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  1. On topic again.


    I can't do a single pull-up nor even a chin-up without some help. So now I'm trying to make a difference there and I've practiced doing chin-ups in a near-by park, where's a nice bar for this.


    I've been there like three times by now, and I've already had some progress. At first it didn't work at all. My arms weren't strong enough to pull my chin all the way up or keeping me hanging on feet above the ground. I kept on falling back.


    Second time was little better. I wasn't falling that fast and I managed to get a better grip for the downward motion and I managed to control it a little better.


    Third time I managed to control the downward motion altogether and as I practiced the chin ups with a lower bar (*) I managed to find my lats and I also managed to do some pull-ups with the same method. And it felt awesome.


    And today I may have a chance to try assisted chin-ups, since I'm going to the gym with a partner (who's probably willing/able to help me )


    * My feet on the ground holding the part of my weight I wasn't able to lift - but passively, didn't use them (that much) to pull myself up... hard to explain.


    Good for you! Keep with it. Pull-ups are the most difficult upper body exercise there is. Never worry about a specific number (like what has been discussed here). As long as you make progress, that is all that matters. Ten or so years ago, I could do just one, and I hated it. Now I can do them with one arm and it is my favorite exercise.


    Ever try inverted rows? It's a good modification (simulation) that you can do by yourself. You can progressively change the angle over time.

  2. Excellent work! Although, I have to admit, I felt bad when I saw the pics because my bodyfat level right now in the low 250s is at your "fat" one, and it's the lowest that I've been in the past few years I'd love to know what it's like to be as low in bodyfat as you are now, but alas, I don't think it's in my destiny!


    Yeah, but it's all realative. Know what I mean? I'm a middleweight (5'8, 166 lbs.), with a medium bone structure. You look to be much larger than I am. So, you appear to be able to put much more mass on your frame than I can. With that being said, you probably wouldn't have to drop your b/f level as low as mine to have the same type of appearance.


    Keep workin'!

  3. :shock: DUDE that's an INCREDIBLE transformation! You managed to maintain alot of muscle and pack on more and still lose ALOT of bf as well. Just out of curiosity what are your bf and after weight?


    I am in envy of your nice vascularity at your bodyfat level. I have to shave off alot more bf then where you're at now to have vascularity like that! I wonder if some people just have it and some don't as I never was overly blessed in that area, just average. You def got it!


    You're pretty big brotha man. Whatever it is that you did to get there, stick with it


    Cardio burns muscle off me too but I really enjoy it, it's tough to cut it out completely as I play many sports. I minimize it as I get to lower bf levels when i'm cutting hard (or at least I try to )


    I can't imagine what you'll look like in another 7 months......


    My "before" weight was 184.4 lbs. and current weight is 166 lbs. Yes, the vascularity seems to come easy to me.

  4. That's awesome progress! You're definitely inspiring people here.


    What has been the hardest part of your transformation?



    I tend to have a problem with burning off too much muscle tissue with cardio exercise. So, I decided to experiment. Along with the dramatic change in nutrition, I focused on weight training only. The result (in the pics), was achieved with exactly -0- minutes of dedicated cardiovascular exercise.

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