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  1. Please, people calm down with the commenting! I don't have time to read them all This week of training got off to a bad start.. Monday Body Pump (1h) My first, and most likely last time. Didn't like it. I felt really bad about myself in there, which is something I don't usually feel. (What can I say, I'm awsome!) Well, atleast I tried it.
  2. I have a little notebook where I have wrote down any sports I've done since the end of june. That's when after five years of doing absolutely nothing I finally joined a gym Now I decided to start a training log here too, at least that way I'd have something to write to this forum So this is my last week: Tuesday: Went to a dance class (45min), and a core class (30min). Core is a class where you do all sorts of back and stomach exercises Wednesday: In-door cycling (30min), and after that went to the gym to do about half of my gym routine. (just by the way: I'm not too familiar with the english strength training lingo..I had to do a lot of research so I'd no what the following things are called, and some might not be accurate..) * lying triceps extension (8kg dumbbell) 3x12 * bicep curl (7kg+7kg dumbbells) 3x10+10 * barbell row (20kg) 3x12 * bench press (9kg+9kg dumbbells) 3x12 * barbell squat (10kg) 3x10 Thursday DanceAerobic (1h), and after that went to the gym to do the stuff that I didn't yesterday *barbell lunge (10kg) 3x8+8 *back extention (on a back extention bench?) 3x20 *stomack crunch 3x20 *sideways crunch 3x20+20 *side bend (with 10kg dumbbell) 3x20+20 *leg raise (?) 3x12 Friday Core (30min) and Yoga (1h). I haven't been to yoga in a few weeks, and it really showed Saturday BodyCombat (1h). Brutal, but fun. And after that for reasons unknown me and my friend decided to stay for a dance class (45min). I was exhausted for the rest of the day. Too much too soon Sunday I was supposed to have a day of rest, but the nice fall air (and my new sneakers) seduced me, so I went for a walk with my friend (1½h) **** I'm very proud, I feel like I did a lot this week. I usually don't do this much, and I am pretty tired
  3. some lucky bastard at my gym looks kinda like xjohanx
  4. I just love one of the instructors in my gym. It's not possibile to work out in his class without smiling like crazy My next tattoo appointment is only 18days away. I've been eating and sleeping well
  5. on school nights usually around 6-7hours, on weekends about 10. last night 0! my old friend insomnia paid an unexpected visit. my alarm clock will ring in 20minutes..sweet
  6. ^oh sweet mother of... dude! you bench press more than my weight and I ain't a small girl! not to mention that I laughed my ass off (yes, I was laughing at myself) comparing the amount of weight you do your training with, with the amount I do them (I do bench presses with like 15-20kg) (why does my english kinda suck?? it didn't before. I used to be really good)
  7. Swimming is about the only thing that comes to mind that puts no strain on your knees. And If you're not a very good swimmer that's ok, since you most likely will become a good swimmer if you do it enough (I'm not much of a swimmer either so I'm just guessing that's how it goes )
  8. hehe, I think my best might be somewhere in the area of 1½ push ups or maybe even 2
  9. Oh batman, that is one tough dude. I admit I only went to see the movie, 'cos it was Heath's last movie. But I really liked all of it. I even cried a little bit (as I pretty much always do in the movies.. I mean come on, I cired during hairspray)
  10. awww wouldn't mind waking up next to that.. allthough I would be a little afraid of those curls getting up my nose or something
  11. My work out playlist consists mostly of hardcore and punk. Mainly finnish bands like wasted, anal thunder and ILLS, but also swedish sista sekunden gets me going. On the more mellow side I also have bands like sahara hotnights, greenday and the donnas on the playlist. My dirty little secret is that there's also some Avril Lavigne there..
  12. thanks again everyone! BTW today I noticed a new side affect to training: I'm getting an arse! I mean don't get me wrong it has always been wide, 'cos I have wide hips. But from the side view one could have pretty much drawn a straight line from my back to my ankles But today I noticed I'm actually getting a little bum. Sweet. I'm gonna be so hot, I'll have to beat guys off with a stick! Oh yeah, I'm going to be so fit and strong I can just use my fists
  13. so everyone else will understand? thanks!
  14. Hi, I just started exercising about 2 weeks ago, after five years of pretty much just sitting on my a***. Allready i'm sleeping better, eating better and have more energy. A little about me. I'm 22. A nursing student from Finland. I've been vegan for about 4 years now, and was lacto-ovo vegetarian a few years before that. General intrests: music (mainly hc&punk), bad movies, crafts (knitting, crochet, embroidery, sewing..), reading, karaoke, tattoos and since very recently sports. My main goals in training: -to get generally more fit (I don't want to be out of breath anymore climbing up the stairs to my 4th floor apartment) -build up more strenght in my midsection. (I'm studying to become a nurse, and if my back goes out due to weak muscles that'll be the end of that career) -to get more toned -loose a little weight. I don't feel the need to be skinny, but I'd kinda like to be back in the "normal weight" scale I think that's about it
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