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  1. Hey Alessandro, benvenuto! This website is great, we're all looking forward to your input on raw veganism diet!
  2. hey daywalker, only just found out this tread and it took me a while to read it! Thanks for all the detailed information. I'm still relatevely new to lifting weight and I sometimes fell there's still too much I don't know. I've trained and eaten hard for the past 3 months, I've noticed some improvements but I'm not entirely satisfied. I find that I'm still struggling to lift heavier weights especially on some exercises (e.g. bicep curls). I always try lifting with good form, I could probably lift more but I don't want to loose form over it. I may need to be more patient, but it can be frustraiting. Anyways, I will soon start a new programme and see how it goes. Thanks again for all your useful tips!
  3. I was reading this thread at work when one of my colleague was reading an article on a tabloid telling the ordeal of a dog who had to be put down after suffering abuse by his owner. She said "how can people do that to animals": she's not vegan/vegetarian. I'm vegan for that. I'm sure you see what I mean. The incoherence of our society is what made me realise how wrong it is to eat meat. We cringe when we hear of pet abuse or koreans eating dogs, we spend billions to take care of our pets, yet farm animals are considered nullity. I don't want to be part of that, not anymore. I'm 26yo and I've been vegan for about 8 months, I've caused enough damage. All we need is better education, we can't count on governments, there's too much money involved, but websites like this will undoubtely help spreading the message.
  4. Welcome! I'm probably the only Italian here, even though I've now been living in London for 7 years!
  5. I regularly recycle here in London but, as far as I know, one wouldn't get paid for it. Things are slowly improving, my local council provides the so called "green boxes" to each household which they collect weekly. Unfortunately they don't provide the same service for people like me who lives in a block of flats....disappointing . Which is probably normal considering that they collect "normal" garbage only once a week! There's also a huge difference between some borroughs: some recycle over 40%, some under 10%. So I have to drive 3-4 miles to the only place I know where I can also recycle plastic. I'm happy to see that people are recycling more as all the bins are always full though. Nevertheless we should all hope for better recycling facilities and, in my view, stronger laws for restaurants, bars & big factories.
  6. I train....at work! There's a gym which all employees can use for £5 a month! I was previously paying £49 a month which is also considered cheap in London. Pro: open 24 hours usually quiet no travel involved Cons: bit small no dip no steam room/sauna It's small but there's pretty much everything I need; I've only just started using it and now hoping to train more often. There's also a physiotherapist should one need it.
  7. Hey guys, I see many of you are soccer fans, I was just wondering if you are able to watch european competitions in the US such as the champions league, serie A, premier league etc.
  8. Hey Richard, my situation is probably similar to yours. I'm lifting 20 kg 10-12 reps x3, trying to perform it with good form. I would probably be able to lift more but not for 10-12 reps. I might try lowering my reps but I don't think it would make a huge difference. My aim is to lift more, same reps, good form. Well, hopefully I'll get there in due time, it just seems hard as I've been lifting the same weight for a while.
  9. Daywalker wrote: Thanks for the encouragement, I've trained for almost 3 months and I'm beginning to see improvements. I do find it difficult to increase weight on some excercises, for example biceps curls, while I've managed to increase on others. Is there any reason to it?
  10. Do you reckon is good enough to develop muscles or do I need to add other food/supplements?
  11. thanks guys, what I also would like to find is vegan replacement meal bars, do you know of any? I found a meal replacement drink on veganessential but I think bars would be useful when I'm out and there's no time to make a shake.
  12. Hi all, I know some of you use vega supplements and I would like to try them myself. Could you reccomend any useful ones to use as meal replacement and/or general growth? Also let me know if you knon any good website where to buy them! Thanks!
  13. welcome aboard! I'm now drinking a protein shake each day, does it count as a supplement? Have fun with your training!
  14. Hy guys, I really would like your suggestions on this one. I was born with a condition called pectus excavatum or sunken chest, with basically a "hole" in the middle of the chest. Because of it my belly sticks out (especially if you look at me sideways); I'm not really overweight and would like to work on my abs to minimize the problem. What's the best plan of action for abs? Thanks!
  15. Of course you couldn't....I've read all about your tiny bladder! Have fun guys!
  16. Hey guys, I too have heard about Andre 3000 wearing fur; that's really disappointing. Here's a link I found about his plans to include fur in his new clothing line. http://www.contactmusic.com/new/xmlfeed.nsf/mndwebpages/anna%20nicole%20blasts%20andre%203000%20over%20fur%20fashions
  17. Hey CG, thanks for the info. I think I too will have to try roaccutane at some point. The antibiotics I'm taking now do help but I don't think they will make it go away. I won't be able to see my dermatologist until January!! (endless waiting list) to start the new treatment. Did you have any bad side effects whilst on the drug?
  18. I'm not particularly worried about lacking vitamin B12. As Pete said, you can always take some pills and you should be covered. Besides vitamin B12 is stored and released for a long time in our body so one shouldn't worry too much. I think that all the vitamins added in soya milk or cereals must be there; I know at least in the UK and Europe these things are well regulated so I tend to trust what's on the box. I think that most vegans & vegetarians really try to have a balanced diet so I don't worry; I don't think that meat-eaters eat animal products because they contain certain vitamins/minerals; they just do it because is part of our society. Anyway, I think that once a vegan reach a certain age it will be obvious that his diet proved to be healthier.
  19. Hey guys, unfortunately I too suffer from acne and my vegan diet has so far not helped! I've had it for 10 years now and I'm now 26! It's really annoying although mine is not that bad besides the shoulders area. I've tried different treatments and I'm currently taking some antibiotics which seem to help but I don't think they'll make it go away. If this doesn't work my dermatologist suggested I try reoaccutane which apparently should work. It's a strong medicine though and I'm a bit worried because the treatment lasts 4 months. Does anyone know if one can still drink protein shakes whilst on the drug? I will look into the applevinegar drink, it sounds interesting.
  20. Hey Michael, welcome abroad! I'm also new but I can tell straight away that people here are fantastic! Just a question, if I may, is your kid already a vegan/vegetarian? Or is it something that you're introducing gradually? Wow, I wish I had had parents like you! Good luck with your business idea, it sounds promising!
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