deadlifts - 80kg x 6 x 3 sets Squats - 60kg x 6 90kg x 6 120kg x 3 145kg x 6 x 2 sets 145kg x 3 - failed to get anywhere near the fourth rep Felt better than the previous week, the diet seems ok till about mid week then my energy levels drop right down till I eat up a bit on the weekend. Seems to be working, I'll get some more pics soon.
  17. I think they're pretty good, I've been using them for ages now. I just get the black and white mix.
  18. I'm pretty sure they're still vegan, I think they use the rice derived aminos like some of the better companies use
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