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  1. I wonder if that would work w/ chickpea flour & brown rice flour?? I just bought some BR flour yesterday and I want to find a recipe for it. Yes, check out LDV... it is an amazing cook book, I cook from it at least a few times a week, more often when the weather is cold and I can turn the oven on! I understand that your parents are anxious about your diet, you need to show them that veganism can be a really healthy lifestyle! I think that most of the info from Rory Freedman's books (skinny bitch, skinny bastard) can be found on PETA's website anyhow, so no sweat about worrying about being seen w/ her book. Yes, shadowboxing class is AWESOME... it is a serious workout, the instructor is evil!! At somepoint during each class I start cursing her name and wondering why I torture myself so... but by the end I feel so fulfilled and have such a sense of accomplishment! It's the hardest thing I have ever done physically, for sure! it! I am really loving 'Thrive'... sooo many good recipes, I made the mint carob sports drink yesterday, and the papaya recovery smoothie. YUM! I just love how he really makes you understand fitness nutrition! SO, this weekend was a little crazy... my nephew's b-day party was yesterday so I hit the gym in the morning for 45min of shadowboxing and 15minutes of ab work... then off to the party- which was at a resort so we spent all day in the pool... which was a nice stretch for my sore muscles! I ate pretty good yesterday, except for maybe too many Newman's Os... I have learned to bring my own food to these family events, so I brought the makings for a big spinach salad (yum) and the Newman's Os to make me feel better while everyone else was eating cake. Today was my rest day. So, yeah.... looking forward to another good week...
  2. You must have been thrilled. I sure wish I were so lucky. is that sarcasm I smell?
  3. actually, it was the veg news poll that brought me back to this forum... I was voting and saw VBBF, realized I hadn't been on for a long while and well, here I am Here's to winning!
  4. Friday 7/31/09 FOOD: breakfast: green smoothie-spinach, banana, pear, 2tbsp hemp protein, water & ice. lunch: larabar dinner: cold rice-noodle tofu curry pasta salad (yum.) snacks: raisin bran w/ soymilk WORKOUT: 1 hour cardio 30 min treadmill 30 min crossramp 5 minutes bike to cool down
  5. that must make you feel good! that happened the other day at work... 2 sisters (in their 20s/30s) came in to the store that I work at and we thought they were twins but one was actually 10 years older than the other one! and when you looked closer the older one actually looked younger! So I think instances like that show that it is not all in the genes. I forgot about this one: I went to a new dentist last year and when they called me back to the chair, they asked me where my parents were- implying that I am too young to be at the dentist by myself?!
  6. wtf? " title="Applause" /> mmmm... that sounds so good.
  7. I am 27 and people guess that I am still a teenager! I even get dirty looks sometimes when I am with my 2 year old b/c people think that I am a teenage mom and people always assume that he is my first baby (I also have a 5 year old daughter). I was picking up a prescription for my dad at the pharmacy the other day and the pharmacist didn't think that my kids were mine because she thought I was too young to have kids! I definitely think it is the diet, combined with my penchant for wearing sunscreen religiously.
  8. 7/29/09 FOOD: breakfast: a.m. coffee 12 oz vega smoothie- berry vega, soymilk (out of almond milk), orange juice, ice. lunch: chickpea flour and tofu crepes. dinner: vega smoothie- small banana, soy milk (need to get some almond milk!), chocolate vega, ice. snacks: post workout: 12 oz (small) green smoothie- small banana, 1 pear, spinach, hemp protein, water & ice. WORKOUT: 45 minutes shadowboxing class 15 minutes abs I got my ass handed to me on a platter today in SB class... my instructor is seriously sadistic. love it. I'm going to try to get more protein in today... I checked 'The Thrive Diet' (Brendan Brazier) out from the library, I am going to start reading today because I know that he covers a lot about recovery... I feel quite ignorant when it comes to those things & I want to do this right! I have been so dizzy lately (when getting up from sitting/laying down), I have been forgetting to take my iron, and I am out of my multi-vs. I'll take the kids' vitamins for now and try to make sure I am getting enough protein... off to read! edit: felt much better after big, protein filled lunch, need to make protein a priority.
  9. awwww, I love the little rat paws... that picture is so cute. don't get down on yourself for having a bad day. we all have 'em, and there's always tomorrow! good that you are cooking for your family!
  10. I have no words... how stupid could one person sound. really? I love your comments
  11. Tuesday 7/28/09 FOOD: breakfast: apricot "milkshake"- soymilk, orange juice, fresh apricots, 2 tbsp hemp protein, 1tbsp almond butter, turbinado sugar, vanilla, ice. lunch: brown rice, chickpeas, bell peppers, tofu, sundried tomatoes + baby greens salad w/ goddess dressing. dinner: veggie burger on multi-grain bread w/ lettuce & tomato. snacks: watermelon WORKOUT: today was a pseudo-rest day so... 30 minutes low intensity treadmill 1 minute holding dolphin pose (abs)
  12. looks good girl! good luck w/ your goals! p.s. is that your rat in your avatar?? I rats! I used to have them as pets... they are so sweet!
  13. omg, I think I'm gonna barf!!! I thought your description of the video was some kind of euphemism!!
  14. boobs or no boobs , I thank you both kindly for your thorough answers to my questions!! I am infinitely grateful for your valuable insight. You really don't know how much it means to me to feel armed w/ knowledge on my little fitness journey I will definitely keep this in mind! So, do you think there are any foods that contribute specifically to belly fat, or is it just about overall calorie intake??
  15. Monday 7/27/09 I am sooooooo sore this morning, I can feel every muscle in my body...crazy! When I really put forth effort, classes @ the gym work my body better than any other workout I do. FOOD: breakfast- green smoothie- watermelon, baby lettuce, water & ice. lunch- tofurky and lettuce sandwich on multi grain bread w/ vegenaise. dinner- bean and lettuce torta horchata snacks- 3 graham crackers post workout: green smoothie- 1banana, 1 pear, spinach, hemp protein, water & ice. WORKOUT: 15 minutes treadmill 30 minutes crossramp SO I came up w/ a "mini goal" to keep me motivated- I want to lose 5lbs and/or 1" off my waist by 8/25... right now my current weight is 159.5 and my current waist measurement is 30". I am putting the waist measurement goal in there because since I last measured my waist I have lost 1" but I haven't lost any weight (I am guessing this means that I am gaining muscle and losing fat), and my clothes fit better... so I don't want to get discouraged if I don't lose some L-B's, though I don't think that 5lbs is an unrealistic goal. Also, I did a bf% test based on body measurements and the calculator told me that my bf% is 25.2%, I think it will be interesting to track this, so for posterity- that's what it is now.
  16. omg, you have to watch it! sooo funny. I think the funniest part of the show is whenever they are in the 'whole foods'-esque store... although I fit into many of the stereotypes "made fun of" on this show... I think that stereotype (whole foods shopper) gets the most laughs from me when they take jabs at it. Esp the first episode w/ the rows and rows of produce, each one "better" and more expensive than the next. And the "Good" vs. "Bad" board that is always changing. It cracks me up again, 'cuz it's TRUE!
  17. ok, this might sound like a stupid question- but I have always heard that you should let each muscle group rest for at least a day btw working it again... but I had a middle-school gym teacher that said that the abdominal muscles are the only muscles that are ok to work every day. Do you know if there is truth to either of those statements?
  18. haha... I was STARVING yesterday after my 1/2 banana but I was in a hurry to get to my [email protected] the gym...I ended up eating lunch at like 11:00 right after the gym. I am good w/ my green smoothies in the morning (I drink at least a quart), they fill me up in a big way! I need to keep some Larabars on hand for weekends when I am in a hurry to get out of the house. I am not sure how many calories I am taking in, actually... I don't count or restrict my diet, just eat what I want, when I want it- but if I don't start meeting my goals I may start keeping track b/c I know too little calories are as bad as too many. thanks!!!
  19. Sunday 7/26/09 Sunday I don't track what I eat- just too much running around and grazing. BUT workout was awesome, 1 hour pilates that totally kicked my butt (awesome teacher) and I was already sooo sore from shadowboxing class yesterday. Good times.
  20. it's funny, 'cause it's true... Only on a seriously hyperbolic level. I don't ever get the feeling that they are "making fun" of vegans.
  21. I did a 15 minute ab class at the gym yesterday and I am feelin' it for sure today! it feels goooood. Thanks again for ur help!
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