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  1. Kathryn wrote: I've actually said that today when I went to the supermarket to buy soy milk. I usually buy a big box which contains 12 cartons. A couple was also buying one carton when they saw me picking up the box and they said: "You don't like milk, don't you?" To which I replied with your quote....they looked at me in shock! It was funny because they didn't have a clue about what I meant. I explained that I'm a vegan and one of the reason why I'm not a vegetarian is the milk and veal industry. Not sure they cared but it was funny to see their reaction.
  2. It's probably easier to "bring" a vegetarian to our side. One of my colleague is vegetarian and has been one for 13 years and she buys everything organic. I think that the organic food industry "tricks" people into believing that animals in such farms suffer less but we all know what the final result is. We had a long chat about the dairy and egg industries and hopefully she'll consider veganism.
  3. I've stopped using any types of sugar as a sweetener a long time ago. I think any drink taste better without sugar, as it's meant to be. I don't even use sugar when drinking a strong espresso, i think it tastes much better without. It's difficult to avoid sugar in fizzy drinks or in some fruit juices. I've also heard that aspartame, which replaces sugar, used in diet sodas is a dangerous chemical. Anyone knows more?
  4. Hi guys, I'm thinking of training for a month or more with more intensity, every other day; any suggestions? I'd like to focus on upper body strenght, particularly biceps, shoulders and chest. Any input, as ever, is greatly appreciated.
  5. Tarz wrote: Her you go Matt, my 100th pointless post!
  6. CG wrote: Taking bets, how long before CG reaches almost 2000 posts over there too?
  7. I read that is advisable not to feed a vegan diet to cats. This can be dangerous to their health as there isn't enough research to show that cats can survive on such diet. The article said something like: cows are designed to eat grass, cats are designed to eat flesh. Cats are predator, my cat spent all his life in an apartment and he still managed to kill birds that used to stand on our balcony.
  8. Hey guys, I found this link, let me know what you think. They heavily criticise PETA's work in a very one-sided disrespectful way. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1913999390200944075&q=bullshit The quality isn't great, the video is about 15 mins.
  9. I sometimes drink green tea although I drink red bush more often, usually before going to bed. I agree with Michael, red bush tastes great and I find it very refreshing.
  10. Saw the movie yesterday and really liked it. Also read the book few hours before going to the cinema; the movie is practically the same, they've just added something at the end which I think works well. Beautiful story, sad and moving, lots of people were in tears. I thought the actors were great, I was especially impressed by Anne Hathaway's performance (Jack's wife). Also some of the locations were breathtaking and the score was quality too. I highly reccomend it.
  11. I'm lucky I can train at work and apparently the gym has 1500 members (all employees). Strangely enough, I always seem to see the same people training... Sure it'll be different this month.
  12. Jza wrote: Apparently 50 bibles are sold each minute across the world...I wonder where the money goes...
  13. gorilla wrote: I know what you mean, in my view, too many people in England have a unhealthy relationship with alcohol. I don't think is bad to enjoy some wine with a meal or a drink here and there. The same way, I don't see anything wrong with people that choose not to drink at all.
  14. Good article. I've found that since going vegan I can function well with less sleep, I feel much more energetic compared to when I was eating meat and dairy. Generally, I don't sleep more than 6-7 hours, I don't think adults need more than that.
  15. this guy is big too... http://www.worldveganday.org/gallery/main.php?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=1472 ..he looks strangely familiar
  16. this thread is great! Who would have thought that from the pope we would now be talking about ice cream and soft serve...what's soft serve anyway?
  17. Benvenuta! Finally another Italian! CG wrote: Thanks , you're too kind! Enjoy the forum Sam!
  18. Hey CG & Jonathan, I think we posted exactly at the same time
  19. I'm loving this thread! I think is good to see people's reactions on sensitive issues like religion. I had already seen those pictures and found them a bit weird, that hat is remarkably similar to santa's and the fact that the pope was wearing it days before christmas was a strange coincidence. I had no idea that it had been around for centuries though. I agree and I'm not surprised. As a former catholic I find more disturbing to know that the pope was a member of the nazi party in Germany during the war. Also all he's done in the past to cover up paedophiles in the clergy doesn't really look good to say the least. Anyway, I hope no one will be offended by what I've just written, they're just facts.
  20. WOW! Thanks Robert! I will soon send you my address! Sweet!
  21. eh eh, funny stuff... That hat is actually called "camauro", last used by pope John XXIII. Apparently was used by different popes over the centuries and can be seen on some paintings.
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