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  1. @Lyric No I had eating timers during the fast, but just kept it down to four a day, instead of the six to eight. @lobeteriffic Thank you. I cannot wait until the ortho release here come FRI.
  2. Went 5 days in a row before I unintentionally broke my fast while being asked to taste if the steamed white rice was cooked right. Then I went another 3 days before I woke up and ate some frozen fruits. This occasional break in fast occurred every 3 days or so between the stress of work and the comfort of spending time with loved ones. Work has been picking up here the past few weeks and I've been working anywhere from 48 to 52 hours a week with two 12 hour split shifts. Hopefully work will stabilize here in the upcoming week before I start thinking about hitting the gym. I have yet to revisit a strict eating schedule nor have I done anything serious when it comes to putting together a warm up routine in anticipation for next FRI doctor's release. I have moreorless just been enjoying life and eating whenever I can get something in. Of course I haven't overeaten or binged and my weigh has been proportionate to that, as I am smaller than I'd like to me. I have reset my food alarms and intend to start toting around my protein and carb shakes around.
  3. The fast has been going well, no cravings or missing marks. Woke up this morning alive and radiant after a seemingly difficult night of restlessness. Upon wake I decided to spend approximately 15 mins of yoga stretches. Which eventually turned into 5 min planks, then 3 sets of 25 push ups, leading into parallel dips between my bed and comfy reading chair. I was unsure as to how many dips I did as I was moreorless in a trance focusing purely on the sensation in my mid to upper back. Being unsure on how to interpret the discomfort, I decided to stop and go do something else, mainly laundry. I have no idea if I am going to make this a routine, but the stretching is something that I see as beneficial and calming. I will make it a point to incorporate that.
  4. @Lyric Thanks! I can't say I'm back into the lifting scene, but today's diet went well. @Rob Yeah I've done this before, although for only 2 weeks. I'm going to see how rapid the weight loss is, since my intent is not to loss tons of weight.
  5. @Johnny *hugs* @lobsteriffic Same here; I totally have issues recognizing the caloric value of certain dishes I prepare, especially if they are created off the cuff. Today with the exception of breakfast starts my spirulina and liquid fast. I'll be intaking spirulina 4 times a day with the first or second including a multivitamin and the last two servings done with flax seed oil or coconut oil. So folks will see me walking around with a gallon jug of water and a makeshift container of spirulina. Oh how nice it'll be to unload myself of food alarms and carrying totes during this fast. Whee!
  6. Still currently out of the gym and I'm becoming quite antsy. I've been seriously considering making an early entrance just to get back into the routine of being consistent with visiting the gym. I figure that if I stick to pull ups and dips, that the traction on the spine will be beneficial. As well as assist in keeping my bf% within the normal range for me, in-comparison to the work I've done up to the point before my surgery. If not, I'll be seriously considering doing a spirulina liquid fast for two weeks or so. We'll see how things go in the up and coming weeks. My diet has been a tad bit wishy washy. I've been cooking gourmet style food and entertaining my lady friend. It's been pleasant, but still outside of the regimented dietary habits that I've prescribed to up to this point. I'd like to get back on that at some point and allot for gourmet days. The food is still rather healthy and of course vegan, but I've been doing more pasta dishes, coconut milk and olive dishes. The additional carbs and fats aren't inline with my current activity level, so a reduction is necessary.
  7. @Vegan Joe Thank you, sir. Much appreciated. Yesterday was the three week mark and my first post op visit to the ortho. Everything went well and as expected. The checkup was very routine and the only thing the ortho commented on was that I was to wait six weeks from this appointment before I should start lifting again. Normally my reaction would be, "Are you serious?", but I am going to take heed and give my back that much longer to repair.
  8. @MaryStella Thank you. @lobsteriffic I'm going to take it slow no matter what. I've just gotta remain out of the gym and stick with lifting at the house or I will most likely reinjure myself. Yesterday was my first day back on the job. I wasn't released yet to work, but it was one of those situations where I felt if I didn't at least do a test/trial run that I might not have a position to return to. Let's just say after the 2 hour mark I was trying my best not to just pack up and head home. The great thing is after my shift, my lady friend, gave me an excellent back massage.
  9. @Lyric Thank you. @Johnny John John lol, I kept telling VV...My ass hurts Yeah I'm gonna take it slow; I am just not too sure about losing as much weigh as I've had already. I really don't want to fall under 200lbs, I just don't think I can help that.
  10. Thanks VE, he did mention that I should not bulk and train more for endurance, but the fact that he didn't say, "Consider not training period," kept me from walking out of the examination room. And yes I won't go lifting celestial bodies that soon out the gate, although I was up and walking way way too early.
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