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  1. you know, I was actually thinking about that this morning... we went out for a "date night" last night and I ate way more pasta than I normally would (I don't even really like pasta).... It was kind of scary- definitely felt like binging, as did this weekend. The thing is that I don't limit my calories on purpose- it is more like I just don't have time to eat w/ all of the child care and time spent at the gym (on the days that I go twice). The bottom line is that I need to plan my meals better in order to keep from really lowering my metabolism and ending up with an eating disorder! Thank you for your comments, I definitely did not think you were being critical I really appreciate the support!!
  2. Wednesday 7/30/08 breakfast: coffee w/ soymilk kashi w/ raspberries, blueberries, and bananas and soymilk lunch: tofu pudding (tofu, chocolate almond milk, dates, maple syrup), baby carrots, apple slices dinner: italian restaurant: pasta w/ tomato sauce, cheeseless pizza (pesto, tomato, jalepeno, and artichoke hearts) glass of red wine snack/s: none :::WORKOUT::: 30 min cardio 20 min strength (legs, back, abs)
  3. Tuesday 7/29/08 Breakfast: coffee w/ soymilk (x2 ...didn't get much sleep last night) organic raw food bar- chocolate coconut *yum* Lunch: rice noodle soup Dinner: salad- romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, and organic red wine vinigairette Snack/s: none :::WORKOUT::: 1 hour pilates (w/ resistance bands) 1 hour asthanga yoga notes: pretty good day, except for lack of fruit-- could have eaten a healthier lunch. great workouts!
  4. fun! I got my nose pierced in february and I love it.... it is scary when you are sitting on that table waiting though...
  5. welcome! sounds to me like you've got a good handle on what life is all about! look forward to your posts!
  6. Monday 7/28/08 weight 158.5 (+0.5 from last week) I messed up this weekend... we went out of town and I ate whatever I wanted... then we came back and I still ate whatever I wanted Including pasta and a big ol' slice of vegan "cheesecake". That, combined w/ the fact that I only got to the gym 2 times last week explains the .5 lb gain, actually I am surprised it wasn't more! Oh well, I am pumped and ready to have a great week this week!!! Breakfast: coffee w/ soymilk 1 banana Lunch: falafel w/ hummus and tahini, 1 pc pita bread, green salad Dinner: baked tofu and brown rice w/ veggies (carrots, broccoli, snap peas, tomato) Snack/s: lentil soup ::WORKOUT:: CARDIO: 90 min (50min a.m. and 40min p.m.) STRENGTH: 20 min- legs/lower back/abs notes: I wasn't very happy about the food (quality/quantity) I ate today but I was really happy w/ my workout(s)! I just need to be more conscientious about eating lots of healthy food (instead of getting too hungry and making less than stellar food choices) and keep up the good work at the gym .
  7. awww marcina... I can't remember the last time I cried before 8am :*( I truly hope that sharing Oreo's story helps with your pain. I am so sorry that you had to go through that. I know that our kitties are our babies! I call my kitty, Mojo Jojo, my "first son".... seriously there is so much love there.... It pains me so to think that he will not be here forever. anyway, I guess there is not much I can say to make it better, but I hope that you do feel better after sharing.
  8. Friday 7/25/08 Breakfast: cinnamon raisin RAW organic food bar (yum) Lunch: salad... romaine lettuce, avocado, warm masala burger patty (mmmmm....), kidney beans, dressing (hummus, vinegar, and tiny bit of olive oil) Dinner: stir fried veggies (bok choy, broccoli, carrots, celery) seasoned w/ liquid aminos over brown rice. Snack/s: pumpkin seeds WORKOUT: 1 hour cardio... and some time spent throwing around a medicine ball w/ my brother's GF. p.s. DOES anyone know of any actual exercies to do w/ a medicine ball??? We didn't really know what we were doing and felt like we probably looked pretty stupid haha.
  9. Thank you for your support and advice! I really like that idea of limiting calories for 3 days/eating normally for 3 days- that makes a lot of sense. You don't want your body to ever get too comfortable, right? muchas gracias for all of your input!! It is much appreciated!
  10. Thank you for asking, he did get a proper diagnosis on wednesday after much suffering at that ridiculous nursing facility. He had emergency surgery wednesday afternoon (it is a lot to explain, but it had to do with a pump he has implanted in his spine which supplies pain medication because of chronic pain from the cancer). Anyway, he is doing better physically, but not mentally. The director of the nursing home came to see him in the hospital because he filed a complaint and they are basically afraid that he is going to sue him (which he is not). But it just makes me really sad to think of all of the people that have to actually live in that place long term. I do visit him a lot. It is kind of hard on my kids though (I don't have anyone to babysit them and my husband works 12-14 hours a day so I have to take them with me) so the visits don't last long.
  11. Wednesday 7/23/08 I lost track of this day... didn't write anything down and I have a bad case of mommy brain so I don't remember anything about it!
  12. Tuesday 7/22/08 breakfast: 2 cups of coffee w/ soymilk 1 banana snack/s: organic food bar-chocolate apple slices handful of pumpkin seeds lunch: black bean, tofu, and corn enchiladas w/ "sour cream", 1 avocado and some spicy carrots dinner: kashi w/ soymilk workout: none But I DID get a lot of stuff done around the house that I had been putting off, so that's good.
  13. Tuesday 7/22/08 Ok, I need to vent: My dad has had a myriad of health problems over the last 10 years... cancer, which is now in remission and more recently (the last 2 years), a stroke, heart disease, the list goes on and on. Right now he is in a nursing home because over the last few weeks he has fallen repeatedly and he lives alone. At the hospital he was taken to by ambulance last week they discovered something wrong with his spine (a lesion? a bruise? something about the myelin sheath.) and yesterday a doctor at the nursing home told him that he has Multiple Sclerosis(!) without giving him any good reason or having run any tests (which I am pretty sure is very important when diagnosing someone with MS)... she just blurts out MS!!! My dad has been on xanax for 40 years and so this bitch who tells him he has MS out of the blue also takes xanax off of his list of meds... so my dad is having a fucking heart attack in this nursing home with these incompetent people taking care of him. I want to cry right now. I feel so sad for my dad and angry about the lack of care that he is receiving. I want to call the nursing home and express my concern but he is afraid that if I raise my voice in concern they will take it out on him and his level of care will decline even further. uuuuuggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Welcome! I hope that my kids are as cognizant about what they eat as they mature as yours are! Good job mama! I'm with ya on the stretch marks! though it is more the deflated balloon/loose skin thing that I'm concerned with at the moment . How old are your babies?
  15. I was cleaning out a drawer recently and came across this paper that I wrote my freshman year of college (actually, my only year of college) at Northern Arizona University. I have been a vegetarian for 14 years and dabbled in veganism a few times during those years so this was one of those times (now I am a vegan forever and always). So just for kicks and giggles, I just thought it would be fun to share the paper with y'all p.s. just for the record: I got an A+ on the paper AND extra credit for a "job well done" VEGETARIANISM & VEGANISM November 30, 2000 When I set out to write this paper I was going to write it on vegetariansim but in the process of researching vegetariansim I came across a lot of information regarding veganism. The information that I came across has influenced me to become a vegan. In this paper I would like to address vegetariansim and vegansim from various perspectives such as ethical, Buddhist, health, and environmental. I will also discuss my personal experience as a vegetarian, but first I will define vegetariansim and veganism. There are a few different types of vegetarians, some eat everything except for red meat, some eat no meat but still eat dairy products, for six years I have eaten fish and dairy products by no meat or poultry. Observably, there is some variation when it comes to vegetarianism, but that is not the case when it comes to veganism. Aside from not eating meat, vegans do not consume any dairy products. Basically, a vegan diet does not consist of anything that comes from an animal in any way. Being a vegetarian can be pretty hard at times, not because of a desire to eat meat, but because of the hostility vegetarians encounter from non-vegetarians. It is as though just the presence of a vegetarian somehow makes non-vegetarians feel threatened. I can't tell you how many times people have tried to challenge me on my beliefs and reasons for not eating meat. I think the most common thing that people say to me is "well, aren't vegetables living too?" it sounds stupid, but I guess it doesn't sound stupid to the people who verbalize it. Whether or not these people think before they open their mouths is beyond me. As I mentioned in the first paragraph, while in the process of researching for this paper I have decided to become a vegan, that decision has a lot to do with Buddhist ethics. Although I am not a Buddhist, many Buddhist principles are very close to my heart and meaningful to me in the way that I live my life. The Buddhist belief that animals and humans share the same level of consciousness may seem uncanny to some, but to me it is not. Throughout history people have held the belief that animals have no more consciousness than a rock on the ground. Even the philosopher Descartes and his disciples believed that animals are devoid of souls and the cries of an injured animal no more signify that it is in pain than a faulty engine rattling signifies than an automobile is in pain. I think that many or even most people still consider likening the emotions of humans to those of animals absurd. It is Buddhist principle that one shall "cease to do evil; and learn to do good". Buddhism has always recognized that animals show every sign of experiencing and fearing suffering. I think that the best way to sum up the Buddhist approach toward the suffering of animals is with this passage: 'All equally experience suffering and happiness. I should look after them as I do myself....I should dispel the suffering of others because it is suffering like my own suffering.' There is no exception that says "cease to do harm, unless that harm is aimed at an animal." I adhere to the belief that the greatest harm a person can do is to kill another sentient being. I would like to live my life, as Buddhists do, in a way that will cause the least suffering to all sentient beings, I do not differentiate between the suffering of animals and humans. Just as I would not kill a human being or cause a human being to suffer in order to satisfy my appetite, neither do I choose to kill an animal or cause an animal to suffer for that purpose. In my six years as a vegetarian I did not realize the ethical implications involved in consuming dairy products. I was unaware of the suffering that cows endure to make milk, or what is involved in a chicken laying eggs. Had I been aware of this suffering, I would have probably become a vegan a long time ago. I will not describe the suffering that animals go through on a farm because this would end up being a 20-page paper. I think that people prefer not to think about what takes place in order for meat to appear on their plates, and I think they like it that way. The "dirty-work" is done out of their sight, so why should they be bothered with thinking about it, right? I think that if most people could stand before an animal and see the terror in it's eyes before it was slaughtered, they would think twice about whether they want to have a part in that kind of suffering. Although my reasons for being a vegan are based mainly on my ethical views, there are other reasons for adopting a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. One of those reasons is health. According to a paper by the British Nutrition Foundation 'many studies have shown that vegetarians as a group have lower rates of heart disease and of some cancers, and may also benefit from the reduced risk of some other conditions'. Some people have the notion that vegetarians cannot get the nutrients that people who eat meat get, which is just not true. A vegetarian or vegan with a properly balanced diet consisting of nuts, legumes, whole grains, vegetables, and fruit will get all the nutrients he or she needs without the saturated fat and other health risks associated with a diet consisting of meat and dairy products. Yet another reason for adopting a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle is for the benefit of the environment. "Farming animals is intensely wasteful of resources. It has been estimated that 500g of steak from intensively-reared animals consumes 2.5kg of grain, 10 thousand liters of water, the energy equivalent of four liters of petrol, and about 16kg of topsoil. Intensive beef production is very wasteful of fossil fuels, In America, intensively-reared beef consumes 33 calories of fossil fuel energy for every calorie of food energy it produces." Rearing animals for food production also takes a lot of space, space which is being robbed from rain-forests in Central America (over 25% of the Central American forests) and the Amazon Jungle. For the sake of hamburgers, we are cutting down the very trees that produce our oxygen. The list goes on, there are too many threats to the environment inherent in the rearing of animals for food to name in this paper. Everything from global warming to sewage contamination is linked to the production of meat. I know that it is impossible for me to live my life without causing any suffering at all, but I do believe that it is my obligation to live my life in a way that will cause as little suffering as possible; in my mind, not eating meat and dairy products is a very simple and obvious way for me to do that. Although it is possible and very probable to be healthy without being a vegetarian, I feel vegetarianism is one way to true spiritual and physical well-being. In the twelve years of my life that I did eat meat, I never felt as good as I do now, and I have a hunch that a vegan lifestyle will have a similar effect. WOW<--- reading this paper makes me wonder what has happened to my brain over these last 4 years of motherhood... it appears I used to be kinda smart
  16. hahahahahaha great story... thanks for sharing!
  17. Monday 7/21/08 weight: 158 (-3 lbs from start) Breakfast: 2 cups coffee w/ soymilk kashi w/ a banana, raspberries and soymilk http://i36.tinypic.com/167npl1.jpg Lunch: vegan restaurant: vegetable samosas, artichoke dip w/ chips, salad w/ hearts of palm and green olives, soy ice cream Dinner: almond flavored agar-agar "Jell-o" Snack/s: 1pc sprouted wheat bread w/ organic earth balance and 1/2 avocado Laura's wholesome junk food "bitelettes" Workout: none today was my husband's day off... we went out for lunch at a new (new to us at least) vegan restaurant as a treat, it was really fun! He has been sticking to the vegan thing for almost 2 months now! He has lost 14 lbs just cutting out meat and dairy from his diet(!). We had a fun day, I feel a little guilty for the soy ice cream and all... but I am trying not to because it is not like I eat junk food every day and it WAS a lot of fun
  18. oh girly, First of all, I am so sorry I did not mean to make you feel picked on or bitched at, or accused of ANYTHING, AT ALL. Like I said, I have seen many of my family members (including both of my parents) deal with these issues (depression/anxiety) which, FOR THEM, stemmed from abusive childhoods (my dad was physically, verbally, and even sexually abused by his mother and her "friends" and my mom watched her mother get beat up regularly by her father and was the victim of much verbal abuse)... so I guess I was just pained to see another soul dealing with these issues and I *felt* like you were devoting your energy to pushing through these problems with diet, rather than working on healing yourself INSIDE first... ya know what I mean? I shouldn't have assumed that you were dealing with the same stuff that my parents have dealt with. And just so you know, I wasn't suggesting that you spend lots of money on a therapist or anything... just that you take the time to look inside yourself and really heal emotionally AS WELL AS physically...because in MY EXPERIENCE depression and self loathing stems from somewhere deep within yourself (i.e. childhood trauma) and that is why weight gain happens in the first place, not out of stupidity and not knowing that you were unhealthy (because you are obviously too intelligent to have just not known any better). I was really just thinking more of self help kind of stuff-- I know just know that there were a few books that REALLY helped my mom heal and work through the pain of her childhood. If you would like to know more about them I would be happy to tell you, but I won't offer any more unsolicited advice Most importantly, I am so proud of the efforts that you have made and the progress! The bottom line is that a step in the right direction is a step in the right direction, period. Keep up the good work.
  19. Tigrebella, I read through this thread and I just wanted to say that I think that Jade is right on w/ his advice about getting to the source of your depression/anxiety and healing yourself emotionally- the point he made about the repetition in your diet is especially poignant. I have seen people close to me dealing with these very SERIOUS issues (depression/anxiety/panic attacks) (I just got off the phone with my dad who was crying (literally) because he has to get an MRI-- this is someone who has had CANCER and he says that having to get the MRI is the WORST thing that has ever happened to him (!) ). Also, in reading your posts (PLEASE DO NOT TAKE OFFENSE TO THIS) I feel sometimes like you are replacing one extreme (your previous very unhealthy diet) with another (eating basically the same "healthy" thing day in and day out). In my humble opinion everyone needs SOME variety to really enjoy life (and I truly don't think that you need to spend lots of money to enjoy variety). And, I know you are a very smart person but I also get the feeling from your posts that you rely too much on "research" and not enough on your OWN body/mind...intuition. Your vegan diet should help get in touch with those parts of yourself. I wish you so much luck and you know you have the support of everyone here! I really don't mean to sound like a know-it-all... please don't take my comments that way. I just wanted to second what Jade said and offer support. I also want to emphasize that YOU have the power over every aspect of your life. You are not at the mercy of anyone or anything.
  20. that article is amazing!! I did my part to support veganism by commenting:) But not nearly as much as you are doing sir!! Thank you for doing SO MUCH, you are awesome! LOVE the cover!! the newspaper did a great job w/ it!
  21. DAY 5 Friday 7/18/08 Weight: 159.5 (-1.5lbs from starting weight) Breakfast: coffee w/ soymilk Organic Food Bar-wild blueberry flavor (98% Raw) (yuck, I did NOT like this flavor... odd, because I like all of their other flavors...something about it just didn't work for me.... made me wish I had kept it simple and just had a banana for breakfast oh well) Lunch: "B".L.T sandwich on sprouted wheat bread (fake-bacon, romaine lettuce, tomato & Nayonaise) Dinner: bean and lettuce tostada w/ spicy carrots (mmmmmm....) Snack/s: organic baby carrots w/ eggplant hummus WORKOUT: none
  22. DAY 4 Thursday 7/17/08 NOTE: My sister in law had her baby Wednesday night a few minutes before midnight!! We were at the hospital until about 12:30 am so I didn't get much sleep (+ Finn didn't sleep much at all even after we got home because he has EIGHT teeth coming in ) I spent all day at the hospital with Luz (SIL) thursday (so I ate mostly cafeteria food) and I didn't get to work out Oh well, baby Gabriel will only be one day old once!! I didn't want to miss out on it Breakfast: large soy latte Bumble Bar Lunch: Odwalla Super Protein- chocolate small bag of Sunchips (gag) Dinner: a few bites of a wheat roll from cafeteria before I realized I was late to pick my husband up at work and a few sips of a fruit smoothie before I threw it away because it was way too sweet... (wouldn't you think that a hospital, of all places, would be more interested in having some truly healthy food???????)
  23. DAY 3 Wednesday 7/16/08 Breakfast: coffee 1/2 avocado 1 slice ezekiel bread earth balance Lunch: tofu/brown+wild rice/onion/tomato/zucchini on a bed of... romaine lettuce Dinner: vegan pizza Snacks: apple slices, mint chocolate chip tofutti cutie, iced coffee w/ chocolate almond milk, graham crackers w/ tofutti cream cheese (NOTE: I am DEFINITELY pms-ing I don't normally eat that much chocolate or "junk food") WORKOUT: 1 HOUR HATHA YOGA
  24. DAY 2: Tuesday 7/15/08 Weight: 163 +2lbs (possibly PMS) Breakfast: coffee w/ soymilk raw organic food bar MORNING WORKOUT: 60 MIN CARDIO 3 MINUTES OF CRUNCHES Lunch: 32 oz juice *FRESH* - "Farmer's Treat" (celery, carrot, apple, ginger, beet) Snack: thai rice noodle bowl w/ chili sauce and lime EVENING WORKOUT: 1 HOUR ASTHANGA YOGA Dinner: Gnu Foods flavor & fiber bar watermelon GOOD DAY!!
  25. CONGRATULATIONS!! Oh my, my eyes got a little misty reading about the end of this era! I am so happy for you and so inspired by your fortitude and exuberance. It is amazing to see someone commit to and carry out a plan so whole heartedly.
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