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  1. I'm no expert on these things but I totally agree with the idea of us not being physically affectionate leading to supressed tension that manifests at inopportune moments. Over time if you find yourself letting that anxiety out when you're touched it won't need to come out in a physical way. You'll start to simply feel relaxed and the tension will disappear. Or maybe I'm just saying that because I'm so unaffectionate myself and that's how I'd imagine I'd be. My best advice though would be to try not to anticipate it and if it happens just let it run its course.
  2. Though I suppose it might not be as much of an acomplishment as many of the other forum members I've been gaining weight. I've always been skinny and I'm at the heaviest I've ever been. I attribute this to the research of food that veganism inspired me to do and the appreciation for natural food that veganism inspired in me.
  3. I generally don't trust anything I've seen an infomercial for.
  4. This used to happen to me when I was more in shape and I suspect it was the tricep extensions too. I would just try not to lift anything heavy until it goes away. It didn't last too long from what I remember. There's no sunshine here in NY only rain
  5. Excellent video, very smart and definitely intriguing to those who are interested in eating healthy!
  6. Food studies in general are very confusing to me and always seem inconclusive but thank you for another perspective on a debatable topic.
  7. Good luck! Just keep at it and don't let any setbacks become reasons to quit.
  8. Thank you all! I believe with your help I'm performing better and becoming more aware of how my body works.
  9. Thank you for your tips I'll have to try them out and practice. I've tried all kinds of different clothing and I've always been barefoot but it seems my skin has no friction lol. Well that's not true of course but I've been doing it on my wii fit and although I can hold the pose (they have you hold hands stretched above your head) I seem to wobble a lot more than I'd care to. It makes me question if I'm doing something wrong. I've reasoned that it must be my sliding foot distracting me and offsetting my balance. I'll try it with my foot by my ankles as you've said though and see if that gives me any further indication. The wii fit also sorta quickly moves through the poses which is a shame because some of them you really need to slowly work through to feel what's going on.
  10. I haven't tried it but that's sweet Flanders! I still seem to be having trouble with the tree pose. My foot seems to slip down my leg as I'm holding the position and it throws my balance off. Does anyone have any tips?
  11. I thought this article was interesting and logical. Maybe something to bring up next time someone challenges your food choices and questions how you can do it. "What influenced taste evaluation was what they thought they had eaten and whether that food symbolized values that they personally supported." http://www.livescience.com/health/080717-meat-eaters.html
  12. Well I do use my wii fit to make sure I'm doing some of the poses correctly, but it only helps in regards to your center of balance, which you can manage to hold with the wrong posture incidentally. It's a good general guide though and if I can feel that center when I move into poses off of the balance board it should help me. Practice makes perfect right? I'm very much a DIY type of person (not as much as others) and I enjoy learning without formal classes. Maybe it's my pride but I like feeling as though I can compare myself with people who were trained and see things in common.
  13. I'm from Long Island, towards the middle about 1 1/2 hours away from NYC. Yoga classes aren't in my options right now but I'd consider them for the future. My current take on Yoga is just using it to become more aware of how my body functions and enhancing that "mind-mucle connection" we hear about from time to time I tried the corpse pose and crescent pose last night. I'm not entirely sure I did the corpse correctly but it was a different way of feeling things so I felt like it was a positive experience I'll try again. Crescent pose was also something I'd like to repeat.
  14. Thank you both! I'll be sure to browse through and try some poses out tonight.
  15. The extent to which I know yoga is from my wii fit (please don't flame me!). I was wondering what other poses are out there for me to practice with. Personally I like the Dance pose, Cobra pose and (not sure if this is yoga) Spinal Twists. I seem to have trouble with the Tree pose - not holding it, but holding it correctly. What poses do you enjoy doing?
  16. I love my wii! Mario Kart is prob my favorite game on it. I love the online racing but I can't use it right now I'm also a pokemon fiend
  17. I'm glad to hear the ads are helpful as I've already gotten a negative comment about them. I certainly want to include them but I'm feeling out how I want the page to look also.
  18. When I first brought up the name idea to a friend they said the same thing, but I liked the way it sounded regardless so I decided to keep it. I don't intend to market it sexually though as that doesn't make any sense to me haha.
  19. So I hear! I got it the day it came out for fear of this despite people telling me it won't be hard to find. Glad I didn't listen! I wanted to say how in awe I am at everyone's dedication to their health and bodies here. It takes it to a level of willpower I don't have!
  20. Thanks everyone! I'm almost 25, male living in NY. This website is the only thing going on in my life right now besides trying to afford going to school for accounting (oh the irony). Wii Fit is great but it has its limitations. Some I can think of: The encouragement the trainer gives you get repetitive. Though they show you, they don't tell you your foot placements for yoga which you may not notice for a few weeks in like I did. You can increase your reps on exercises but once you get to a point that's it. They kinda compensated for this with 3 "challenges" which go up to a high amount of reps but I'm sure many of you could handle these with no problem. Though they explain the yoga poses it's still possible to hold your balance while doing them with incorrect form. I've found myself going to the mirror lately to check and I still am unsure of how to hold a few of them. I don't want to bash it because it does get me to exercise and I like that it monitors how you're doing. You can also add in outside activity but I believe it's just classified as "mild, moderate or heavy". I'm hoping more developers will jump aboard and make more sophisticated exercise games. I know one is already planning that. Thanks again to everyone for your kind words!
  21. Hey! I've been underweight for a while and while I cared about it, I was simply lazy anyway. I figured, not being active will help me gain weight, right? Of course not. Muscle is where it's at! But I'd been there and done that before, what is there to prove this time? Is it worth the hassle? Besides, making excuses is sooo easy and gratifying. Well along came Wii Fit and my enthusiasm started to perk up. Now it was harder to make excuses because it was in my face, being recorded and encouraging me to continue. A couple of months later I'm here with a normal BMI. Wii Fit hasn't made me a bodybuilder by any means but it's a great hub that keeps me working out and focusing. It's a good first step. Of course without learning to cook and getting excited by whatever produce the supermarket might have certainly helped. I like to think of myself as a fairly "normal" vegan. I don't like to have to go out of my way to buy things. That's my vegan credence - to make it look easy enough that someone else would consider it. That's partly why I started my website and it's had me curious now to see how others live their lives as vegans.
  22. I used to have trouble eating out because I never knew what options were available to me. I decided to gather that information and make a website to share with vegans. Please have a look and let me know what you think! http://i308.photobucket.com/albums/kk322/veganeatingout/veo-1.gif
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