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  1. thanks! not a big crowd pleaser this thread actually I didn't knit a single stitch on my birthday, but I did get that crochet tattoo as an early birthday present
  2. thanks! I had a great day Monday: BodyCombat (1h) oh my.. and here I thought last saturday was rough. I was so beat after the class, but it felt so good Tuesday: No work out today. Just baking, eating out with friends and then we went to my place and ate a whole lot of cake Wednesday: Core-class (3omin) and LatinoFit (1h) hmm.. I seem to have lost 4cm on my waist in 2 months. funny
  3. Friday: Was supposed to go to yoga, but I was in bed sleeping off a migraine.. Saturday: BodyCombat (1h). There was a visiting instructor, actually they were a married couple. And sweet mother of.. were they energetic. I've never been that beat after a combat class. It was ridiculously fun!! Sunday: PilatesBall (1h). Yeah.. It was my first time at that class, and most likely last time. I just basically felt like an idiot the whole time But hey, I can't like everyting
  4. Monday: Gym day. Again to getting pumped up by the power of Endstand and Wasted, and this time it worked. I felt a lot stronger than las time. * barbell squat (10kg) 3x10 * bench press (8kg+8kg dumbbells) 3x12 * lying triceps extension (8kg dumbbell) 3x12 * bicep curl (7kg+7kg dumbbells) 3x10+10 * barbell row (20kg) 3x12 * side bend (with 10kg dumbbell) 3x15+15 * back extention (on a back extention bench) 3x15 Tuesday: Core-class (30min), Boxing-class (1h). I looove the boxing classes, theyre really tough for me, but you gotta love the endorfines. Wednesday Core-class (30min) and LatinoFit (1h). The dancing was fun, and I could really feel all that shaking in my mid section. Thurday: Resting Oh, and I noticed that my black jeans fit me without looking like I'd have huge love handles. Weird..
  5. Friday: Core-class (30min) and Yoga (60min) I really, really, really should get to yoga class more often I was supposed to do stuff on saturday and sunday also, but I just stayed at home eating and sleeping
  6. I know, not an athlete but I totally dig her body: http://music.download.com/i/bto/20080513/scarlett_johansson_270x359.jpg she's so hot! ..but I wouldn't want to be quite that thin
  7. Wednesday Core (30min) Core is a class where you do all sorts of back and stomach exercises and LatinoFit (1h). The latinofit class had a new choreography, and my hips and legs were very confused But I had fun Thursday Went to the gym. I put some Endstand and Wasted on the mp3 player, but even that didn't get me pumped up enough. Felt pretty weak, and I feel like I just half-assed everything..But there's always next time.. * barbell squat (10kg) 3x10 * bench press (8kg+8kg dumbbells) 3x12 * lying triceps extension (8kg dumbbell) 3x12 * bicep curl (7kg+7kg dumbbells) 3x10+10 * barbell row (20kg) 3x12 * side bend (with 10kg dumbbell) 3x15+15 * back extention (on a back extention bench) 3x20
  8. edit: how come this post came 3 times... I'm not THAT excited that I got it right..
  9. mmmmm... adrenalin I was gonna say testosterone but I guess that doesn't really fit in your journal...ESTROGEN BABY
  10. Finally something! Tuesday: Boxing class (1h) A bit hard after a week of being ill and the strap on my sports bra chafed my new tattoo. But other than that I had a lot of fun!
  11. Still nothing.. Wait, I knitted 4 pairs of socks in 5 days and spent 1½hours being tattooed. That counts as exercise, right?
  12. Only 10hours and 45minutes untill my next tattoo appointment I hope I can get some sleep
  13. I haven't been able to do anything this week. I don't have a fever anymore, but I'm coughing like crazy. This is the first week I haven't gone to the gym since I joined it. THIS SUCKS!! Everyone else gets to do all sorts of cool activities, and I'm just reading about them in a jealous rage
  14. sorry to hear about you back pains. Hope it gets better soon Back pains are the worst. I usually have about once a month this back pain episode that lasts from 5 to 15minutes. During that I can't do anything but moan
  15. This sucks! I wanted to go to body combat today, but instead I get to spend the day having weird fever dreams and sneezing my brains out. Yay..
  16. It's this more like an aerobics class with different types of dance styles. Wednesday: LatinoFit (1h) I went there for the first time. I figured it would be basically just a lot of hip shaking, and I turned out to be right. It was so much fun! After that I hit the gym for a little while, didn't have time to do a lot 'cos I didn't want to be late for dinner with a friend. *bicep curl 7kg+7kg dumbbells) 3x10+10 *barbell row (20kg) 3x12 *lying triceps extension (8kg dumbbell) 3x12 *bench press (8kg+8kg dumbbells) 3x12 Thursday: Went to the gym. Warmed up on cross trainer for 12minutes. *barbell squat (10kg) 3x10 *back extention (on a back extention bench) 3x20 *stomack crunch 3x20 *sideways crunch 3x20+20 *side bend (with 10kg dumbbell) 3x20+20 *leg raise 3x12 After gym, went to DanceAerobic (1h). Super fun. I felt a little weak though. I'm going to have at least 3 days off from exercising, 'cos I'm going to go visit some friends. I really need the break
  17. Yeah, I agree 100% Tuesday: Dance (45min) I was supposed to go to a boxing class with my friend, but I didn't feel too hot today. But I had to go to the dance class for a little pick me up, after the Body Pump put me down last night. Dancing did make me feel good mentally, but physically somethings wrong I feel like I'm going to sick. Not good. I'll just grab some juice and spend rest of the night lying down
  18. Ewwwwwww!! I've heard that some people call that weird trance sh*t hardcore. Shudders! I'm talking about the real deal
  19. I prefer the classes (I love that there is so much variety), but I like the gym too. The best thing about the gym workout is that I can listen to my own music. I can't take in that much europop (what seems to be the prefered music in most classes..swedish gym chain ), without listening to hardcore every once in a while
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