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  1. I looked into it and we don't have any Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga up here. And the sauna at my gym is just way way too small to do anything in.
  2. *high five* Oh wait, did you wash your hands?
  3. That is love right there! For some reason I am chicken shit when I think about even loading up 600lbs. I'm gonna give squats a break this month and come in at 600lbs after a proper stretch and warm up.
  4. Schedule switched up to 8:30a-10:30a instead of 6a-8a so that I can get more sleep. As well as MON I'll be assisting my homeboy in the gym three times a week for the up and coming show in March. Also I've got a gal that I'll be working with to get her cardio routine set. That'll be three times a week if she can stick with it. She'll have the support of her man, so hopefully she'll stick with it. Her sessions are gonna be at 6a, so I'll hit that and then swing back to my gym for a 8:30a-10:30a session. So I'll either have to eat more or cut out my cardio at my gym. This morning I jumped the gun and went in at 8a-10a. Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to sleep through the night without getting up at 5a. Toe Raises 1x35@90lbs, 1x35@90lbs, 2x25@90lbs Quad Ext 4x25@90lbs Seated Ham Curls 4x25@#10 Calf Raises (Leg Press) 4x25@200lbs Squat Press 4x25@200lbs Knee Raises 2x15@70lbs ea (someone was on the Seated Ham Curls with a trainer so I did these while I waited for them to finish) Seated Ham Curls 2x25@#10 Everything was 1m30s breaks so it was a fast pace. Drank alot of water and had to blelch alot. It was semi empty with the exception of the female personal trainer and her two back to back clients.
  5. Glutes and lowerback!! YB! What about you guys?
  6. Yes, I was sore last night and I'm sore this morning. Sore last night and this morning as well I like those assisted pull ups!
  7. Yeah I normally weight my hypers but this was towards the end of the routine and I was concentrating on variating the speed of the hypers.
  8. A great start to a very long day ahead of me! The gym started off rather crowded for some reason, but like usual I endured as everyone else filed out of the place. *stretched HS Standing Shrugs 3x10@360lbs Shrugs (behind the back) 3x10@315lbs Partial DL (below the knee) 1x1@315lbs, 1x1@365lbs, 1x1@385lbs, 1x15@225lbs Dumb Shrugs 3x12@105lbs ea Bent-over Upright Unilaterial Shrugs 3x12@105lbs Dumb RDL 1x8@105lbs ea, 1x8@120lbs ea, 1x8@130lbs ea (hooks) Hyper-extentions 4x25 Close grip Front Shrugs w/top squeezes (smith machine) 1x6@275lbs, 1x6@295lbs, 1x6@305lbs *stretched
  9. They've been running a sale on mandarin oranges here and I've been on that like no one's business. I must eat between 6 and 8 a day!
  10. Ok now that would of made me laugh! Nah this is an ongoing issue with a particular employee that works there. I've thought about changing my gym times or changing gyms in order to not have to deal with it, but the time block that I go in is optimal for me. And let's be honest, this is about me, my health, etc. Also the gym is the only one in town that has 100lbs plates and is as empty as it is. So I figured I'd just keep my nose to the grindstone and lift! Of course I could also be a jerk and talk to management, but I'm not THAT guy.
  11. Preacher Curls 3x10@90lbs Alternating Preacher Curls 3x10@45lbs Preacher Curls 1x32@45lbs Lat Pulldown wide grip 3x10@#12 Lat Pulldown close split grip 3x10@#14 Standing Alternating Cable Bicep Curl (elbow perpendicular to floor) 1x10@40lbs, 1x10@50lbs, 1x10@60lbs 1x6@70lbs Alternating Concentration Curls on Preacher Bench 2x10@35lbs, 1x8@35lbs High Lat Row 1x10@180lbs, 1x10@230lbs, 1x10@180lbs Alternating High Lat Row 3x10@270lbs I was mentally into the routine all the way until the first set of high lat rows at the end of my routine. I allowed some gym antics to distract me. Tomorrow I am going to make sure that doesn't happen again.
  12. Thanks Johnny! Still gotta figure a way to break 220lbs. I sat at that for 3 months and was up to 6800 cals for 5 weeks. That is way way unmanagable even at a part time job. I'm just gonna think maintainence and work the gain slowly. First step is to get back up to 215lbs.
  13. First workout of the new year: Note I am coming off of a very sick SUN, weight down to 208lbs HS Chest Press 3x15@90lbs HS Incline Chest Press 3x15@90lbs V-bar Tricep Pushdowns 3x15@160lbs Tricep Cable Pulldowns (back restricted) 3x15@70lbs Chest Press 3x10@#12 Incline Chest Press 3x10@#10 Wide Grip Reverse Curls 3x10@160lbs Close Grip Reverse Curls 3x10@150lbs Cable Flys Upper Chest 3x10@90lbs ea Cable Flys Lower Chest 3x10@90lbs ea no cardio and hardly any water, mainly since my stomach was sketchy. I was doing 15 mins of cardio right before jumping into the heavy lifting, but since I am down 11 lbs in one day from this one day plague...it appears I am back to trying to gain. Albeit slowly so as to not kill my stomach/digestive system.
  14. It's a new year and it's time to create new goals. Working out has been consistent and of course recorded offline. Had a few bulking phases with an attempt to break my peak weight of 220lbs. I wasn't able to do that, but 220lbs was an accomplishment within itself. The lowest I recorded on a cut was 184lbs@3% bf, but my biceps and triceps where way way too small in comparison to my chest and delts. Here are the current goals for the new year: Break 220lbs on a bulk, Keep above 205lbs on a cut, Break 560lbs on hack squats (current PB), Break 180lbs on tricep pulldowns vbar (current PB) Increase overall forearm size
  15. While you are reassessing your goals, I want to hear that you are soaking that foot in a hot salt bath!
  16. You should of used that funky foot to lure a few away from the machines then with the quickness dart back to the machines. Or you could of lured them away then beat them down with your funky foot-fu!
  17. Oooh yeah! Mac Nuts! Two words that I can totally relate too.
  18. I just close dated two boxes of cliff bars and a handful of builder bars. Down to like 91 cents a piece...so buying the entire lot. You know you want me to share.
  19. That Vegan. shirt...I absolutely NEED! Hook a brada up with some info.
  20. Daryl Hall and John Oates, I absolutely love you guys. Daryl Hall performing acoustically is amazing and inspiring.
  21. Awesome Johnny! I know you can reach that 187 ish goal. Feel it out and lose it steady and slowly.
  22. Keep at it, boss. Have I mentioned how much I love mung beans?
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