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  1. Hi all, for some reason I haven't been able to post a new topic under the Online training journal section; would anyone know why? I've tried on 2 computers but as soon I submit it I'm redirected to the main page. It's weird because I can post a new topic here! Thanks
  2. sorry to hear that Richard, people can be real assholes when they want to...set the wrath of the black ninja on them!
  3. That sounds great Alex, I don't think I'll be able to make it this time but I'll be in Germany for the world cup so maybe we can meet then. I don't know the dates yet, will find out after the draw is made. Anyway, it's still 8 months away, I will keep you posted.
  4. Sorry to hear that madcat...I don't understand how a vegan or a vegetarian can actually eat meat or fish again. It doesn't make sense. Try to persuade him, maybe it's just a temporary slip-up. Good luck!
  5. Now, this will sounds weird or it may be just a stupid hoax, but I've browsed the internet and all seem to be real. Hufu is a soy based product which tastes like...human flesh! It was invented for people interested in the availability of human flesh. Am I missing the point here? There's a website where you can order their products, eathufu.com, where a found funny quotes such as "We also found that HufuTM is a great product for cannibals who want to quit". You guys take a look for yourselves...
  6. Great story CG, bullfighting is truly ing. As far as I know it's slowly getting better and bullfights are hosted in only few places now. Thanks for your kind words, people like you and all the others on this community really helped me realise how wonderful it is to be a vegan and trying to make an impact on our society.
  7. Hey CG, I'm indeed Italian but have been living in London for 7 years. I haven't seen my family since I became vegan (feb), we just talked over the phone but didn't go into too much details. And you're right in saying that Italians like meats etc., but in the Italian cusine there's plenty use of vegetables, legumes and obviously pasta and rice which are all very flexible. It's just a matter of educating people! I'll do my best with my family and friends over there but I don't think I'll get far, they'll just think I'm a weirdo! I don't know much regarding the Italian vegan "scene", I do know that Turin hosted the 3rd edition of Vegfestival in June and that Peta is pretty active over there especially with regards to fur. Anyway, I'm probably the only Italian on this forum!
  8. Hey guys, some of you may already know that the next world cup will be hosted by Germany in June/July. I will do all I can to go there and support Italy and I'm planning on going for the first 2 group matches. Then I'll try going again if they qualify for the next stages. I think this could be a great opportunity for me to meet some of our vegan friends over there, the draw will be made on 9th December and I will then know where Italy will be playing. So bear this in mind if you'd like to join me in a vegan-football(soccer) trip!
  9. That's a fabulous idea? Do you know how, or know someone who does? I'd love to see it, but I don't know how else I could! I think that once you have footage on a cd or a dvd it should be easy to convert it into a AVI file which should work with quick player or similar. Maybe even a photography studio can help.
  10. Great news Robert! I really admire you for what you're doing! I'm really looking forward to seeing your trailer and the final product, well done!
  11. I admire Josefa Idem, a canoeist. She's from Germany but has lived and competed for Italy since 1990. She's won countless medals at world championships and olimpics in the kayak and won silver at the last olimpics at the age of 40. This counts even more as she had a baby in 2003! A great athlete and really humble person she said that "sport is not much sacrifice, sacrifice is going hungry or not having a shelter, sport is all about commitment".
  12. hey felix, make sure you record the show! Then you may be able to convert it into an internet format so we can all see it!
  13. Thanks guys and thanks CG for the link; it was really educating. I won't buy any wool products for sure, I just wanted to know your views. It's just sad too see that the majority of jumpers etc on sale where wool ones.
  14. Hey guys, thanks for your input. Tarz: I did check all the products on sale at M&S but couldn't find any vegan; it probably varies from store to store. I've never seen any Laura's idea products; where would you find them? Michael: yes there are Sainsbury's in London but not in the shopping center I was at yesterday. I do my food shopping there but never checked the sandwiches. I think they are a decent store for vegans, they now have some vegan mock meat products which are hard to find in big stores. They also sell some nice bars ideal for snacking and good tofu. Jonathan: don't worry I don't compromise my vegan status, I just wanted to know the forum's view on this one. I usually plan ahead and bring nuts, dried apricots or sandwiches, I didn't have the time to do that yesterday! Overall I'm really disappointed to see milk or eggs used in vegetarian salads/sandwiches when there's clearly no need and these products could easily be vegan.
  15. I went shopping for clothes yesterday and I really got frustrated when I went to buy some lunch. All I wanted was a quick bite and went to a supermarket called Marks & Spencers which sell plenty of sandwiches and salads. There were no vegan options and all the vegetarian options had milk and eggs as ingredients. How can a spinach salad with pasta have milk or eggs in it? It really pissed me off! At the end I had to go to a place called wagamama where I know there's a couple of vegan options but ended up speding more. Really annoying. What you guys do in similar circumstances? Do you always bring your own or are you flexible and buy a vegetarian product?
  16. Hey guys, what's your view on wearing wool? I went shopping yesterday and realised that most warm clothes are all made with wool. Can a vegan be flexible on this one or avoid it? Personally, I think wool is different compared to leather but I don't know enough about wool farms or anything like that. I still own some wool clothes which I'll probably still wear. Also, I remembered I bought a wool scarf while in Iceland and that got me thinking: can people who live in such cold countries really afford not to wear wool?
  17. 1000 and counting! Well done! Wow, this thread surely sounds interesting, I'll take a look...
  18. I didn't know today was vegan day, hope all the members of the community have a fantastic one!
  19. Hey Shelby, welcome to the forum! I've only joined a month ago and I think the community is growing at an amazing speed! Good luck with your training! I had the same problem, then I saved my pic on photobucket.com and pasted the link and is now ok.
  20. Cristian


    Hey Lisa! Welcome to the forum and good luck with your training! People here are fantastic and you'll get plenty of useful info!
  21. Hey Pete, great pictures, looks like you guys had fun! I'm sorry I couldn't make it but as you know I had to work... Anyways I will definitely come to the Christmas fayre, this will be my first vegan Christmas so I will probably do some serious shopping there!
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