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  1. At 2:14 you can also see Robbie Hazeley of veganbodybuilding.org...they should have also interviewed him as he would have been a perfect example of a strong, healthy and active vegan. I liked the poem at the end.
  2. I love Lordi!! They rock, here in London a radio station (xfm 104.9) promoted them weeks before the contest and they came top of the UK vote. They also interviewed the lead singer who was great! I managed to catch the final part of the contest and it was cool to see Lordi triumph ahead of cheap pop-dance morons! Hard Rock Hallelujah! http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y248/Rossella05/Lordi_avatar_by_Hofling.gif
  3. If you're vegan and eat meat for "special occasions" then you shouldn't even call yourself a vegetarian. I don't know how one manage to eat meat after having been vegan or vegetarian for a long time.
  4. You Are 60% Evil You are evil, but you haven't yet mastered the dark side. Fear not though - you are on your way to world domination. http://www.blogthings.com/howevilareyouquiz/
  5. Some truth in it... You claim to be a realist or even a cynic. In realty, you are more emotional, romantic, and truthful. You tend to life in a fantasy world and avoid reality. If you are not living a happy life, the cause is within yourself. You are a rebel with a trace of spoiled child about you. You value truth above morality, but you are reasonably tolerant of those who disagree with you.
  6. raven wrote: I hope so too! I don't think there'll be any trouble during matches, it's more likely to happen away from stadiums. It's usually few idiots spoiling the fun but I'm sure the German police will keep them quiet. I will take pictures and post them when I return.
  7. Hey all, as you may have read on other posts, I will be going to Germany next month for the world cup. I will be there from the 12th to the 23rd and who knows, maybe I'll get to meet some of our German members! I will arrive in Hamburg and then drive to Hanover where Italy plays Ghana. After the match I will drive to Frankfurt where I'll spend the day (13th) until 3-4pm. That evening I will fly to Vienna where I'll spend few days with a friend. Then I will go back to Germany on the 17th, Kaiserslautern to be precise. After that I'm not sure, I'm supposed to meet with some English friends but that's not been arranged yet. I'd also like to go to Berlin before going back to Hamburg for Italy's last game on the 22nd. Anyway, if any of you guys live around the places I've mentioned, please get in touch and it'd be great to meet you.
  8. The writer deserves to have his guts blow out for the amount of BS he's capable of!!!
  9. They're running some really annoying radio ads here in the UK telling people that drinking milk and eating dairy is good for your health, even your skin! Too bad they don't tell you that it's also bad for you and cruel on animals. The campaign is funded by the European Union and I wonder who's behind it...
  10. Here we go again...Italy, or indeed Italians teams, don't play defensive football, it's an old stereotype... I can throw in some statistics if you like! The new Italian manager plays with 3 strikers now and the 4-1 score against Germany proves they play attacking football. I will be in Germany from the 12th June to the 23rd, really looking forward to it. Maybe I can meet with some of our members there, I will keep you posted on my schedule!
  11. What would you say is the better form between these two? http://www.exrx.net/WeightExercises/BackGeneral/BBBentOverRow.html http://www.infinityfitness.com/videos/exer.htm (select barbell row). I'd say the second one works better for me.
  12. Thanks Nat, I've just sent the sheriff an e-mail, please keep us posted.
  13. Tarz wrote: Who knows if they're crazy enough to use them one day. I think the problem is not only the Iranian president, rather his political party. I don't believe any country should have nukes, it doesn't make sense! You hear head of states talking about world peace and then, well we have nukes...just in case! I'm not even sure I believe Iran is working towards having nukes as at times it seems the "good" are just trying to make them look even worst. I guess I'm just pessimistic, but I won't be surprised if there'll be a war over there in the next 5-10 years, after all Iran has Iraq on one side and Afghanistan on the other.
  14. Thanks Raven, I wasn't aware of the Armenian genocide, the website is very interesting. Tarz wrote: Maybe in "theory" they should be allowed to have one, however, I wouldn't feel comfortable with that, they made it clear that they would use it, after all their president only said that Israel should be wiped out off the map.
  15. Well done Robert, I can't think of a better spokeperson to promote a vegan diet, all the best!
  16. I saw it too on sky news, it was awful. The hunters were pathetic, trying to explain that the bears are dangerous and need to be killed. I have no respect for hunters, if you want to shoot go to a f****** shooting range.
  17. Hey guys, as you probably know, L'oreal bought the body shop last month. I've been a body shop customer for years and was really disappointed. I thought it was great to have a big company promoting no animal testing on cosmetics and also fair trade and recycling. Now they're a part of a multi-national which has an unclear position on animal testing and I'm not sure if I should keep shopping there. You can find more info here http://business.guardian.co.uk/story/0,,1733641,00.html
  18. this one from finbarrio is excellent: "I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones."
  19. Nice one guys, I'm going to Hamburg in June and your info will be very useful.
  20. dandylioness wrote: I brought some flapjacks and nuts. I didn't cook over there as I was always invited for lunch and dinner to different houses. As I said before, they all accomodated our needs and the variety of veggies on offer there is first class. Had plenty of lentis & beans and pizza with no cheese. I couldn't find any vegan burgers or similar but you should be fine shopping for anything else.
  21. Hey guys, I've just come back from visiting my family in Italy for the first time since turning vegan. Needless to say I was "grilled" by some asking me the usual questions...why, how etc. I spent the first day in a town called Pescara and went out for dinner with friends. I was able to order vegan starter and main which were both good. After ordering, my friends begun asking all sorts of question which my wife and I answerd. It wasn't too bad really, I didn't fell like they were judging us, they were more curious than anything. We arrived the day after in Termoli, where both our families live. People were in general surprised on learning that we're different from vegetarian and that we don't eat dairy and eggs. Also, Termoli is on the adriatic coast and fish is often on the menu there. I think most people can see why one doesn't eat meat but they somehow see fish differently. Anyway, they all accommodated our needs and we actually learned a couple of interesting vegan recipes too! I also bought some delicious soya milk there, way better than the one I buy in the UK. It's called "Soy Drink" (brand: Valsoia), try it if you're ever in Italy. So, Italy "passed" the vegan test regarding food. Unfortunately we saw too many women still wearing fur and that's a real concern. Actually, Rossella sneaked behind two of them and "pinched" a fistful of fur from one of them...their shocked look was priceless!
  22. Daywalker wrote: What would you say is high carb? Or for better word, how many grams is too much carbs?
  23. Cristian


    It's great you guys found each other, true love is indestructible.
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