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  1. I buy my soy milk from a supermarket called Tesco (UK), 1lt is about 65p and I think is one of the cheapest and tastes ok. Some other are more expensive, up to £1.20.
  2. I don't think there's a huge difference but it depends on what you're going to buy. A meat eater can buy fresh meat or fish and spend a fortune, vegan meals, mock meat for example, are never that expensive, some fry's products I buy from a local health store are never more than £3.50.
  3. After few months of training occasionally I've now joined a local gym and started a new routine, I'm hoping to train more regularly 3 times a week. I also go jogging twice a week, been doing it for a couple of months and it feels good to be running again. Any suggestions welcomed/appreciated WEEK 1 Mon - upper body pushing Shoulder press DB front raise BB bench pres BB lying triceps extension shrugs BB wrist curl Abs Wed Squats Leg extension Leg curl Deadlifts Calves Abs Fri - upper body pulling Shrugs Negative Chin BB curl Reverse curls BB rev Wrist curls BB Hammer Curls Preachers curl bike WEEK 2 Mon Pullover Incline Bench press flye military press triceps pushdown kickbacks dips Abs Wed Front Squats Leg extension Leg curl Deadlifts Calves bike Fri Prone row Con curl BB curl Incline curl Cable curl Prone lat raise Abs
  4. Keep up the great work Robert! I really admire what you've achieved so far!
  5. Nicely put! I feel for you, alchol brings the worst out of some people. What's your job? And here's to a better saturday night!
  6. I don't think my job is vegan, I use computers, monitors and other similar equipment which I'm sure have some sort of animal products. I once read that most computer and keyboard contain such products so...
  7. Fantastic stuff, well done guys, great fight!!
  8. Thanks Alex, you should definitely consider a career as a contortionist! Crystal, I think we were 13, I'm sure there will be even more next time!
  9. Hey guys, here's some pics from yesterday's meet-up with some of the guys from veganfitness and the mighty Daywalker! It was a good night and we had a nice meal at a Thai buffet-restaurant. The table What's going on?? More awesome flexibility Me, Matt and Alex The group
  10. Hey all, I've been to Mount Vesuvio, Pompei and Naples with my friend Mark, here's some pics. Vesuvio is easy to climb, you can drive up to 1000 mt and then climb to around 1150 which is about 100 mt short of the top. We had a good time, Naples is the place where I was born, it's a crazy city and they make the best pizza in the world, we had one every day. lava river from the 1944 eruption the crater smoke! view from the top the boys Look how far it was! Me in Naples' Piazza Plebiscito
  11. I agree, we should benefit from even better technology when it comes to transport. Prius is a great example, we have the technology to build enviromentaly friendly cars and that should be the way forward. I suspect that the oil industry is slowing down this process, I don't think we will be seeing any major changes in car technology until there's oil to be sold.
  12. Nice pics, Helsinki looks cool! So much vegan food to choose from! Is there a big vegan comunity in Finland? How did you like that valsoia ice cream? I've tried it in Italy last week and it's the best I've had so far.
  13. Nice! I shall see you at Mildred's!
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