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  1. Thanks for the info Alex! Zerwirk looks good and I've found the address for Cafe Kopfeck too. Will try them all!
  2. Hy guys, I'm going to Munich next week for 5 days, anyone would reccomend any good restaurants? Thanks!
  3. I saw it too, it's interesting but, just like fox, can be seen as one sided.
  4. Hey! Welcome to the forum and good luck with your training. In my view, the biggest problem with milk is its industry, it's cruel and animals die. It is also true that milk and dairy can be bad for your health. This is a vegan forum so no one wants to support that awful industry. You can find cruelty free protein supplements on the internet or start eating more beans and lentis.
  5. offense 74 wrote: I saw a CNN report on this. Apparently they're saving as much as possible for when the oil will run out. Maybe they're working on a water powered engine??
  6. You're right Richard, smoked tofu rocks! Have you also tried the marinated one? Had it today, it's very tasty.
  7. You're right Matt, I didn't think the documentary was well made. They crammed too much in 40 mins, also that bit with the english bodybuilder training for a competition was pointless. I saw the other one with the female bodybuilder, they repeated it few months ago. That was better, it was a proper one to one documentary, don't remember her name but think she was from Cornwall.
  8. Nice pics, love "Rob Zoolander"!
  9. Hey guys, watched a documentary on channel 5 the other night about Valentino's story which some of you may find interesting. Valentino is a bodybuilder whose arm basically exploded due to steroids abuse. He was known to have the world's biggest biceps and, frankly, looked like a human caricature. The guy gives a frank interview and admits to have been addicted to the drug, he was also dealing the stuff and was jailed for it. There are also other interesting interviews, the one with bodybuilder Steve Michalik was especially insightful. He admitted taking steroids while competing in the '70s and as a result he suffered from a heart attack and a stroke. He survived and he's now training natural bodybuilders. They also interviewed a guy from the UK who runs an underground magazine and helpline who support steroids use. He basically reckons that steroids use has no major side-effects, he had an heart attack aged 46 but blamed it on stress and too much work. A doctor said that this trend can be compared to anorexia in women as big guys still see themselves as being too small. Sterodis use is increasing in the UK where is not illegal to have them as long as is for personal use.
  10. Good to hear from you Hero, hope your girlfriend is ok now.
  11. Hey guys, just found this article which proves that unfortunately animal neglet is on the rise in the UK. Also read in a newspaper that animal experiments is on the rise too (around 2%), not good for a country of animal lovers. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/26072006/140/animal-abuse-levels-soar.html
  12. Hey Raven! Glad I made your day! We certanly need more cooperation and the world cup provided that, I'm sure all the people that were there will have learned an important lesson...we're all the same!
  13. Awesome Richard! I especially loved Pingu & Ricky Martin. Check this out, funny but mean! http://personal.zahav.net.il/personalsite/re/reveali/bloody.html
  14. Nice pics guys, I've been to Dortmund and missed you by few days! I found a couple of nice restaurants while in Germany and overall managed ok. Of course my diet was in stark contrast to the other football fans...BIG sausages were sold everywhere!
  15. Welcome kunal, you'll find few members from London.
  16. Hi guys, I'm finally able to use my computer again and I would like to share my experience with you all....it will be a long post, you've been warned! Before I go into the details, let me say "hat off to Germany and its people", they've organized an amazing tournament, people were friendly beyond belief and everything worked perfectly. I've been to many towns (Hanover, Frankfurt, Kaiserslautern, Hamburg, Essen, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Berlin) and the atmosphere around the tournament was brilliant, the way it should be, people from all over the world coming together and having fun. Football brought us together in a way that only sport can do. As you can all imagine, I'm still basking in the glory of being world champion...Italy won it! My journey to Germany began on the 12th June, Italy v Ghana in Hanover. It was a hot day, in the city centre the beer was flowing and we had a great time. The Ghana fans were amazing, dancing and playing drums. People danced together, took pictures and had fun while watching other games on tv. Then I went to the stadium at around 8pm, it was buzzing with excitment and both set of fans sang and danced before kick off. A guy from South Africa was sitting next to me and supported Ghana "The Black Stars". It was a good game and Italy had to play really well to win 2-0...what a start! The party went on after the game and early in the morning I set off to Frankfurt where I had a plane o catch, destination Vienna. I spent the day in Frankfurt but unfortunately couldn't meet with Daywalker, to the next time buddy!! I really liked your town and I'd like to go back soon. The day after I was in Vienna to see my school friend Pasquale whom has been living there for 8 years. I wasn't planning to, but at the end I spent 7 days there and loved the place. There was a good vibe for the world cup and watched several games in bars surrounded by people of many countries. On the 17th we flew to Bonn and then drove to Kaiserslautern: Italy v USA. We had no tickets and couldnt find any there but that night turned out to be one of the best ever. Each world cup town in Germany had the fan fest zone where fans could watch the games on big screens, play games and, mostly, drink beer!! There we met some great guys from all over, USA, Mexico, Norway, England..it was a blast! The game ended 1-1 and was somehow disappointing but we didn't care much then. We were up having fun until 4am, then we slept few hours in the car and left in the morning to catch our plane. Italy's last group match was in Hamburg on the 22nd v the Czech Republic and this time we both had tickets. Again the town was full of fans and we had a good time before kick off. 50,000 fans filled the stadium and there was a great vibe...Italy had to battle for a 2-0 win which sent the team to the next stage. Then we spent the night in and around Hamburg and watched Brazil v Japan at the fan fest which was brilliant. It was in the St Pauli district and it was huge. They had stands and there was a fun fair atmosphere. Then me and Pasquale parted and I spent the day there before my flight to London and also had a great vegan meal at a restaurant in St Pauli! Had to watch some other games in London, Italy made it to the semifinal where they were to play Germany in Dortmund, the host!! I already had a ticket for that and was once again on my way to Germany. It was a scorching hot day, there was a great buzz at the fun fest and, naturally, the German fans outnumbered the Italians. Still I had a wonderful time before the game, met some great guys from Italy and also a father and son all the way there from Montreal!! We had tickets in the same stand so we made our way to the stadium singing, after one too many.... The Germans fans embodied the fair play spirit, the joined in, took pictures together...great! The match was probably the best one of the tournament, open play and both teams wanted to win. It went to extra time and Italy scored twice in the dying minutes...Berlin here we come!! Heartbreak for Germany, glory for us, the scenes on the stands were unbelivable. We were up till late, and I'm glad to say there was no trouble whatsover and German fans stopped to shake hands; a night I'll never forget. Back in London I was pondering wheter I should go to the final in Berlin without a ticket, then, I had a call from a friend who works in broadcasting and...he had a ticket for me! I couldn't believe it, I was over the moon! In Berlin the vibe was sensational, the German team was parading infront of their fans and the fan fest under the brandenburg gate was buzzing. I was a bit nervous before kick off, I then spent an hour or so outside the beautiful Olympic stadium which was great. Then I went in, it wasn't the greatest atmosphere as most tickets were given to corporate companies but who cares, it's the final. The game was tense, it ended in dramatic fashion and Italy won on penalties. Being there was amazing, difficult to describe what I felt. I know it's only a game, but this is just special, the world cup is truly unique. I was probably one of the last ones the leave the stadium, I wanted to enjoy it all. Then outside, Berlin was all Italian for one night, great party and also met with my friend Patrick who was working there for CNN's world sport. They even interviewed me but not sure if they aired it! It still feels great after a week, what a month, it would've been great even if Italy had lost the final, the international nature of the tournament made me feel proud to be Italian and happy to be there. Now to the next one...see you in South Africa! I've taken hundred of pics, here's some of the best ones.
  17. Journey by Moonlight by Antal Szerb (Hungarian author). Found it in a charity shop and is a great read. Check out http://www.bookcrossing.com/ is a great website where you can share and receive books from others.
  18. Hey Matt, I'm flying out on monday 12th and you're right, the atmosphere will be great! flanders77 wrote: Thanks for the links, I now remember reading that post and I'm looking forward to eating in one of the restaurants recommended.
  19. Thanks for your post Nat, is there a petition we could sign? I hope the Korean people will do more to end or at least reduce this brutality.
  20. Hey Guys, forgot to ask if anyone knows good vegan restaurants in the places I'll be visiting. I'm sure I'll be fine shopping in supermarkets but I'll mostly be on the road so it's useful to know where to eat. The same applys for Vienna, is anyone been there? Anyway, the world cup is only few days away and I'm leaving on monday, hope it will be an exciting, trouble free tournament.
  21. No excuses, I'm just being realistic beacuse there's always a surprise team at the world cup and each team deserves respect. Over the last few years I've learned to be more cautious when it comes to predicting easy games. I still think it's a balanced group, maybe just group c is more difficult. Nevertheless I expect Italy to qualify but I think the other teams are capable of creating an upset.
  22. I wouldn't say Italy's group is easy, actually I think it could be a tricky one. Ghana is a strong up and coming team with many players based in Europe (Gyan, Koffour, Essien etc). USA could prove difficult and they had a good world cup 4 years ago. Czech Rep. have been one of the most consistent European team and they have some world class players. Saying that, I think the group suits Italy as they seem to play better when facing strong opposition. That's why I'm not too worried if they play Brazil in the 2nd round, they're the team to beat and they'd play them sooner or later. Italy's last friendlies were encouraging (beat Germany 4-1 and Holland 3-1), if our best players don't get injuried we have a good chance as anybody.
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