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  1. Can anyone tell me how much soy milk costs when compared to regular milk in your country? Because logically thinking it should be cheaper to produce it since soymilk doesn't require the soy to go through animals...


    I buy my soy milk from a supermarket called Tesco (UK), 1lt is about 65p and I think is one of the cheapest and tastes ok. Some other are more expensive, up to £1.20.

  2. I don't think there's a huge difference but it depends on what you're going to buy. A meat eater can buy fresh meat or fish and spend a fortune, vegan meals, mock meat for example, are never that expensive, some fry's products I buy from a local health store are never more than £3.50.

  3. After few months of training occasionally I've now joined a local gym and started a new routine, I'm hoping to train more regularly 3 times a week.

    I also go jogging twice a week, been doing it for a couple of months and it feels good to be running again.

    Any suggestions welcomed/appreciated


    WEEK 1


    Mon - upper body pushing

    Shoulder press

    DB front raise

    BB bench pres

    BB lying triceps extension


    BB wrist curl







    Leg extension

    Leg curl






    Fri - upper body pulling



    Negative Chin

    BB curl

    Reverse curls

    BB rev Wrist curls

    BB Hammer Curls

    Preachers curl



    WEEK 2





    Incline Bench press


    military press

    triceps pushdown








    Front Squats

    Leg extension

    Leg curl








    Prone row

    Con curl

    BB curl

    Incline curl

    Cable curl

    Prone lat raise


  4. If I told her I lost all weight by eating crackers and paté she would be on that diet tomorrow but eating only whole plant foods, that's just crazy...

    Nicely put!


    I feel for you, alchol brings the worst out of some people.

    What's your job?

    And here's to a better saturday night!

  5. :lol:


    Thanks for posting Cristian!

    It was awesome to meet you and all the others!


    I think i'm almost as good as a contortionist as Rubber Ritchie is as a bodybuilder! Look at his double biceps pose, incredible!


    Thanks Alex, you should definitely consider a career as a contortionist!


    Crystal, I think we were 13, I'm sure there will be even more next time!

  6. Hey guys,


    here's some pics from yesterday's meet-up with some of the guys from veganfitness and the mighty Daywalker! It was a good night and we had a nice meal at a Thai buffet-restaurant.




    The table




    What's going on??




    More awesome flexibility




    Me, Matt and Alex




    The group


  7. Hey all,


    I've been to Mount Vesuvio, Pompei and Naples with my friend Mark, here's some pics.

    Vesuvio is easy to climb, you can drive up to 1000 mt and then climb to around 1150 which is about 100 mt short of the top.

    We had a good time, Naples is the place where I was born, it's a crazy city and they make the best pizza in the world, we had one every day.


    lava river from the 1944 eruption


    the crater




    view from the top


    the boys


    Look how far it was!


    Me in Naples' Piazza Plebiscito

  8. I think we're actually pretty primitive technologically speaking vs. where we could be. If computers could run on one small solar battery, that would be advanced technology. If all cars ran on waste material and converted it to clean air and water, that would be advanced!


    I have to use a computer for my work (and for getting on the internet!) as well as a car, but I do have a Prius, which gets much better gas mileage than most cars, and has the best 'non-polluting" rating. I have to laugh when car commercials come on and they are bragging about the car getting 30 mpg on the highway! (Mine gets 51-52).


    I agree, we should benefit from even better technology when it comes to transport. Prius is a great example, we have the technology to build enviromentaly friendly cars and that should be the way forward. I suspect that the oil industry is slowing down this process, I don't think we will be seeing any major changes in car technology until there's oil to be sold.

  9. Okay, i've got a schedule now


    Monday - London, meet the whole gang at Mildred's Restaurant at 7pm, stay at Rubber Richie's place for the night


    Tuesday - meet Richard and Astrocat on the eastcoast and stay there till wednesday


    Wednesday - continue to Manchester and meet the VF gang


    Thursday - on my way to Edinburgh, where my travelling comes to an end. For now


    Nice! I shall see you at Mildred's!

  10. I had an interesting conversation with a non vegan friend last week. He said that a vegan shouldn't have pets if he really cares about animal welfare. Most pets are bred for human enjoyment, even if a vegan finds a stray cat or dog he/she is supporting in some way the breeding industry. Technically, a non vegan person may want a pet but he's unable to find a stray one because a vegan found it first. The same applys to a vegan giving another vegan a pet because his cat just gave birth to few kittens. The mother and father are possibly related to a breeding farm of some sort. If our vegan cat is related to a breeding farm and goes hunting, aren't we indirectly responsible for the death of innocent birds? They would still be alive if it wasn't for pet breeding. Possibly different rules aplly to different pets but cats will probably hunt even if we feed them meat.


    Does this make any sense? I can see where my friend was going with that even though I suspect he was playing the devil's advocate, but he made me think. I don't have a pet but I'd like to one day, would that be ethically vegan? Or would I just have a pet for my selfish enjoment? Then if we don't feed our pet a vegan diet, aren't we supporting the companies that produce food for pets by killing other animals?

  11. Awesome, i totally forgot that you're in London now! I still connect you to Italy

    Would be great to meet you and Tarz! I definitely would stop near London, but as the island people drive on the wrong side of the road, i'd rather not enter the big city with my car...


    After 7pm implies that you let me stay overnight

    It should be the evening of the 2nd or 3rd october. Stay tuned


    Keep me posted Alex and don't worry about driving on the wrong side of the road, you get used to it pretty quickly!

  12. Let me know if you intend to stop in London, Tarz and I live in the same area and it would be great to meet you.

    I'm starting a new job the first week of October and I'm not sure which shift I'm doing but any time after 6-7pm should be fine.

    Are you moving to Scotland for good?

  13. i know many of you people think lacto-vegetarians as not-vegetarians, but as you can read from my emo story in my intro, i am living with people who do nut understand why it is necessary to be a vegan, so i must accept the things they buy without the meat. i never drank much milk/milk products until some months ago i decided to give it up completely.

    but i was wondering if in my case when not eating special healthy vegan foods it might be bad for me to just quit and not substitute it with anything?


    thanks for listening.


    You should have no problem getting calcium from natural sources, Check out this list.




    Apricots are also rich in calcium and you can always get calcium from some fortified foods like soy milk.

  14. In my view one's diet won't make the acne go away, it's an internal inflammation and needs time or medical treatment. It may be easier to get rid of your eczema by using some good moisturizing cream.

    The only drug that seem to work with acne is roaccutane but I wouldn't reccomend it unless you've had it for many years.

    Check out this thread for more info on remedies.



  15. Hi guys,


    received this message from a friend on myspace, can anyone help? Please forward it to anyone you know in LA.



    Subject: Up to 40 cats in immediate danger!


    PLEASE RESPOND TO ALEX AT [email protected] com or 818-795-8891.




    My name is Alex Salisbury. I am the manager of an upscale apartment

    complex in NoHo. I have a tenant who has been here since 1990, and

    in the past few years, he has collected somewhere around 35 to 40

    cats of all ages. We were completely unaware of this, until the

    inpleasant aroma began wafting from his apartment. He is alone

    and not in good health, and has become a recluse, though he feeds

    them very well and they seem healthy, are indoor cats only, and

    range in age from birth to around four years.


    His daughter is finally going to come on Labor Day weekend and take

    him to live by her in Las Vegas, but she has made it absolutely

    clear the cats are going to be taken to the Humane Society to be put



    I have been trying to place them for the past two months, calling

    every society and shelter, including the Humane Society, who said if

    they did take them, they would indeed have to be euthanized.

    Everyone is full and I am at wits end.


    My children and I are very involved with rescuing, but none of us

    have any more room for more! I know that his daughter will just

    take him and walk out and shut the door, leaving me to find a

    solution to this sad ordeal.


    I am just looking for places who will take two or three of them, and

    if I can find enough of them, at least most of these darlings will

    be placed or at least have a chance at life!!


    Please, please if you can help me with any information and/or leads,

    I would be so, so grateful. These precious innocents do not deserve

    to end up this way.


    Thank you in advance for ANY advice you can give me. I am so very

    upset over this, and have made at least fifty phone calls to places

    already, attempting to get help. The shelters, etc., are so

    overloaded, it is just such a serious problem, and all the little

    abandoned creatures have so much love to give and surely did NOT ask

    to be born!!


    Sorry, didn't mean to get on a rant, but I am really running against

    time to save these felines.


    Again, thanks for whatever help or info you can give me.




    Alex Salisbury


    PLEASE RESPOND TO ALEX AT [email protected] com or 818-795-8891

  16. Hero wrote:

    She has a titanium bar in her internally to keep her sternum from collapsing back into her lungs. It will take her sternum bone/costal cartiladge about 2-3 years to heal and stay in place. Then they can remove the bar after that. Its kinda like orthodonic braces...but instead of correcting her teeth, the bar is to correct her sternum.


    Was the procedure due to her having pectus excavatus? I have it, it's when one has a sunken chest and the sternum hasn't "popped out" .

    I've been to see a surgeon and the operation to correct it involves inserting a bar to push the sternum out. I'm not sure if I should have it done, I'm still thinking about it. I've been told that my lungs and breathing are normal but I sometimes feel a weird pressure building right in the middle of the chest, it's a feeling difficult to describe.

    I wish your gf all the best, it's a big surgery and I hope she'll get better soon.

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