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  1. It's a different movement to the "Dorian Yates" type row, this movement will hit your upper back a lot more. I honestly prefer it - I guess the old school bodybuilders had it right
  2. The way I diet for a comp is relatively low carb, moderate protein and high fat. Most of the protein I get is from tempeh, shakes, nut and seeds. The carbohydrates I get are from the tempeh and vegetables. I don't think it is feasible to go for an almost zero carbohydrate diet but getting rid of most grains and as much processed stuff as you can will help reduce body fat. It's also probably a lot healthier than following the Atkins diet properly
  3. Your diet and training are looking good. Nice weight on the Smith machine squats
  4. Thank you Robert, I'm looking forward to it too. Yeah I have dropped water a few times for my bodybuilding comps but there's is not the need to worry about any kind of real strength. You're right though, once I drop my water i should be fine. The lifts I have been set are pretty conservative, I have done them before, I just have to make sure my form is good so that they are legal lifts. Thanks for your suggestions mate
  5. Yep, they are Jumpstretch bands. I agree that I shouldn't use them yet, I'll keep them all wrapped up so I don't get tempted to use them for now. I do have a coach but I'm happy to get advice from as many people as possible, I'm not the type of person who just sticks to one program so any advice I appreciate. With the weigh in, the coach wants me at 82.5kg, I'm a couple of kilos over but being lean I find it hard to drop weight. We are weighing in the morning of the comp, I would appreciate it much more if it was the night before though. I appreciate your interest mate, you know what you're talking about
  6. Congratulations on the lifts at MVS mate! I'm spewing I couldn't make it but we'll have to catch up down the track. I think the guys were impressed with your strength from what they have been telling me. It's good that us VBB guys can still match it with the other vegan lifters out there
  7. Thank you!! Thank you! I've been checking in whenever I can but have been flat out so am a little slack updating my journal. Feeling a lot better now, nervous about the comp on Saturday. I shouldn't be really, I'm not pinning any really big hopes on myself for my first comp, I just want to do my best. Got my bands yesterday, I think I might hold off trying them till after the comp, I don't want to get too sore by trying new exercises. They look nice and strong and are pretty heavy. Had a short workout last night, just a bit of back, shoulders and arms - all the show off muscles I don't really train when I'm with the powerlifters. One arm rows - 30kg x 10 54kg x 5 x 3 sets Pullups - 5 x 3 sets - am getting close to pulling myself right up to do the pullup and pushup movement. It's not as easy as I thought though. Military press - 65kg x 5 x 3 sets Barbell curls - 35kg x 6 x 3 sets Dumbell skullcrushers - 18kg x 6 x 3 sets Rollouts - 10 x 3 sets I'm having a bit of trouble dropping weight for the show, am about 3kg over what I need to be but haven't given myself much time to lose the weight without feeling really flat. If worst comes to worst I can just go in the higher weight category. Meals have been pretty good this week so far. Meal 1 - Ultimate meal shake - Nearly out of it. Have really likes it though, might get some more after I get my Vega order from Lean and Green. I'll compare them and see which one I prefer. Meal 2 - Veggie burger with broccoli and chia seeds Meal 3 - TVP schnitzel with broccoli and chia seeds Meal 4 - Same as meal 3 Meal 5 - 10g BCAA's (trying a new BCAA supplement from a company who's owner I know pretty well. Not all his stuff is vegan friendly, i.e. hydrolysed whey protein and stuff but his creatine is very good and the aminos are vegan friendly) 3g creatine Meal 6 - Plant fusion shake (got some samples of it to try - tastes so much better than Nitrofusion!) 3g creatine Meal 7 - Tempeh and broccoli, handful of raw almonds
  8. Still no bands yet, they just cleared Australian customs so I should have them in the next couple of days, we had a public holiday here today so no parcels were delivered. Thanks for the workout 4x4, I have a few new things to try now after the powerlifting comp. First time back in the gym in three days. Haven't been feeling 100% over the last couple of days and have also been flat out at work. Trained at the uni again today. Because the comp is on this weekend, we practiced lifting with competition rules, so the bench was paused and also proper lockout was practised, my numbers will be sacrificed with those conditions but I'm still confident I will do ok. I have my numbers I am lifting on the weekend, the coach prepares all the prep lifts and the three working lifts we have to do. I hope I manage at least a 500kg total, fingers crossed for any pb's. Today we did doubles on the three lifts and I was pretty happy with how I went. Bench press - 60kg x 5 80kg x 5 100kg x 3 110kg x 2 - with pause 115kg x 2 x 2 sets - again with pause Deadlifts - 60kg x 5 85kg x 5 x 2 sets 120kg x 1 150kg x 1 170kg x 2 x 2 sets Squats - 60kg x 5 80kg x 5 100kg x 5 130kg x 3 150kg x 1 150kg x 2 - was supposed to do 2 reps on the first set of 150kg too but didn't think and just did a single. Feeling pretty confident after that workout, we'll see what happens on Saturday. I haven't been eating much over the last couple of days, feeling a bit better this evening so will try and get all my meals back on track for the week.
  9. Yep, it's a lot easier to tell someone what to do than apply it yourself... I don't mind waiting, was just ranting yesterday for some reason. I think having something really small is going to be beneficial, more because it stops you from feeling too hungry during a workout. I'm not totally convinced that you are going to be burning an appreciable amount of muscle if you don't eat, if you've eaten properly the night before then you will have plenty of fuel for a morning workout. I would still just recommend half a serve of protein powder and/or half a banana with as much time to digest it before you train as you can fit in. Something really light will just ensure any potential muscle loss is minimised. As for creatine, it may help you with your training, it wouldn't hurt to try it and see how you go. No need to load, just 3g twice per day for 6 weeks or so will be sufficient. I think creatine has benefits for people who are needing strength gains more so than for endurance. You may be better off trying something like Carnosine or Beta Alanine, they reduce lactic acid build up and can help with endurance. I don't really know what brands in the U.S. make a vegan Beta Alanine formula but from what I'm aware of, the pure powder is synthetically made and should be suitable. I'll see if I can find some stuff online for you
  10. Yeah I do think they would be good, however they're not really addressing the problem of flexibility. I like them because they can help with explosive strength, which I need more of. Trained at the powerlifting club - my first ever proper powerlifting lesson. Because the comp is only a week and 2 days away, we mostly focused on the main exercises and not much on assistance stuff - which is the stuff I'm actually strong at!! I was not planning on training today, because I had squatted the last two nights in a row and also did bench on Tuesday and medicine ball pushups last night, I was feeling pretty tired. My intention was to pick up my soft suit and knee wraps for the comp and to pay my registration, as well as hang out a bit with the MVS boys and just ask questions about the show as I have no idea how to prepare for a comp like this. I guess I should learn to speak up because no sooner had I got there I was warming up on the bench press! Nevermind, better to be taught hands on I guess. Bench press - worked up to 110kg for 3 sets of 5 - a little disappointed with it. Trunk twists with medicine ball - 10 x 3 sets - with smallish medicine ball Deadlifts - worked up to 160kg for 3 sets of 5 - I was actually happy about my deadlifting today, have never lifted that much weight for that many reps. Squats - worked up to 140kg for 2 sets of 5 reps - not my best squatting effort. Apparently my squatting is terrible because I'm too slow with my rep cadence. Should be 'dropping like a stone' apparently. Feels very awkward trying to drop into the hole so fast, scared my lower back will not handle it. All in all I'm a little more nervous about the comp now, I thought I was doing better than I am. Better to be taught right early though, this will be a lesson learned for me, I don't want to suck at this again. Meals today were not on schedule. I missed a meal and didn't take any pre workout stuff as I hadn't planned on training, two meals down for today. Apart from that I managed to eat my regular stuff and had a vegan sheppards pie for dinner with some couscous. Was very good!
  11. I can't wait to try my Vega, between waiting for that and my resistance bands to arrive, I'm getting impatient!! Shame I live on this huge island in the middle of nowhere.... I'm sorry you weren't feeling so well, hope you manage to ride through this recovery as smoothly as possible.
  12. Thanks guys! I feel pretty good today, throat is a little sketchy but managed to train without any problems again this evening. Decided to just do more speed based training today, I'm going to the uni gym tomorrow so I don't want to be too sore for that. I can't wait for my bands to arrive, keep checking the mail every night I get home from work like a little kid waiting for a present or something, will be fun when they finally arrive!! Did some more legs today and a little bit of everything else. Box squats - Bar x 10 60kg x 3 100kg x 2 x 6 sets 120kg x 2 x 2 sets 140kg x 2 x 2 sets 155kg x 2 x 2 sets - kind of went a lot heavier than I intended to but still managed to use a fair bit of speed. Box jumps - 5 x 3 sets - Used a metre high box so it was a bit more challenging Jump squats - 60kg x 3 x 3 sets Medicine ball pushups - 10 x 3 sets - 5 reps each arm Pullups - 5 x 3 sets Dumbell military press - 30kg x 3 x 3 sets Single leg calf raises -10kg x 10 x 3 sets Meal 1 - Ultimate meal shake Meal 2 - 120g tempeh, green beans, avocado oil Meal 3 - Same as meal 2 Meal 4 - lentil soup with 2 slices of rye toast Meal 5 - Nitrofusion shake, 15g spirulina, 3g creatine Meal 6 - 15g BCAA's, 3g creatine Meal 7 - Bowl of lentil soup, 2 slices of rye bread toast
  13. I guess so....... I can still ride my pushy though can't I??? That's a massive bag. I could see myself running into it and flying right off like i ran into a brick wall or something
  14. Yep, compound is the way to go - provided you are able to train with good form. I've never really been a believer in isolation exercises ( funny because I'm a bodybuilder and we're known for using 'shaping' exercises!) I think using exercises that are going to stimulate the muscle fibres under the heaviest load in good form are always going to be more effective than using a machine or isolation movement. I'm sure people will disagree with me but I think our muscles are going to grow in a certain way no matter how many 'shaping' exercises people might use to try to enhance their bicep peak or build more quad sweep. Just use simple exercises that target as many muscle fibres as possible and train yourself to be as strong as you can in them, you'll grow a lot quicker that way.
  15. I agree with Ralst. Focus on trying to add muscle mass to your frame and that will help fill out your frame and tighten you up. The basic compound movements will work well for you, not much volume and make sure you rest enough. Using a 1 or 2 day split with mostly, or all, compound movements, eg Legs, chest, triceps and then Back, shoulders, biceps, abs on the other day, 3-4 workouts per week. It's a similar split to what I'm using at the moment and it is working really well for me. I think with your metabolism, less is more, so 3 sessions a week and plenty of good food and rest will work well for you. Try and keep your protein moderately high, tempeh, tofu, seitan, legumes and good quality legume based burgers ( I mean the ones with not too much crap in them! ) are your best bet and there are many ways to prepare them to keep it interesting. Make sure you get some good amounts of healthy fats, avocados, chia seeds, flax seeds (crush or sprout the whole seed rather than using oils if possible) nuts, vegan DHA oils etc.. The fats will help keep testosterone levels up and also help with skin, hair and muscle tone. Then the rest of your diet should have plenty of vegetables, fruit and some grains ( things like quinoa, millet, buckwheat etc) these will give you plenty of vitamins and minerals and other nutrients to help you recover and build muscle. Good luck with it all mate
  16. Thank goodness I've never used fitday, I've put other people onto it to help monitor their diets but i think I'd be too obsessive with it myself. I guess for you it is a good thing if you're trying to reduce snacking, you put it quite well like that!
  17. Hahahaha!! Thanks mate! Just finished my workout this evening, bench press and squat focus session. Not my best workout, feeling like I may be coming down with a cold or something, feel a bit feverish and have cold chills, time for an early night I think. Bench press - Bar x 20 60kg x 10 100kg x 3 122.5kg x 3 x 3 sets - after watching Noah lift 137.5kg for sets of 4 last night at the powerlifting club I'm feeling a little off the pace... Dumbell bench press - 45kg x 6 x 3 sets Bentover rows - 60kg x 10 x 3 sets - Did them old school style, standing on a bench and pull the barbell to my chest. Gym owner probably doesn't like me standing on his bench but oh well... Squats - 60kg x 10 100kg x 6 140kg x 5 x 3 sets Close grip floor press - 90kg x 5 x 3 sets Rollouts - 10 x 3 sets Meal 1 - Ultimate meal shake Meal 2 - 120g tempeh, green beans, avocado oil Meal 3 - Same as meal 2 Meal 4 - Lentil stew with chia seeds Meal 5 - Nitrofusion Shake, 3g creatine Meal 6 - 15g BCAA's, 15g spirulina, 3g creatine Meal 7 - Lentils on rye bread toast
  18. Hahaha!! Thanks guys! I don't know Phil, I think Octo, Lean and Green and Robert are all right up there too, along with a few others. I was just lucky the light hit me properly
  19. I just got confused for a second about which board I was on, not used to seeing you here Andrew.. Don't stress too much about the categories, it's the first comp for us so none of us know what to expect. I'm nervous about actually lifting like a powerlifter, I've just got used to the explosive reps and now I'll have to relearn how to pause at the bottom of the rep - don't see any pb's for myself. I think you have a good chance at the comp, regardless of whether we're up together - we can always have a deadlift comp between the two of us... I see 200kg next your name very soon mate. Good to see you last night anyway, I'll be back on Thursday to bring my form and my life savings for the coach and have a workout with you guys, was in a rush last night hence I didn't hang around mate
  20. Mate, you don't need to apologise or feel bad for asking, everyone here has something to share and we're all still finding out new things. The Spirulina and BCAA's you can probably find at most health food stores. There are online stores that have them too. I use the Lifestream Spirulina and Gen-Tec BCAA's but this is Australia, I don't know if you can find those brands overseas. I know the MRM BCAA's are vegan friendly, pretty sure the Xtend is too. Veganproteins have spirulina, the powder is the way to go, as bad as it may taste. I use about 30-40g per day and that would be a lot of tablets! As far as protein sources goes, I like tempeh, I seem to feel better using that rather than a lot of tofu (never really liked it unless it is cooked in a nice recipe). I also eat lentil burgers, a variety of legumes and also nutmeat, which is just a mixture of peanut and wheat gluten, nicer than it sounds!! Having a variety is the way to go, I generally cook a couple of different things and just store in the fridge so I have a few days worth of food and not just eating the same thing. Try to have a small hit of protein every few hours, your diet looks pretty good, just try and bump up the protein content in a couple of the meals - that's where some tempeh or mixed beans comes in. You can add them to your salad and it will boost the protein content. You can also try things like chia seeds and quinoa, they have a good amount of protein along with some healthy fats and a variety of minerals. I'll see what else I can come up with and get back to you..
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