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  1. I don't know which posts I find ridiculous. I just don't know a ton about raw foodism, and I certainly don't have the patience to practice it at this time in life, being a reasonably new vegan and just trying to do that well. So sometimes the discussions seem ridiculous to me just because they are counterintuitive to me. But they aren't ridiculous in the sense that they are nonsense, they just sometimes seem that way at first glance from someone not well versed in them. However, I enjoy all of your posts as well. The more knowledge the better. Keep it up. And I'll try not to be too insulting
  2. same. on after-party mornings i can go up to 12 hours though. Hell, I can do 15 hours when I just spent the previous day reading and watching TV!
  3. Johan, This puzzled me at first also. From what I've read, and what seems to work the best for me, is to lower like you are doing a straight legged /romainian DL till you get below the knee, then kind of squat down the opposite of how you lift off when coming up. That way the knees don't get in the way on the descent.
  4. Why not? Stick them up on Iron Scene if you prefer Why not indeed! I finally posted them on YouTube. Here they are. From the left side From the right side From the front
  5. That's the saddest, scariest, funniest thing I've ever seen!
  6. Yo, DV I still think there are some valid bodybuilding type discussions on here. Most aren't, but some certainly are. Yes, it is true most raw foodists aren't bodybuilders, but there are many people interested in BBing here on the board. You, GAIA and Robert are 3 that immediately come to mind. Please don't abandon the forum as I enjoy your posts a lot and you have a lot of knowledge to spread. That being said, the scientific method is not easily by a lot of people, so it can be upsetting sometimes . However, I think I'm Your Man does know a lot about the holistic stuff and he believes in it. While he may not have direct scientific proof, if the things he are doing work for him and keep him healthy and happy, he can be a great influence to those around him who may not have BBing inspirations but really need to be healthier. Not everything is capable of being proven with our limited understanding of physiology and methods for experimentation/detection. I often find some of his posts ridiculous and counterintuitive to my own preconceived notions about certain nutritional facts, but that doesn't mean he is wrong. Hell, over the last few years I've realized my own nutritional path that I was taking when I was thinking of competing 7 years or so ago was horrendously harmful and dangerous, so I have tried to stop being quick to shoot things down just because they seem wrong. Finally, NO, it is not your job or anyone else's job to prove the theories of food combining wrong, just like it isn't my job to disprove that whales are excellent at calclulus. The onus of proof is on those making the statement of fact. Oh, and Offense, I love that Bertrand Russel Quote
  7. Thanks VE. I'll have them up here by this weekend. Right now I have 3 short vids from both sides (slightly diff angles) and the front. They are about 3 MB each and they are oriented at a 90 deg. angle to how they should be viewed. I can rotate them with a video editor called avi demux for linux, but I can't seem to find an output format that works right with any player other than VLC. I have a busy week but will get them up as soon as possible. I don't particularly want to put them on youtube, so once I can rotate and shrink them so they play on Windows and Macs I will upload them. Thanks for waiting
  8. THanx very much! One day i hope i'll just say **** off to anything that cost an animal...but i'd hate to do it and fail...though having said that it wouldnt make me give up; when i decided on getting rid of meat in the first few weeks i'd sometimes nibble a chop, and feel like i was betraying my principles, but do my best not to do it again...but other veggies i've known have eaten meat once and then figured that they might as well give up the whole thing altogether and celebrate at mcdonalds :/ Mik. I've gone through it myself. About 3 years ago I was a full fledged meat eater, went veg for a month then was back eating chicken again for another month. Finally I saw some horrific videos and became a Vegan. I lasted as a Vegan for about 8 months, but really didn't do it right. I tried to substitute fake meat for meat and ate too much junk vegan food. I was always hungry and upset about missing out on the chicken wings I loved to eat while watching football. I didn't go back to eating meat, but did eat seafood again and eggs and cheese. I was a pescaterian for about a year and a half, and then became Vegan again about 2 months ago. This time I feel much better. I'm not craving cheese or meat or anything not vegan! I've done a lot of reading on proper vegan nutrition and eat much more fruit and as much vegetables as I can stomach. I even manage to eat 6 different meals everyday all with fairly good nutrient density and little junk. My point is that, I jumped into Vegetarianism and Veganism too fast and failed both times. But after living as a pescetarian for a while and slowly reducing my consumption of animal products my body and taste buds have adjusted and I am happier. The first month was kind of tough with cravings, but now I just eat Vegan and don't really think about it. Kind of like when I was eating healthy as a carnivore but didn't eat bacon because it wasn't healthy. The thoughts and cravings went away even though I didn't think it was possible with me. So, I think that some people can just jump right in to veganism, but for others it definitely takes time and discipline. And I think you're doing a hell of a job. So keep it up!
  9. Thanks El Flaco. That was a great article. I'm about to go deadlift now and take a video. I'll post it here either tonight or tomorrow.
  10. Sure. You have a lot of detailed knowledge being that you were/are a trainer and have studied anatomy. Therefore you can call us slouches on it when we make stuff up I specifically liked one post you had not relating to training though. It was when you were talking about wearing your VBBF shirt at the gym and ignoring the douchebags who give you shit. I like that you're getting bigger and can rub it all in their faces!
  11. I actually listened to the audio version of The God Delusion as read by Dawkins and his wife on the way to and from work. It was a quite remarkable book that got me interested in genetics and genomics to some extent. However I don't believe Dawkins ever said just because you can't prove their is a God doesn't mean there is one. What I got out of it is that the probability of God existing is so low that we shouldn't spend our lives devoted to the word of God. We should also be especially skeptical of people who discriminate and otherwise do horrible things in his name considering he probably doesn't exist. It is more an overview of religious nut jobs and history of religion/science than it is just mindless bashing. He is especially dead on when he talks about religion vs. science and how religion asks for "faith" while science asks for "proof". Robert, I have the CDs and you can have them when you come to Boston for the Veg Food festival. That way you can listen to them on your travels, since you don't read . You don't have to give them back as I doubt I will ever listen to them again. Just please pass them on to someone else when you are done or donate them to a library. That's what I was planning to do with them.
  12. See, thing about that is ...... IT'S STILL HEALTHY!!! That's one of the great things about a Vegan Diet.
  13. Welcome Mik. It sounds like you are doing great! Keep it up. Nobody on this board is going to give you much crap for not yet being a full Vegan. If progression to a more Vegan works for you, like it seems to have been doing, just keep it up and you'll be fine.
  14. I somehow didn't even notice your post earlier, so I was only referring to the OP's questions. I've used powders off and on and some people swear by them, I just wanted to make it clear that they're not necessary, especially if they are hard to obtain where he is. No worries. I think it is great that you followed up the OPs response. The more solid information that new Vegans and/or lifters receive, the better.
  15. Try making a green smoothie with kale and spinach and fruit as well. Mix in some raw coconut oil or hempseeds and you'll be well on your way to nutritional dominance. That being said, I myself am not raw, however I do eat quite a bit of raw food.
  16. Agreed. I didn't mean to say that one needs those things to build muscle. I just suggested them because he seems like a hardgainer that was getting too full to eat enough to grow. Therefore a high calorie shake may be appropriate. However, If you could add in another large meal like that listed above, preferably post workout, with a glass of juice or something, you will see much better gains.
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