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  1. I second that!! as a mother I don't know what I am going to do when my children are old enough to go over to a friend's house.... I hate the thought of ppl having guns in their homes/cars/pockets..... ughhh. A 60 (or 70?) something yr old grandmother and her FOUR YEAR OLD grandaughter were recently shot in a "road rage" incident here in my hometown (phx). The grandmother died and the 4 year old girl was in the hospital in critical condition. WTF?!?! the worst part: the shooter was a PREGNANT WOMAN!! it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.
  2. thanks again for the welcome guys... I forgot to mention that I don't know any other vegans so I am pretty excited about finding this forum. And here's an annoying Q: how do I add a pic to my avatar? I tried using picassa and I couldn't figure it out yeah, I'm not very tech savvy
  3. thanks for the welcome I know!! we went up to the mountains for a little vacation last week and I was STARVING hungry one night and took a bite of my husband's cheese pizza before my vegan pad thai was done being microwaved (we were staying in a cabin and didn't bring a lot of groceries so we were living off of frozen food basically)....anyhow the cheese tasted SOOO gross to me!! That was a first!! I never thought I would "get over" cheese!
  4. I like 'La Dolce Vegan'... Sarah Kramer is a funny lady, very down to earth... I wish it had more pictures of food, although it is kind of fun to be surprised 'Cooking the Whole Foods Way' by Christina Pirello is a wonderful book and has recently been re-published as a vegan-only cookbook (the original version had some fish recipes). I really want to try cooking from 'Veganomicon' but until I can afford it I have been trying recipes off of Post Punk Kitchen (www.theppk.com), it is a great resource!
  5. Hello! my name is Megan, I have been a vegetarian for 14 years (since the age of 12) and a Vegan for just one wonderful month. I had dabbled in veganism throughout my vegetarian years and was even doing the macrobiotic thing for a while before I became pregnant with my son (note:macrobiotics makes you super fertile!). Anyhow, my son is a year old now and I am ready to get my vegan groove back, I really feel like this is the right time for me... I have been having SO much fun cooking with fresh, local veggies and fruits from the farmers market and fun new ingredients from my favorite health food store (nutritional yeast! who knew?!?). I haven't been to the gym since I started with the vegan thing but I am ready to get back on that wagon! I am sure that I will find some great inspiration here! while I am not looking to be miss universe or anything I would like to lose about 20 lbs (currently 160, 5'7") and do something about this "baby belly" . some more tidbits: -I have a 4 year old daughter, Ella and a previously mentioned baby boy, Finn. -My husband was raised by parents who don't even know what the word 'vegetarian' means but I recently got him to agree to go veg for a one month "trial" period He is doing really well!! (he is a sushi chef and regularly makes avocado rolls for Raja Bell so that's how I got him to agree to it..."if Raja can do it, don't you think you could too??" ) well that's about it... Thanks guys! peace
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