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  1. Hey, More Israelis here, cool. Did you get officially recognized by the army as a vegan? You should if you haven't so far. It's kind of an intentionally difficult procedure (doable) but they give you like extra 600 NIS per month to buy food. ...and then you don't have to wear leather shoes either. Oh, and also, you can bring anything that needs cooling with you quite easily. Just freeze like 2-3 bottles of 1.5 litters and wrap them and the food in a clean sweater or a towel or something like that (for insulation) and put it in the middle of your bag. Like carrying a cooler, only practical.
  2. Hi all, Does anyone here have a recipe for a protein bar, Builder's-style? I'm thinking it can be a decent choice for an easy, healthy(ish), high in protein vegan snack, while away from home (or a sweet harmless treat). I don't live in the US, but I found an ebay listing where buying in bulk + international shipping adds to a reasonable price per bar (though kinda high altogether). So I'm considering it, but I'm wondering if they're possible to make at home and get a somewhat similar product. Does anyone have any experience with it? Does it sound like a legit nutritional choice, having one of this once in a day or two? Thanks..
  3. Just a quick comment if you don't mind. There's no need to consume protein before the weights. Might be better to replace it with similar amount of carbs.
  4. if you're in DC, go check out sticky fingers!
  5. What kind of protein powders do you guys use? Are there any specific benefits to a source? (I'd imagine that pea/rice proteins might not be "whole" by themselves, is it at all true?) I've been mixing up roughly even amounts of soy, rice and pea protein (with fruit and stuff) for my post workout shakes, imagining it's a decent combo, supplementing each other. Is it a good idea? Or is it possibly better to use a specific kind every time or possibly the same source for a period of time?
  6. a few ideas - well, cutting down the amounts of soy is a def a good idea, but if keeping some, maybe use different seasoning and textures? basically trying out new recipes. seitan could also be an alternative, it can be quite varied. rice and pea protein in shakes as well. plain flavor + adding some fruit / juice and it tastes perfectly fine.
  7. As for gloves - I found a very decent pair in a regular sports store, simply checked the material. Lots of them are made of synthetic breathing fabrics now. Mine were made by Nike, got it quite cheaply in some outlet.
  8. I'm voting for a split routine too. More recovery time and a chance to work harder on each muscle group. What I've been doing recently is splitting into (in this order) - legs + abs day, upper body day, cardio day, rest day x repeat This way I'm getting a legs' days of rest between the legs and cardio so it doesn't hurt and 3 days rest before working the same muscle group again. I guess you need to figure how much rest you need and what fits your daily schedule to decide. I think what you're talking about when saying different kinds of strength is endurance vs concentrated effort. Like rock climbing, rowing a boat etc vs weight lifting. But I doubt that 8 vs. 15 reps at the gym actually makes much of a difference in those fields, as they are significantly longer in duration.
  9. I've been working out on a pretty regular basis for a few years up to a year ago, eating mostly healthy and so on, which was great. In the past year I've been traveling non stop, never staying very long in one place. Eating lots of junk and not working out. Lately I've been missing working out and I think it's time to quit sugar. I tried body weight training for a bit but never stuck to it, so now I'm thinking about getting a 24-hour gym membership or the like. I guess some of you work out there and I have a few questions about it I'll be happy to get feedback on: There's no problem using the same card in any of their clubs, right? Does anyone know how easy it is to cancel the membership later on? I'll be leaving the US in a few months. How well are they generally equipped and how busy do they get? Is there any other gym network that lets you use the same membership card everywhere (Canada included would be perfect)? I'm not perfectly satisfied with 24h amount and location of gyms. Any other advice, esp from someone moving around a lot would be welcomed 10x
  10. That's cool... I'll be around October 5th over there.
  11. Oh cool. Every new vegan place is good news. I'll be in Memphis in about a month, I'll try to come over!
  12. Thanks, but that's not my question. I'm not a newbie, it's not an "I'm afraid to get too masculine, so should I use the weights at all" question. I'm using them and will keep on doing so, the question is how and how much / what to do differently. So it's simply a "how to maintain" question. I work out both my biceps and my legs.... and my back and my abs and so on for that matter. What I still haven't figured is how do I achieve the balance of not gaining and not losing while still working out (a deliberated plateau)? How do I figure how to find it?
  13. Not sure this is the right subforum, but this post includes a photo so what the hell. Here's some info: 21 y/o F 170cm/59kg no idea how many calories per day I consume (don't count) or what's my fat% mostly weight training (3-4 times a week, usually 4). trying to incorporate some cardio, usually once a week, sometimes twice. [attachment=0]2.JPG[/attachment] So here's the deal, I'm pretty satisfied with where I am at now. I don't want to gain more muscle (don't want to crash the "too much for a girl" verge) and I don't want to get skinnier/fatter. What do I do to keep my mass without losing or gaining? How much iron is enough just to maintain (I always keep lifting more weight over time. it's kinda fun & nice to see progress, but I don't think I need anymore muscle). How much cardio is enough? Basically, how to maintain?
  14. Honestly, I think you're entering the overtraining zone. 4 times lifting a week is ok, but 7 days of cardio seems too much to me. I'd lower it down to 5-6 at most. Get there gradually, as well. Stay away from the gym at least one day a week (but no more than 2 I suggest) and give your body a complete rest. Go do something fun. It'd keep your motivation from burning out, give you more free time and allow your body to recover. Also, watch your diet goes without saying (is that why you haven't mention it? ). Eat healthy, don't consume too many calories. However, don't under-consume calories. If you're going to work out as heavily, you're going to need lots of energy. Plus, losing weight a bit slower is a lot healthier (no loose skin issues, the weight tends to stay off unlike with many crash diets) There are no tricks here. If you're going to follow the workouts and diet you're going to see great results. It's a simple math. I'm with chrisjs on the Brad Pitt comment, Pitt doesn't have lots of mass on Fight Club. You'd probably be more muscular than him (if you take the weights seriously). This isn't a bad thing. Good luck!
  15. I set myself a goal to go raw for 2 weeks. This is the last day of week one and so I thought I'd share. I basically want to try it out, see how it feels, what is there to eat and maybe lose a bit of bodyfat. My nutrition during the first 4 days was basically lots of fruit, vegetables, greens, sprouted or soak beens/grains and nuts/seeds. The only exception during this time was a bit of soy protein powder in the post-workout shake. The next 3 days were (and still are) liquid days, made of most of the above ingredients. During this time, I still used some protein in my post-workout shakes and tahini in several shakes, which I'm not sure if raw or not, but is super nutritious. As of tomorrow I'm going to go back to regular raw for another week. I'm eating LOTS of seeds and nuts, more than I ever did. To keep calorie level reasonable. As for how it feels - it feels pretty great. During the first day I didn't feel much of a difference, probably was still running on lots of shit I ate during the weekend. The second day I was feeling a bit tired and week. Nothing too extreme though. From day 3 and on I noticed a great change, for the better - I feel way less tired during the day. I feel I have lots of energy. My stomach feels more relaxed and I feel satisfied from my lunch for a longer period of time, no sudden sugar crash afterwards (So far lunch has been a salad containing some vegetables, some sprouted beens, sprouted/soaked grains and lots of nuts. Specific ingredient verify, but that the only idea I've got... more ideas are welcomed). I think I lost a bit of weight. Don't know how much but it feels for sure like I did. I noticed an interesting thing in the gym, despite the weight-loss my power didn't decrease. I actually think it has increased! I've been able to work with somewhat heavier weighs than before. Didn't try to push the cardio limit yet, but I'm going to try today or sometime soon. I used to think these more energy stories are probably bullshit but I really felt it happens I don't think I'm going to stay strictly raw after the 2 weeks are over. It feels good, but it's very limited and it doesn't seem like something I'd do for long. Plus I don't want to lose anymore weight... I think I'm alright bodyfatwise now. If there'd be a slight change during the next week it's okay, but that's really it! I do want to keep lots of raw things in my menu or even go raw for short periods like now. Well that's it. Anyone else tried a raw testdrive? Stayed raw of went back to cooked foods? Did it feel anything like this?
  16. This shit is awful. It's just an example of how fragile everything is. This guy was in a gang so some people may blame him for his condition. But it can be everything: a car crash, falling off something, being a crime victim or whatever. One moment and that's it, you're handicapped for the rest of your life. It's a good thing you realize it now, you know? You're still young, healthy and have the rest of your life to live the right way. You don't want to be one of these people who realize it when it's too late. So maybe a single positive thing came out of Deqwon's condition. It's something too. (Do you think it'd do any good if you told him that?)
  17. ^ Thanks for all the suggestions and details! I was wondering, how do you people get along in "regular" restaurants / diners, esp. around these areas. Do they have ANY vegan selection? Do they even know what vegan is in order to not serve you diary or egg products? About Ellis Island and the Statue of liberty - I don't really want to go there but my friend seems to want. However, I don't think all the security there is gonna come as such a shock to us, we're from Israel
  18. I usually just like hearing some good music like most of you do (usually rock/punk/grunge during workouts). I also like playing my drums or guitar before leaving for the gym. Totally puts me in the mood (for everything, not just workouts ). But it's risky - I tend to play WAY more time than I plan and realize it when the gym is nearly closed... (this is a PROBLEM. I miss trains and stuff because of my playing )
  19. I have it. I own the basic model. But I think I don't operate it well, sometimes it stops tracking me and gets stuck on some unreasonable number for a while (either too high or too low). It's annoying. Anyone else encountered this problem?
  20. Wow, pelicanAndrew, thanks for all the tips! I'm going to check these places out for sure. I have friends who live in Killeen TX which is 55 miles away from Austin, I thought I may stay with them a few days. Is there any good public transportation from suburbia to Austin? (or is it more doable to just stay in Austin, at least during the festival?) How's the transportation inside Austin itself? Oh, and if your hippie friend want to hang out and show us a few cool places it would be kickass Also I was thinking about maybe going to San Antonio for a day. Anything interesting there? I'm actually more concerned about accommodations in NY, I'm afraid it's going to be brutally expensive. Yep, that's the festival I'm talking about. I'm super excited about it A friend of mine has been in some fest. is Belgium a couple of weeks ago. He saw Neil Young, REM, Radiohead and gazillion others and I gave him the jealous rant also
  21. I'm new to this forum and it's such a great info source so I thought of asking your advise on this one: By the end of September I'm going with a friend to the US for a 3 weeks thing. We're definitely going to be in both NY and Austin TX, each for a week. The extra week (or two, if work would give me more time off) is yet to be determined (ideas are welcomed). There's a neat music festival and some friends in TX we're psyched to go see anyway- I need some vegan tips! Any nice vegan or vegan friendly places to eat out or do grocery shoppings. Any ideas for places to stay (cheap hotels, motels, hostels ect...) that are vegan friendly (vegan food available nearby, not above a steak house...) Any other thing you can think of... And of course - unvegan-related tips would be great. Any ideas for cool places to go see, a cool local band around those places we should check out, places you'd recommend going to during the third week and so on. Thank y'all
  22. WOW Amazing job. Looking great. Now the maintaining part comes... (I still have no idea whether it's the hardest or easiest)
  23. lol I started a pull up trend here.
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