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  1. Hey guys.. was just reading about the new vega vibrance bars..with Salba. Anyone tried em or salba?
  2. So I ran out of my berry vega and now I've got to think of something good to go with this vanilla flavor.. what do you guys do?
  3. Well its been a couple days smoke free so far ! I'm worried that I might have emphysema though..maybe its just a mental thing since im reading up on it... I want to try to be on the safe side though so besides smoking im looking for a natural "cure" for it. Does anyone know about a certain diet/regime I can adhere to ? I tried search engines but its hard to sift through all the b.s.
  4. Hey! Thanks for the reply, I've "succesfully" quit like 3 or 4 times for a period of a few months but somehow(probaly bc almost everyone i know smokes) get back into it. Everytime I've quit its been cold turkey, I think im more used to the habit of smoking then the actually nicotine addiction itself lol. I think I need to find some kind of motivation to stay quit..as of now i'm weening off from the usual half pack a day to like 2-3. I plan on doing this for a few more days then stopping...for good this time hopefully. And yes that should be motivation enough for my broke self..ciggz arent cheap
  5. I've (regretfully) been a smoker off and on for about 6 years(im about to be 25)...I'm really trying hard to stop now while I'm still young but what concerns me is when i breathe in deep its like a slight weezing and my throat usually feels irritated. Also alot of aerobic type activity kinda makes my chest/throat burn. How bad is this/will it go away if i stop smoking and I heard that a certain diet high in ____ has cured people of certain conditions similiar to what I may have. Can anyone shed any light on this for me? It's got me pretty worried and all I really want is to return to health. Thanks!
  6. Hi guys! Well I've got this vega oil blend.. I need something simple/nutrient dense to make with it. I;ve tried balsamic /w some garlic.. not the best thing ever though. Any suggestions? I also thought I'd squeeze in a question about coconut oil..I've been using it in some veggy stir frys.. So I've heard good things and bad(choloestrol?) Anyone might know the pros/cons and maybe something else to do with it/what else to add to my veggy stir frys?! They sure are yummy but lacking some stuff..I might try hemp seeds that I use in my smoothies..thoughts?
  7. Hey! I am looking to order a large tub of berry and vanilla chai whole food health optimizer from Vega. If you're offer still stands I'm all for it I only saw regular flavor @ food fight's site. You can email me if you get the chance, thanks a bunch! [email protected]
  8. Hi. Not sure if this is the right forum but I'm in the market for a food processor. I want high quality with the lowest price(of course ) Anyone have any suggestions? Also what is a good site for high quality whole food items.. things that you might not find everywhere like chickpea flour, carob powder, ground rooibos/green tea leaves, hemp flour, white chia, and yerba mate? thanks! Oh and macro greens... has anyone tried them? I added a sample pack with my smoothie..pretty cool ingredient list anyway. Not a bad taste, either.
  9. Nice nice. I found a liquid creatine with also these ingredients: Creatine Monohydrate, Glucosamine, L-Glutamine, L-Taurine, L-Carnitine, Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium, Vitamin B12, royal jelly, ginseng, honey, natural glycerine, natural flavor and distilled water. is that worth 33 dollars for 5.1 oz? 5ml servings they suggest. I'm also shopping for some b-12 lozenges. Any certain(cheap!) place you guys go for supplements? I'm not super strapped for cash but it is always a factor
  10. I forgot where I read that about the creatine. Nice article as well. Ok, so am I good with my brewer's yeast, or is nutritional yeast quite different? And is liquid creatine better? A while ago when I first started dabbling with weights I remember the powder creatine didnt mix or taste so great! *Edit Ah i thought I had read that article lol! It says at the end of the creatine segment they suggest taking it every other month to maximize its effect. Does this imply to load it for a week then sustain it with a lower daily amount(prefer after workout).. then stay off it a month ..rinse and repeat? It's a bit confusing..I'm just looking for the optimum way. Could taking it steadily each day without fail cause bad effects? I don't think so as its a natural substance in our bodies that we can synthesize. Though to much of anything isn't usually good.
  11. I ment taking creatine for one week straight out of each month. I hear you don't need it constantly. Though would it be better to take the creatine before workout? Or does it not matter? Glutamine, is that an amino acid? Thanks for the replies they are helpful and insightful. I have brewer's yeast(debittered) still pretty bitter imo. Is this the same as nutritional yeast? It contains many vitamins and amino acids.
  12. Sign me up for regular flavor if you still have any left I'll check back !
  13. Hi guys. Ok so from what I gather as far as supplements I should be taking b-12 and creatine? Anything thing else essential? What's a good b-12 form? I'd prefer some liquid I could add to a smoothie, wich is the best way to absorb it? And the creatine I would plan to get a vegan certified brand and load it about once a week every month or so? I assumed that from an article I recently read that was linked through here. *Edit What about nutritional yeast? In the thrive diet it states that it is a good reliable source of b-12. So would it really be neccessary to supplement if this was included in youre diet?
  14. Hi! Like the poster above me I couldn't even keep vega down at first. But now after cleaning my diet up so much I'm really tarting to like it. This is what I made from what was lying around, and am sipping on now 1 Scoop regular vega whole food 1/2 a pineapple 1 Bosc Pear 1/2 pint rasberries ~2 cups spinach water for consistency(eyeballed) Heavy sprinkling of hemp seed It's sooo good and I'm feeling great as I eat/drink it I want to try some other flavors of vega...is it just plain berry and chocolate or is there new ones? Oh, and what's the best kind as far as the smoothie infusion or the whole food one etc? Vega For the Win!
  15. Ok, thanks a bunch. By homeopathic you mean...a regular doctor? Sorry I've heard the term before but am drawing a blank right now Folic acid is in some of the foods you mentioned? I ask because I'm weary to use most supplements because they have a bad rep. I want to be sure about the doc. because I've been to some before and they didn't seem to know what they were talking about when it came to certain issues(not smoking/asthma though). They were just being pretty vague and not very helpful. Thanks again!
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