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    Welcome, thanks for sharing, and wow! you certainly are knowledgeable and wise. I look forward to your input on the boards!
  2. DAY 1 (starting weight 161lbs) Monday 7/14/08 breakfast: coffee w/ soymilk watermelon lunch: tiny bit of leftover thai green curry w/ rice (1/2 cup total) avocado and tomato salad w/ organic balsamic vinaigrette dinner: something healthy snack/s: ?? exercise: none NOTE: today is Friday, my internet has been down most of the week so I am just now updating... I can't remember what I had for dinner on monday and I didn't write it down! I know it was gooooood and healthy though
  3. my goal is to get in good shape and feel really healthy and fit. I have 2 young kids and I want to be able to keep up with them (as they are quite exhausting) and I also want to be a good role model for them as they grow up-- I want them to be as proud to have me as their mom as I am to have them as my babies. Here is a little "case history" of my body by way of pictures: 1. my belly- 1 year and 2 months ago (8 months pregnant- I swear, that is NOT a basketball under my shirt)... http://i33.tinypic.com/k32au8.jpg 2. my poor tummy now... after being stretched out twice by giant babies.... http://i38.tinypic.com/35jl5hx.jpg 3.me, a week after Finn was born (a little more than a year ago)... http://i33.tinypic.com/2vis2er.jpg 4. me and the kids now... http://i37.tinypic.com/se8wn7.jpg I have lost most of my pregnancy weight but, as you can probably guess, I am pretty interested in strengthening my core and losing the last of my "baby belly". My Specific Goals: 1. lose 20 lbs of body fat. 2. work out at least 6 days a week.... a combination of cardio machines, strength resistance circuit, and group fitness classes (yoga, dance, kickbox). 3. Eat lots of healthy vegan food, mostly raw fruits and veggies, some brown rice and tofu. 4. have fun and feel good. ANY AND ALL comments/suggestions are always appreciated!!!
  4. Phoenix is getting there.... I think that a good amount of people here at least know what the word vegan means... which is a start in the right direction. I have not had much trouble finding vegan food when eating out... we just stick to thai, indian, chinese food mostly. There is a restaurant here called the 'Vegetarian House' that has pretty much any asian food you could ever eat made out of soy protein... i.e. orange "chicken", BBQ "pork".... it is pretty amazing! It is pretty much vegan junk food but fun for a treat every once in a while.
  5. THANK YOU guys all for the great replies to this post!! I never expected to get so much interesting info out of this question!!! Muchas Gracias!! Now I'm gonna go eat my daily aguacate...sans guilt
  6. I just wanted to update anyone who is following my little blog: On Thursday my dad fell at his house and we had to go help him up, which took 3 hours of my husband and I trying to lift a 250lb man off of his bathroom floor. He has fallen a few more times since we got him up and we had to call an ambulance twice... finally they have admitted him to the hospital, so things have just been really crazy for the last few days... I have not been able to work out or really track my diet. Hopefully all of this hoopla will be over soon.... and life will get back to normal.
  7. you know, it is odd because when I run outside my chest tightens up (asthma) but on that machine I am basically running but my breathing is fine! I don't know if it has to do with the air quality outside or what.... I just love the feeling of weightlessness on the AMT.... I feel like I am running in space .
  8. That sounds ominous, almost like you're going to kill them and hide the bodies
  9. I am an avocado addict... I eat at least one avocado a day, but since I am trying to lose weight do you guys think that it would be better to cut down (like maybe 2 a week?) on my avocado consumption because I know they are really calorie/fat (albeit "good" fat) dense?? Just looking for some of your opinions, experiences. thanks!
  10. I watched Count Duckula on you tube last night out of curiosity and it was SOOO lame, I just remember loving it as a kid though!! I think I was afraid of Duckman... (was it kind of crude humor???) lol... I was a VERY sensitive child! my favorite 90s shows were Northern Exposure and My So-Called Life (which I had to watch secretly because my parents didn't allow me to watch it )
  11. When I first brought up the name idea to a friend they said the same thing, but I liked the way it sounded regardless so I decided to keep it. I don't intend to market it sexually though as that doesn't make any sense to me haha. lol... I was trying to think of other ways you could phrase the title of your website to avoid the double entendre and I actually thought of a lot more dirty phrases than I did "clean" ones..... so I can tell you, it could have been way more overtly sexual anyway, good luck!
  12. haha.... yeah my husband is a sushi chef so he makes me sushi in the morning when I take him to work I guess that combination does sound kinda gross now that I think about it!!
  13. http://i38.tinypic.com/11913k0.jpg They are called "Organic Food Bar" haha... really creative name, right?? there are three varieties(that I have seen); vegan, omega-3 flax, and chocolate (the vegan and omega 3 are certified vegan) THEY ARE SO GOOD!! the main ingredients are almond butter, dates, and bio-sprouts(?) the vegan bar is 90% raw and the omega-3 bar is 100% raw... they are all cold processed. I like larabars too! They are intense though so I like them as a desert or treat. I KNOW I have had one of those 'raw revolution' bars before but I can't find them anywhere around here. I REALLY like the spirilizer/shredder thingy... it was a little hard to shred the zucchini because it was organic so it wasn't perfectly straight. It DID do long strands of zucchini!! IT was SOOOOO GOOD. I could eat that every day, and it was really good raw too... I just lightly heated it for my mom and husband, I don't think they would have eaten it cold. Anyway, my husband got that for me from one of his Japanese suppliers and sold it to me for only 6 bucks! it has 3 different blades for strands, thick strands, and shredding (like cabbage). I like racquetball too... that is a fun way to get some cardio.... too bad you can't do cardio for a while but HIGH FIVE for being at maintenance stage!! Way to meet your goals and be an inspiration to us all!!! I really love that cardio machine... It is totally addicting, I could have done it for an hour but I got interrupted by the kids club lady telling me that my son had a poopy diaper I just ate a pretty big lunch of mediterranean food so I am going to go "work it off" on the AMT- right NOW as a matter of fact.....
  14. ok, good- I am relieved that I am not the only pervert here
  15. http://i33.tinypic.com/hte5uw.jpg Hereis that cardio machine I described in my last post, it is called an adaptive motion trainer (i think?) it is SO FUN!! Has anyone else used one??
  16. welcome! Very cool and useful website! Is my mind in the gutter or does "vegan eating out" sound dirty to anyone else?? I'm sorry, I had to say it.... yeah, I'm immature.
  17. I remember Darkwing Duck!! Very vaguely though.... do you remember Count Duckula?? No one I talk to remembers that show!!! I don't know how good it really was but I just remember that I loved it.
  18. I went to the dentist 2 days ago and the dental assistant asked me where my MOM was!! She thought I was too young to be at the dentist by myself.... I was like "dude, I have 2 kids" (I'm 26). So I know what you mean about ppl thinking you are younger than you are... which I have to say I am just hoping that when I am 40 I will look 30. and about the starbucks thing...... what is really bad is how embarrassing it is when you "speak starbucks" and you go to a local coffee place and give yourself away as a corporate coffee slut by ordering a "grande". shit. that is embarrassing! and the 3 unwanted pennies! lol..... anyway, good luck w/ the driving!!
  19. WOO HOO!! I got my: http://i36.tinypic.com/2w4elgg.jpg haha, this is hilarious: http://i33.tinypic.com/120nxnd.jpg I heart Japan!! ok so the first thing I shredded was a cucumber, I added liquid aminos and a little rice vinegar: http://i33.tinypic.com/b3q0ip.jpg I can't wait to make more stuff!! I am off to the farmers market tonight. 7/9/08 breakfast: large soy latte organic vegan raw food bar w/ flax lunch: soy protein smoothie (after workout) dinner: I got some zucchini @ the market and shredded it into "spaghetti" and lightly sauteed it w/ tomatoes & tofu and put it all over some romaine lettuce. YUMMY!! http://i38.tinypic.com/npo2ae.jpg snacks: organic baby carrots organic corn chips (10) grapefruit spritzer cucumber "salad" (above) 'So Delicious' soy ice cream sandwich :::WORKOUT::: 20 min on the coolest cardio machine ever... I don't know what it is but it is new to my gym and so so awesome (kinda like running without putting pressure on any joints..... like a more maneuverable elliptical machine?) 30 min treadmill 20 min strength circuit (all machines at level 3 resistance 3 sets of 10-15 reps)
  20. salba seed oil... which I believe is either the same as chia or in the same family. I add it to shakes along with a tablespoon of ground flax.
  21. oh thank you so much for asking!! I was afraid that would be the answer I will definitely do a juice fast when I am done bf-ing, though hopefully that will be another year or so. thanks for commenting .... I was pretty happy w/ my food yesterday though I wish I had been able to get in a better workout before the "kids club" at my gym closed... oh well, at least I got in and did SOMETHING. here's today so far: I spent from 9-1 taking my dad to the dr. and that is why I didn't eat breakfast... i know it is bad and I should have grabbed a banana or something, but when I am around him I am just too tense to eat. 7/8/08 breakfast: small soy latte lunch: brown rice and vegetables (broccoli, bamboo shoots, mini corn, carrots, celery, mushrooms) and avocado w/ spicy sauce (olive oil, liquid aminos, cayenne & nutritional yeast) dinner: 1/2 'Amy's' vegan no-cheese roasted veggie pizza snack(s): handful pumpkin seeds mini vegan ice cream sandwich :::WORKOUT::: planned: 60 min cardio (elliptical & uphill treadmill) ACTUAL: 15 minutes on the elliptical arrrrgh.... my dad monopolized my time again today and I got to the gym with only 15 minutes before the kids club closed
  22. that is all very understandable and well articulated.... you and L&G have definitely peaked my interest in the raw food thing. Sorry for taking this tread off topic for a moment.... I didn't mean to distract from the liquid awesomeness that is going down p.s. andesuma, does the whole 'indigo children' thing have anything to do with all of that stuff?? (you can pm me if you want so as not to disturb the other peeps)
  23. andesuma- I am new to the whole raw food movement, so I don't understand most of what your post says ... but this combination of food you have described caught my eye because I have studied Macrobiotics and this combination would be considered REALLY yin....... so I was just wondering if by "messes you up"--- do you mean that it makes you feel tired and kind of "expanded"?? just curious also, you said that you have studied the whole Mayan calendar thing... now, my husband is Mexican and is all into the whole 2012 is the end of the world thing but my theory is that the mayans just got sick of writing the dang calendar and decided to end it in 2012 OR maybe they were just trying to fuck with us?? like a huge joke on the future??!...... any chance that is the case?? I thought I would ask someone who actually knows something about the subject so my husband and I can put our little argument to rest thanks!
  24. one word: AMAZING!! I have just now taken the time to read this thread and I am so amazed!!!! Gorgeous photos!!! sooooo inspirational!! Thanks for all your hard work to keep such a detailed account of this amazing journey! (yes, I know I just used the word amazing like 12 times) keep up the good work, I look forward to continued reading, now that I'm all caught up!
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