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  1. Welcome. You can be plenty healthy on a Vegan diet. Note that calcium in milk isn't absorbed well anyway. It might as well not be there.
  2. Welcome. I'm a fatty getting back on track also.
  3. Welcome. Your workout program looks real good. However, You don't appear to have any hamstring work in there. I would add some Romanian deadlifts on Routine B. Also, since you are interested in Muay Thai you may want to add some bulgarian split squats or lunges to Routine A so you get some unilateral leg training in.
  4. I love gun, germs and steel and everything by stephenson!
  5. Sounds Good. My highschool yearbook quote was from "1984 "Sanity is not statistical."
  6. Ok. So this is really weird. The small boxes of total and total raisin bran we have at work both contain whey. So just be careful of that.
  7. Thanks Ryan. I'm going to up the weight slowly so I can actually try to keep my form. Maybe in 2 weeks or so I'll get shots of me lifting something heavy. I'll post them as soon as I get over 2 plates.
  8. Welcome. And yes, Veganism does wonders for the environment as well as your health and the animals.
  9. Nice one DV. I actually bought some for the hell of it a while ago, to try it out. But so far, it has only been used by my girlfriend in making Vegan Pancakes, and damn do those taste good with a little coconutty flavor. The saturated fat must help make them so delicious!
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