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  1. 1h15m routine with MW. Ended up spending almost 3h there talking and bullshitting. Of course only after our routine. Shoulders and biceps where the focus. My shoulders were done with just the bar and I defintely felt issues with my right rotator and the stabilizers involved. I am just going to readjust the weights from the data I recieved this first run. I didn't count my warmup sets as well as the smith machine stretches between sets. Just so that I could remind myself to stay tight and attempt to hit that plane. Also at the end of the shoulder routine I went on the smith and pumped out 6 reps with 2 plates. Seated Shoulder Press@95lbs:1x10,1x9,1x6 @85lbs:3x8,1x5 Standing Bicep Curls@60lbs:3x12,2x10,1x12,1x10,1x8 Afterwards while waiting for MW to finish his routine I took a 25lb dumb and worked forearms until I was no longer able to grip it. YB!
  2. Back from an 1h15m leg routine. I felt sorta good about it. I'm not too sure about my squat form towards the end. I felt a little awkwardness in my lowerback as if it wasn't staying as tight as I'd like past the sticking point. Who knows, it's something that I am going to be mindful of when I start increasing the weight. Squat@2 plates:3x12,5x10 Quad Ext@3 plates:4x12 Seated Ham Curls@#10:4x18 Calf Raises@200lbs:3x25 Next week I am planning on increasing the resistance on the hams and going down to 12 reps. I was suprised that I couldn't get out 4 plates from the quad ext after the 8 sets of squats, so I only did 3 plates. As for the calf raises I plan on getting in another set just to bring that inline with the rest of the exercises. Yesterday my lowerback was feeling sorta trashed so I took that morning off. I don't plan on doing lowerback this week, especially since it would be a quick 30 min thing.
  3. I hope you start to feel better soon as you kick that cold.
  4. Back from a 30 min upperback routine that I am pretty happy about. I wasn't feeling out of breath, but I did end up breaking a sweat towards the last 20 pullups. I definitely felt muscle fatigue. I felt as if I could of gone another set, but I don't want to get into that mentality. If anything in a few weeks I will add rear delts on this day. In order to extend the workout and address that muscle group. For now, I just don't want aggravate my rotator. I located the chart on the assisted pullup machine in order to get an idea of how much weight I was doing the pullup with. I weighed in with all my clothes and shoes, then went to work. 3m breaks 5x10@184lbs 3x10@172lbs
  5. @RC Thanks man. @VJ Awesome. All I know is my upper chest responded well as soon as I hit it and went heavy. I started off on the Hammer Strength machine and wouldn't be afraid to load it up and do partial contractions, just to feel the tension/load. Then I'd ease the weight down and work up to the new load.
  6. Ok thought about it more during work and I am totally revising the routine. 30 mins just isn't gonna cut it, maybe if it was maintainence. Here is what it's going to look like, since I want to get a mix of mass building and shaping exercises in. Chest/Tris: 8x10-12 Flat Bench Press 4x10-12 Incline Chest Press 3x15-18 Skullcrushers 3x10-12 Dumb Flies (deep stretch) 3x10-12 Rope Pulldown (I don't know of any freeweight tricep shaping that does the trick) Legs: 8x10-12 Squat (Parallel) 4x10-12 Quad Ext 4x15-18 Seated Ham Curls 3x20-25 Calf Raises Upperback: 8x10-12 Pullups (Wide Grip) ((Oh yeah we talking Fed Pen style baby!!)) Lowerback: 8x10-12 Deadlift 4x20-25 Hyper-Extensions (optional) ((I tend to really overwork lowerback, so totally optional) Shoulders/Bis: 8x10-12 Seated Shoulder Press** 8x10-12 Bicep Curls **I may want to graduate to Standing presses if I feel ok with the weight on my finger/wrist. As well if my shoulder feels up to it. That is a 5 day a week setup. I might be starting up an early morning job at a gym, if that's a green light I will be doing ab and forearm work during my shift. As for the crappy chest routine I did today...I am going to chuck it up to a rest day and not try and attack it tonight or get it in during the weekend or a night session.
  7. Day 1 of the new routine. It only took me a touch over 30 mins to knock out 8x8@95lbs on the bench press. I focused on making sure the bar was on the rack evenly, that my head and feet placement was identical and that my hand placement was exactly the same way each time. I noticed that on the first set I was a little wobbly, so the next set I started to tighten up my whole body during each rep. That helped correct that. I didn't feel any fatigue, labored breath nor sweat. I probably won't until I get into the heavier weights. Right now my chest is sorta warm and under my right shoulder blade I feel a little tweaked nerve. I don't think the tweak has anything to do with my form or anything mechnical with the press. It's just something that will have to be worked out eventually. When I started to leave the gym I felt as if it was a wasted trip, since I've got a Monster Bench at the house. Also since I had to suit up and drive to the gym. But realistically I'd rather stick with the exact same equipment all the way through this so as to not cheat myself when it comes to strength gains. Anyway, only day one...so lets see how the week goes.
  8. Oh dang, Johnny shut down the gym!! Way to go man.
  9. Riding with that much rain? I have no idea how you do it. That has to somehow add resistance to the ride.
  10. Figured I'd drop in and say...Welcome!
  11. I wish it was an Explorer, I could push that all day. This thing is an Expedition!
  12. I have been waiting for the 2.0 table to be updated, but nothing. So I'll repost my numbers from JAN 08, 2010.
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