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  1. ok, I just listened to Propagandhi for the first time because a lot of people seem to like them...


    WOW!! Where have been?! They are awesome! Thanks for the suggestions!


    Propagandhi was my favorite band in middle school, I had no idea that they were vegan until this thread. Nothing better than a good surprise. I don't have anything of theirs besides 'how to clean everything'. Time to update my collection!

  2. she is turning 12 so water might be the better option



    lol, yeah probably would be better.


    Plug your nose close your mouth and blow your ears out!



    I remember doing that too between sips... only REALLY, REALLY gently.



    does she have allergies or something that causes her to get the earaches, or does she just have sensitive ears?

  3. my old trick is to breastfeed while flying... I haven't flown since my daughter was 2 though, so I don't know what to do when they are too old for that!


    What about sipping water? I once had a sinus infection during a flight to New Orleans when I was a teenager, the pressure was so bad that I was crying and the flight attendant brought me water to sip... I think it worked pretty well.

  4. awwwww thank you for your kind words of support!


    Yes, my dad's problems are mostly mental which have manifested themselves into physical. He was actually taken to the hospice as a result of taking too many xanax and appearing incoherent when a nurse came to check on him at his home. Sigh.


    hee hee, I am glad to hear that I inspired you to stay away from the caffeine! I am trying to be good, but today I drank a soy latte b/c I had to wake up about 3 hours earlier than I normally do... I'll get back on the wagon though!

  5. aaaaaahhhhh!


    the last few days have been crazy, in a bad way.


    My dad was taken to a hospice on Saturday and we are fighting to get him home, b/c he does not belong in a hospice. Yesterday when I took the kids to visit him they were wheeling a dead body out the front door as we were walking in! I had never seen a dead body before, it was quite distrubing (well, I didn't actually SEE it since it was covered with a sheet, but still...distrubing). So I am dealing with doctors, and hospice peeps and all of this crap and it is really emotional. For the past few days I have spent the greater part of each day trying not to scream. I think I am driving everyone at work crazy w/ my uncontrollable sighing. And speaking of work... this is our busiest week as we get ready for fall and push the spring stuff out the door... it has been crazy busy and setting the store up for Fall is like moving x 10. It is really intense.


    So, I have not been updating my food journal, or getting to the gym (I made it today for only about 20 min). I am going to gather my shit together this weekend and start a new gym routine on Monday, thanks to DCNINJA for taking the time to help me out w/ a routine. I am excited about that, and I just need to remember that no matter what crazy shit I have going on, I NEED to make time for myself, or I am going to lose IT .

  6. Ok, so I just looked at my club visit history for my gym online and it looks like I have gone at least 3x week since May and an average of 4x a week for the last month. I am just starting to get discouraged b/c in the past I have seen at least 1-2lbs of weight loss a week when working out as much (or actually even less than) I am now... and right now I am really challenging myself, I am not slacking. I am thinking that you were right Marcina when you used the dreaded 'P' word.... I am still nursing my son, so I am thinking that my body is just not willing to let go of any more weight since the weight I am at right now is the same weight I was b4 I got pregnant, and actually, the weight I have been most of my adult life. I just so badly want to get past this point!

  7. Wednesday 8/5/09


    I know I need to update yesterday, will get around to it later! I am baking a vegan chocolate cake for my honey's b-day today... it smells sooooo delicous!




    Banana-Ginger-Pear Cereal (pg 215 'Thrive')= 1 banana, 1 pear, 1 date (first 3 ingredients cut into bite size pieces), 1/4 cup chopped almonds, 1T ground flax, 1T hemp protein, 1/2 T roasted carob powder, 1/2 T raw cacao powder (not in original recipe), 1/2 T grated fresh ginger, drizzle of maple syrup (not in original recipe) W/ almond milk.

    O M G this was the best thing that I have ever eaten! ever. THIS is the food for which the word food-gasm was put in the dictionary! ok, so I don't think the word food-gasm is actually in the dictionary, but this shit was really frikkin' good. I think I am in love with Brendan Brazier.

    morning snack:




    afternoon snack:




    after-dinner snack:



  8. There's the maximum heart rate, which varies based on your level of fitness, but is commonly estimated as 220 - age (it was never intended to be used as an absolute rule). That number, whatever it is for you, is simply the fastest your heart will ever beat.


    Well before that point, somewhere around 80% or so, you'll pass into the anaerobic zone where you are consuming more oxygen than your cardiopulmonary system can supply. Depending on intensity, you can sustain anaerobic exercise for a little while.


    As long as you're doing reasonable cardio, you'll be able to tell when you hit your anaerobic threshold, so you shouldn't need to obsess over the numbers. Chances are you'll hit your lactic threshold even earlier than that.


    The takeaway being don't freak out if your heart rate is a little higher than these estimation formulas predict, yet you feel like you're going along just fine. The more cardio you do, you'll notice it harder and harder to get your heart rate up anyway.


    so I don't need to worry about my body "consuming" muscle if my heart-rate is over the "fat burning cardio" zone? That is what I have always heard and didn't know if it was BS or not.


    How much are you eating? How long have you been working out at this consistency?


    There's always a chance that you just aren't eating enough to sustain the workouts that you're doing, so your body is holding on to what it has. I would add in some weight training, but nothing you're doing really looks bad to me


    I was thinking this might be my problem (not enough food) I would estimate that I have been eating around 1500 cal a day so w/ working out at the intensity that I have been that probably brings me down to around 1000-1200 net calories, I think I need to up my nutrition, I have been reading 'The Thrive Diet' and over the last few days I have eaten a lot more than I had been, but in a good, nutritious way. Big salads, lots of veggies and more hemp protein. I have been working out about 5 days a week for the last month... I would say???... with 2 kids my brain just can not retain that kind of information I have definitely noticed a change in my body since I started getting serious about my workouts, things feel firmer and people have complimented me on weight loss in my face... but I want it to go faster! That's why I am thinking of upping the cardio...

  9. this is a woman whose children are constantly photographed with bags of Cheetos, not one for all 6 children mind you, each child with his/her own bag. She is an enigma... apparently being a "humanitarian" doesn't exclude you from being a fcking idiot.





    just don't get her knocked up or she'll feed your kid Cheetos and get him/her fitted for fur!

  10. thanks marcina,


    I was doing weight training up until about a week and a half ago but the SB and pilates leave me so sore that I figured they were doing better than the weight training was?? I haven't been sticking to any regime yet (I've probably switched it up twice in the last month), but just working out more than I had been for sure and no weight loss...the schedule above is basically what I have been doing only with more cardio.

  11. Hello All,


    so I need some input on my workout schedule. I am trying to lose about 20lbs of bodyfat and I have been working out 4-5x a week and have yet to lose a single LB. In fact, I have probably gained a pound or 2 (I don't trust the gym scale b/c it is all wobbly). My diet is pretty clean, I am going to start limiting the higher GI fruits though... I know that in the past my weight loss efforts have been most successful w/ a low carb diet. I am doing quite a bit more strength training than I have ever done in the past so I am hoping that this accounts for my lack of weight loss... I definitely feel stronger and can feel a difference in my body... but I guess I am just anxious to start seeing a bigger difference.


    The thing I am confused about is cardio... I have heard you can't do too much cardio, but then I have also heard that you CAN do too much (?) And then there is the whole heart rate thing... keep it below 160 or not?! I am mucho confused... so here is what I plan to do, if you have any suggestions, I could really use them! thanx!!


    MONDAY: 30 minutes cardio, 1 hour yoga

    TUESDAY: 1 hour cardio

    WEDNESDAY: 1 hour weight training class, 1 hour shadowboxing

    THURSDAY: rest or light cardio i.e. swimming

    FRIDAY: 1 hour cardio

    SATURDAY: 1 hour shadowboxing, 1 hour yoga

    SUNDAY: 1 hour pilates


    I haven't been doing a lot of weight training on my own b/c the shadowboxing and pilates seem to take care of that for me, my instructor really knows how to build up the lactic acid and I feel more like I work my whole body w/ her classes than I do w/ doing the machines on my own. So this is pretty much my current schedule, w/ a few more cardio sessions in there. Thanks in andvance for any help!

  12. Monday 8/3/09



    So I have been reading 'Thrive' all weekend and I am getting ready to make some of the recipes. I've got my shopping list all ready. Brendan has also convinced me that I need to get off of the coffee w/ his debt analogy . I am currently working my way out of financial debt, I don't need to be worrying about my body's adrenal debt! This is my 3rd day without my cup o' joe! Thank god for Celestial Seasonings Roastaroma. So I am setting up my food diary the way that he plans the meals in the 12 week portion of the book... I don't know if I am going to hit all of the daily meals and snacks but I will set it up that way since that is where I am trying to get to...






    herbal tea

    carob-mint protein smoothie- 2c unsweetened almond milk, 1T agave nectar, 1T hemp protein, 1T carob, 1/2t salba seed oil, mint extract, vanilla, ice (I would have added spinach to this if I had had some in the house, I did that last night and it was deeeelicous).


    morning snack:

    1/2 cliff builders bar



    salad- mixed greens, 1/2 avocado, 1 sheet Nori, 1tbsp nutritional yeast, cayenne pepper w/ balsamic vinaigrette.


    afternoon snack:

    pre-workout smoothie- strawberries, almond milk, 1 date, 1/2t coconut oil, carob powder, raw cacao powder, agave nectar, vanilla.


    dinner: (post workout)

    green protein smoothie- 2 C almond milk, 1T hemp protein, 1T carob powder, 1T agave nectar, 1t salba seed oil, 1/2 bag baby spinach, mint extract, vanilla.


    after-dinner snack:




    1 hour yoga


  13. Another strategy could be to bring a limited amount of newman-o's. or make cupcakes that have more of what you want in them (protein, healthy fats, etc) and bring enough to share.


    That is a good idea! Do you happen to have any recipes? The only vegan cupcake recipes I have come across are pretty unhealthy... if not, not worries! I will find something.


    Great nutrition choices! Isn't the shadowboxing great? When I teach my kickboxing, I'm always sopping wet! Your goals are very realistic and obtainable. Yes the protein is very important to get in and as I learn more I find it easier and easier to get in the amounts I used to with meat. I'm sorry your iron was low, has that happened often? Great workouts and I'm excited to see your progress


    yes, I am always sopping wet at the end of SB class too! It is a really fun way to build up strength, and I always feel it for a few days afterward! Thank you for your input! Yes, I guess I am pretty anemic if I don't take my iron... I started taking it when I was pregnant w/ my son and tested anemic and have been taking it since... if I don't take it I can definitely tell that I forgot it.

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