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  1. the lady holding the dog dresses with good style.
  2. the 2nd part includes pics form mexico
  3. go for light weight and ridiculously slow repetitions. you know scooby workouts? http://jp.youtube.com/user/scooby1961
  4. @ auburnoutlook, wow, good choices! thx for your time. those kind of pictures; indistinguishable horizon, are quite hard because I like getting color or shapes. with those beautiful trees is easier though. I'll be interested in seeing some examples of those pics you mention. @ jaleel, good looking friend of yours ^^ (is that a real tattoo?) those pics in pg.2 are quite revealing, asian societies are a bit alike to latinamerican ones. dont you think? I wanna go to Korea as well, but cannot read or speak ^^; I guess I can post some vegan meals from japan... actually most of the time the chef will adjust it to my needs. Only in kyoto st. many restaurants refused to prepare special meal for me... other than that no problem.
  5. my flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/andresito10/ from japan and mexico, a great new hobbie for me. please comment, im still learning photography, please be sincere. regarding my thin face, I weight the same as when i left for japan and my facial fat is now again in its place, so "fat redistributes" is quite true apparently.
  6. work on your good habits, one at the time. that way, "little by little" is your way to success. very few like me can drastically change from one day to the other... lol
  7. @ chrysalis, thank god some one understands me and yep, even I can read the ingredients sometimes not even japanese know if its from animal source. the other day at "the garden" (expensive supermarket) the lady even called the cereal company to make sure that the ingredient was not from animal source.... quite impressive though, it was a difficult chinese character. take care, thx
  8. @ Couture547. I agree that's too thin. In fact, football players (soccer) and swimmers are not in those proportions. It has nothing to do with fat pals around me, right now I'm in Asia and everybody is sooo thin regarding bone structure. @ Balazs, thank you for the support, currently my face is getting back to its original "good" looking, and still having the 6 pack. I think that proves the "fat redistribution" theory, of keeping your weight a bit stable for some months so that fat redistributes according your genetics. That's awesome because i thought I had to gain weight to recover my "good" looking face and lose the abs definition.
  9. stats about me according to a machine, 60kg +-0.5kg height, 174m+-0.03m body fat, 10% actually in my intro post viewtopic.php?f=2&t=14069 I should be slightly more muscular and with more fat on me, however I cannot yet believe I'm 10%, not even before not even now, so who knows. Thank you you in the advice on sugars, I do only eat complex carbs, unless comes from natural fruit. Thank you
  10. I get my protein from stones and actually I spend very little money on food. I go to regular super markets, no health food stores and the like
  11. what a b_____ seriously, threads of this nature should be deleted or have a big warning. Some kids may believe this b_____ and actually starve to death. Gosh, please! from his site; "it consists mainly of what I call my invisible foods, the sun and fresh air, I get my water from air..."
  12. i love to do small frequent meals, I feel healthier. I dont want to go back to 2-3 meals per day... eating is healthy Doing frequent meals is like taking care of your beloved tamagotchi
  13. So with the multivitamin I should be alright in terms of anemia, right? After so many years, today I ate white bread, the taste is horrible, and of course got really sleepy afterwards If I were to keep my bodyfat stable , could it redistribute so it fills my cheeks? I have sunken cheeks and popped eyes... my abs and other muscleslook great though. thank you
  14. Hello, i recently lowered my body fat percentage very low, so my face is extremely thin and looks unhealthy. Last week I moved to Japan and being vegan is so difficult, specially because I cannot read all the ingredients list yet. A safe way here is too eat lots of expensive packaged fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Beans, these are way to expensive and whole wheat cereal is almost impossible. I am extremely worried about my nutrition to the point in which I am not longer exercising, and since I need to gain weight to fix my face I am pretty much eating as much as possible. Every day I take a multivitamin supplement, but I do not know how can I have a balanced diet by just eating fruits and vegetables. Please help me, or drop a comments to cheer me up
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