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  1. That's just perfect Matt! Dandylioness, I think you'll be fine as long as you explain what you need. Make sure to order beans, lentis and other legums, there's plenty of those in italian dishes. You can have them with pasta, restaurants are usually very flexible although I would avoid the ones in tourists' hot spots. Pizza is also safe, as far as I know no one uses milk in the dough. Plus you should find plenty of vegetables, some of them you have probably never seen before! Have fun!
  2. Hey guys, My letter has just been published on a forum called "Italians" which is run by one of Italy's most important journalists, Beppe Severgnini. You can find it here http://www.corriere.it/solferino/severgnini/ Just scroll to "mercoledi 14 dicembre", the letter is titled "Filosofia vegana" (vegan philosophy); it's about my experience at the Christmas Without Cruelty fayre last week. The letter will be on the forum for a week. I'm glad they picked it as they apparently receive hundreds of letters each day and they only publish 10. As far as I know, veganism is almost unheard of in Italy, hopefully my letter will help the cause. "Italians" is a popular forum, it started 7 years ago as a place where to share experiences for Italians who live abroad. Since then it's grown almost to a national institution and is visited by thousands each day. "Corriere.it" is the website of Italy's most important newspaper. Here's a quick translation of the letter: Hi Beppe, sunday 4th December I went to the CFWC held at kensigton's town hall. Such events are growing in popularity and I was assured that attendances to the Kensigton's one has increased year by year. There were animal right charities, who raise money for animal welfare along with many companies, each displaying their products which are not derived/tested on animals. It's been a great opportunity to find out how and where to buy useful products and to learn more about animal welfare. These events are also a great example of normality, vegans and vegetarians are common people who live compassionately and wish to spare suffering to the animal kingdom. I've been vegan for almost a year now and it was reassuring to see the high number of visitors, especially teenagers and families. I've also attended two conferences by medical researchers/scientits who underlined the importance of funding alternative research instead of focusing on animal testing alone. I've also met a bodybuilder (Robbie) who recently finished second at Mr Great Britain who, first posed for the public and then procedeed with his colleague to explain how is possible to practice this sport while on a natural diet without using any animal products. A very nice day, living as a vegan is easy and is the right choice for those who care about animal walfare and the environment
  3. Go and take it with a pinch of salt, it will be good for the vegan cause. Maybe you can ask the production team to read what kind of questions he'll ask you and try to negotiate the ones that you find stupid. Also, are you going to pose in front of the cameras?
  4. Welcome! Hope you embrace veganism too!
  5. Welcome Steve! Hope you find this forum interesting as I do. Steve wrote: It's been the same for me, I sometimes sleep only 4 hours and I get by just fine. This may not be ideal if I'm training but I've never felt better in my life, veganism is the way forward.
  6. Good luck Topher Do what makes you happy! It'll be great to see your old friends again, I wish you all the best with your music career. I know I've only been on this forum for a couple of months but I could tell straight away that you're an awesome guy and a great example of vegan lifestyle & fitness. Enjoy your last weeks with Robert, I'm sure you guys will cherish your friendship, it's clearly special.
  7. Awesome pictures Richard! I laughed sooo hard!
  8. shuldn't say things like taht if you want people to take your opinion on comedy seriously. If you're going to make statements like this one, you should explain it further.
  9. Well done Robert! I really liked the trailer! It also looks good, the picture was really clear, it must give you great satisfaction to see the final product. As per the american/british tv debate, I think they both have positive and negative aspects. Some of my favourite comedies are american like Seinfeld and 3rd rock from the sun. I'm also a big south park fan. In Britain at the moment a show called Little Britain is really popular and I like it, it's very "British" and I'm sure it would be also appreciated in the USA.
  10. Kollision wrote: Wow, that's too expensive! Here in London at my local supermarket (Tesco), a litre of fortified soy milk costs 0.68p, around $1.16!
  11. I've never said that Jza, I was just expressing my opinion on JO.
  12. Great idea Richard, I will mail you some pics soon. I loved the one where you're sticking out of the cupboard!
  13. I know the same applys to other foods/cusines, I just think that JO does it blatantly.
  14. My favourite quotes are from south park, they're silly but funny! Here's a few: "Why does this happen every month? It seems like right about the same time every month, Kyle's mom gets a hair up her @ss about something, and I always end up getting screwed by it." -- Cartman "I've learned something, too: selling out is sweet because when you sell out, you get to make a lot of money, and when you have money, you don't have to hang out with a bunch of poor @sses like you guys. Screw you guys, I'm going home." -- Cartman No, that's wrong, Cartman. But don't worry, there are no stupid answers, just stupid people." -- Mr. Garrison KYLE: Hey, what are you guys doing? BOY 3: We're playing Harry Potter. CARTMAN: HA!! Fa*s!!
  15. Caramello (Italian for Caramel) Cerimello Yogi the bear (back in high school) Bogi
  16. as much as he's a kook, you do realise how silly that sounds, don't you? I don't think I do.
  17. Jamie Oliver is a famous young chef in Britain with his own tv shows, books etc. His latest show sees him travelling up and down Italy, Italian food being his favourite cusine, to learn new recepies. I haven't wathced any episodes because as a vegan I'm not interested at all, and also because I've never really liked the guy for the way in which he exploits simple Italian recepies to make huge profits in his restaurants or with his books. Anyway, last week he was shown slitting a lamb's throat while the animal was still conscious. This attracted few complaints because the show airs at 9pm and many of his fans are children. I was at first really angry, but then I though that maybe such horrible scenes may have helped some viewers realise what's behind the meat industry. Needless to say, I now like him even less. Here's a link with the full story, let me know what you think. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/showbiz/showbiznews.html?in_article_id=368300&in_page_id=1773
  18. Welcome aurovon, I'm sure the people on this forum will help you give up animal products. I've been a vegan since february and I was really surprised to see how easy it was to become one.
  19. Kollision, this is a tricky subject but I will nevertheless answer your questions. To make things easier, I think that we should just reply to the initial questions. I hope no one will be offended by my post. 1. What were you born into? 2. What are you now? 3. What made you change? (if you did) 4. What are your ideas on religions in general? 1. I was born into Roman Catholicism like the majority of Italians. 2. I don't think I can define my views within any particular category, some people may say I'm an atheist, others an agnostic. 3. My parents were your average Italian catholic , they did it because they sort of believe but more because over there it's the norm. As far as I can remember, I was never interested in going to church and only took the communion once, my first one. Growning up, I learned more about "my" religion and now to me they seem to be more like a criminal organization then a benevolent faith. The Vatican shaped my country in ways that are difficult to decribe unless you live there. I truly dislike their message and ideology: they're just men, corrupted, wealthy when they preach to be humble and, above all, narrow minded. They're always behind time and, in my opinion, only change their views when is inevitable. Their history with regards to women, other faiths, gays and human rights should be more than enough to keep people away from following this religion. In Italy, they're involved in politics on the count that they represent the Italian people as 90% of them have been babtised and therefore are considered catholic forever. I'm no longer "registred" a catholic and I urge to do the same to anyone who feel the Vatican doesn't represent them anymore. People that believe in this religion should not ignore their past and in my view should keep their faith and the Vatican separeted. 4. I'm sure every religion has interesting points, but I feel that this is due more to common sense than to the work of some superior being. Looking at human history, I feel that religions (by religions I mean organized religions) are more a problem than a solution. I strongly believe that faith should be something personal and therefore kept away from any form of control instructed by people who lived centuries ago. This is a complicated matter which is difficult to explain, I overall feel that what I've just written should be enough to give you and other members a feel of where I stand.
  20. In my view, KFC and all the other big fast food corporations are just scum. And to think that I fell for it when younger...
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