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  1. Very Nice. You certainly look much better than before. Your Muscles are super defined. Like before mentioned..bruce lee style.
  2. Wow, you're able to control your Type 1 diabetes with just diet & exercise and no insulin? I've heard of that a lot with Type 2, but not with Type 1 before. Blows conventional medical wisdom right out of the water, I guess! Good luck with keeping it in check and achieving your other goals! Yes I'm controlling it. But everybody thinks it is because the Pancreas reactivates after you have given it insulin about some time. People who continue to supplement insulin have this phase 1-4 months. Its clear the Pancreas will not try to produce more insulin because the body gets enough from the outside. I think in my way the pancreas knows it has to produce insulin and want to. Problem is that if there is an autoimmun reaction against the Pancreas it will be someday not strong enough to go against this reaction. It comes more and more in my mind that i have to clean my body from the inside. One step is made with getting vegan. if someone is interested. i found another interesting site: http://cancertutor.com/Diabetes/Diabetes_Type_I.htm . This page has a protocol to get rid of type 1 diabetes also in a natural way. i'm sceptical but some ideas are good.
  3. you are totally right. Anything i do in dietary changes will be controlled with blood sugar tests. my fingers are totally destroyd from the many tests As you pointed out our doctors know nothing about type 1 diabetes what is a big shame because there are so many who have it. My doctor could not believe me when i told him i do no insulin but the long time blood sugar is OK. So he says go ahead with your diet as long as you are fine.. Now my only source is the net and it helped me alot. Surely everything i do is in my responsibility. I'm grateful for any idea and advise as the ones from Veganmaster. As for the brown rice it was what i tryed didn't really workout but maybe with some more fiber in the whole meal it could. As for the muscle gains I think it could work as I'm feeling strong when doing my workout. I see a huge difference to the training when i ate meat and i had no diabetes. So i'm confident it could work.
  4. Thanks for your responses. I'm 24 and Type 1 can occur until 40... On type 1 the cells are destroyd by the own body through an autoimmun reaction caused by whatever thats what the docs told me. Type two has enough insulinproducingcells to produce insulin but the insulin doesn't find the way to the other cells that need the energy. My cells are producing enough insulin to work on a certain amount of sugar. But once they got to much sugar to work on they fail to manage it and my blood sugar goes of the roof. I discovered that when i eat i.e. lentils wich are full of fiber but have also a good amount of carbohydrates in combination with raw spinach or salad the blood sugar is fine. Now Veganmaster thanks for your Links. This Low fat High starch diet sounds very intersting. Through my testing im discovered as mentioned Lentils who seem to be also starch rich. Rice also but has a bad impact on my blood level. I think it should be starches with also a high amount of fiber. I think lentils are the right thing with the high amount of fiber they are also containing. I dont think that high starch only will do it. The fiber is a could be a important part. Thinking about taking it as simple as it could be. I'll collect a small list of foods I'll use the next weeks. I'll get tommorrow new testing stripes to test the blood sugar level. Will also go ahead in my workout routine..this should help too Also intersting on this site: http://www.drmcdougall.com/med_diabetes.html he explains a thing that also led to my diabetes: this damn cow milk. I drank tons of theme : in the morning to meals.. hard to say: loved it. They say it is so good for us and our children. Our famous sportschau who deliveres footbal(soccer) tells us(and especially the children) before and after that with adertisment nothing works without it. getting angry.. Hope i can prove that vegan lifestyle can cure diabetes Yes I am but i give it a try
  5. Hello @ all vegan friends!! very nice forum. Had alreay some inspiring reads. My name is Sebastian and I'm from germany. I'm into vegan since ca. 2 months. I'm vegan mostly because of my health as i'am a diebetic Type 1 since 8 months. I think all this torture we do to our friends the animals comes back to our lives. Now i took my choice and want to make the best out of it Back to topic! As i already mentioned my main concern is at the moment my type 1 diabetes. I feel much more fit and healthy since i'm a vegan and my blood sugar levels are already much better. I lost 15 kgs in the last months and want to add some ver very fine muscle mass Now my diet has to be low in carbohydrates espacilly low fast simple carbohydrates that raise my blood suagr levels too much. Lentils are my main food at the moment as my pancreas goes well with them. Overall the glycemic index is very helpfull for me. Now i'm curious how i can achieve my goal to be a bad big muscle boy . Weighting at the moment 64 kgs for 178 cm I'm starting from point zero. some points i have at the moment: How can i get enough calories to grow? Is it possible to get the calories through "good" fat? How can i help my muscles to recover without fast carbohydrates after the workout? I'm working in the office 8-to 5 so i already into some foods over the day that contain plenty of fiber as i'm not really burning the carbohydrates(to help the insulin) during the work. In the evening its ok to eat a big meal when as long as I'm doing a workout after it. Hope someone can help me. I'm learning everyday more and more but I'm still confused how to do the ulimate approach as its note only about how to get the muscle in the best way to grow. I'm also have to look always at my blood sugar levels tos tay healthy. any help appriciated hope my english is understandable have to write more.. wish you a nice time
  6. I understand - I suppose I was just expanding on these issues, but I see what you mean. I agree whole fruit isn't a problem unless one's teeth are damaged already. I might slightly disagree about the downside of insulin spikes, as high insulin is required for optimum body recomposition (as long as fat is drastically minimized). The studies actually show very low fat starch overfeeding to be the best for muscle gain and fat minimization - because insulin is kept steadily elevated, which shuttles protein into storage (& fat if it's there). But the catch is very low-fat starch overfeeding is very filling - that's why people doing strict McDougall and Pritikin, etc., are so successful at weight maintenance! So when overfeeding I compromise and use low-sugar maltodextrin + soy protein shakes - this does cause a relatively faster, higher spike in insulin, but all you have to do to prevent any excessive dip in blood sugar is to regularly eat complex carbs too. [email protected]! Hello Veganmaster, I have diabetes type 1. So i have to look very carefully what i eat and what not. Some fruits let my Bloodsugar explode like bananas. Some sorts of apples in combination with exercises work very well. I have to say that gettin the Sugar from fruits is a very good thing. In particular better than from nomal sugar. So my answer for the seitan_man is: eat fruits but totally let refined sugar out of your diet..it can cause diabetes. It is one reason why i have Diabetes because of the excessive amount of mono sugar in the weight gainer shakes etc. Good point from VM that you have to look to get enough fiber. I have to open a new topic to discuss some questions about this whole insulin part in the muscle grow...
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