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  1. you can also find vegan stuff at sainsbury's. They sell Livwell's bakewell tarts and jam tarts. Have fun!
  2. Monday: 7am two pieces of brown toast with peanut butter and conserve. bowl of cereals with soy milk 10am: 20 cashew nuts, 20 almonds, 1 banana, 1 apple Lunch: bean casserole in tomato sauce with a baked potato, broccoli on the side, 1 apple 5pm (after training) vegan salami sandwich with tomato on brown bread, protein shake 8pm: bowl of lentis with some pasta, bowl of broccoli, some homous, 1 apple and some grapes. 10pm: bowl of cerals with soy milk, glass of juice.
  3. Tarz wrote: Hey Matt, are you sure they'll let you have a visa with that menacing face?
  4. raven wrote: I do sometimes, especially the ones before me at the till (US, checkout?) You get bad ones often, people with 3-4 big bottles of whole milk, then cakes, crisps, processed sausages and, of course, red meat... That puts me off, didn't even like it when I was eating meat, people don't seem to realize (know) how bad certain foods are.
  5. tarz wrote: Have tried both, I think swedish glace is much better, the mocha flavour is my favourite.
  6. Robert wrote: It was good, thanks Robert. You're a busy man, you should sleep a bit more! Matt & I only live few miles apart, what a coincidence!
  7. daywalker wrote; I've recently tried the prone lat raise for shoulders...I couldn't believe how hard it was compared to a standard lat raise. Anyone else thinks the same?
  8. Tarz wrote: Nice one Matt, it was good to see you again. That's right, I'm not giant, just 1.81m (around 6ft) BTW, I forgive you your spelling mistake...her name is Rossella (she's also vegan!)
  9. jonathan wrote: I think we have acknowledged that you and others have been offended by violet's posts. We've all read your posts and understand where you're coming from. However, I don't think that by expressing a different opinion we're undervaluing your feelings.
  10. I used to like cheese, very much. I went straight into veganism and have no regrets. Don't miss cheese, not even on pizzas. I wrote on another post that I miss ice-cream but I think I've overcome it. Good luck, hopefully your boyfriend will change his mind soon.
  11. Had missed this thread entirely...interesting. I hope we could put aside our differences now and in the future, we're all on the same side after all. I didn't mind Violet's posts and actually went back to read a few before writing this message. They have "grit" which is good for activism, I agree with Jay, it's probably easier to be misunderstood online.
  12. Unbelievable Jay, being part of a "minority" really sucks sometimes.
  13. I've now been vegan for year and was wondering if any of you guys "miss" any non vegan food or if have ever "surrendered" to temptation. I love ice cream, not the Hagen-Daz type, I'm talking about real, fresh ice cream. I'm sorry to say that I've had it once in the past year, anyone else would like to "confess" a similar case? Fortunately I can buy some good soya ice cream at the supermarket, it'd be good if they sold it at ice cream parlours, bars and restaurants too.
  14. Evan wrote: This is a tricky one, happened to me at work few times, people offering chocolate or cakes. Not many people know I'm vegan and some assume I'm vegetarian as there are two other vegetarians working there and we often talk about food or animal rights. I think some people don't realise that vegan means no to ordinary cakes etc., so they may get offended if one refuses too often. I did accept once or twice without eating which is probably worse. It's better to refuse and explain if asked.
  15. Tarz wrote: Matt's accent is cool, accents from the north of england are very different and they were difficult to understand when I first moved to London.
  16. I think we can all agree that this matter doesn't look good. I'm sure the cartoons were used as "petrol on fire", to start what was already waiting to happen. I've heard that some radicals have actually spread other cartoons, more offensive than the Danish ones, to instigate crowds even further. As an atheist, I find all this very difficult to understand. Regardless of faith or religion, I feel that the matter has been blown out of propotion and that it will surely be used politically, now and for years to come.
  17. kollision wrote: According to my calculation 800 lbs = 363 kg. Isn't that too much? Wouldn't one be obese at that weigth? Would it be healthy? Sorry if I sound ignorant, I'm just curious.
  18. After years of pressure by LAV (the Italian society against vivisection), the Italian government approved a bill to stop the country from importing these "goods". From the 13th of this month is illegal to import baby seals' leather and the ban will soon include adult's leather too. The bill is mainly aimed at stop importing leather from Canada to protest against their barbaric slaughter of millions of innocent animals and also bans leather from Norway & Russia. Up until 10 years ago, this "business" was worth around 5M euros in Italy, last year it went down to a mere 60,000 euros: things were already moving in the right direction. Other countries like Belgium, Holland, Mexico and Greenland are about to pass similar legislation although new markets are emerging in Japan, India and Indonesia
  19. A stone is indeed 14 pounds. I saw bits of the documentary last week, interesting but sad viewing.
  20. mutated wrote: First of all welcome to the forum! Just replace milk with fortified soya milk, I use the sweetened one which taste good. Thanks for the list exciton!
  21. I think the cartoons, even if offensive, were used as an excuse to incite people in certain countries against the west. Not surprisingly the worst acts of violence were in Lebanon (most of the people arrested there were from Syria) and Iran. But even if according to muslims these cartoons should never have been published, is burning buildings & flags the right way to protest? I've seen pictures of children in schools burning the danish flag, what sort of "education" is that? In my view, there's nothing worst that burning a country's flag. I've also seen footage of people burning the Swiss flag..did they confuse it with the Danish one? People should understand that a democratic country is not responsible for what a newspaper publish, that's what a democracy is all about. And what about the London protest? People dressed up as suicide bombers and holding placards inciting violence? Even if in rage, is that the right way to protest? I sympathize with whom was offended by these cartoons, but would christians or jews go banana if it'd happen to them? We all have the right to express our views, how can we allow religion if we eliminate the right of satire it? Historically, each major religion criticise others, so what's wrong with some cartoons?
  22. You should ask Pete or Robbie of veganbodybuilding.org, maybe they know someone.
  23. Hey Rob, what kind of exercies do you do for you forearms?
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