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  1. It's probably more constructive to tell them how you think they could improve / what they're doing wrong in particular Fair enough. I shouldn't have been so blunt without an explanation. It was unfair of me. Especially considering I recently asked about deadlift form The lift starts off looking good, but about half way up the problems begin. The main problem I see is that the head is coming down as the body is going up. This could injure the neck. The jerking motion with the head down is a good way to pull a muscle in the either the rhomboids, traps or lats. To correct the issue, lighten the weight and try to keep the head in line with the rest of the spine. Your chest should be puffed out to keep the spine neutral as in the the start of the lift. You should then pull up as high as you can maintaining this form. Try lightening the weight to 60 lbs first, then increase as long as you can keep your form. That is your real max. That being said, the lifter is incredibly strong and could probably do that weight properly in a few weeks if he kept the form under control and worked on it.
  2. I would say that this really depends on what you are comfortable with. There may or may not be actual bits of animal in the sugar, however that is beside the point unless you are strictly vegetarian for religious reasons or fear getting mad cow from the bone char. I would say avoid it at all costs anyway, as it is absolutely horrible for you. Schwarzenegger called it the "white devil" during his training days.
  3. If you are training hard you are almost certainly not eating enough to gain. Since you state that you don't like to eat five meals, I would stick with the 3 you have there, but in addition to that I would add a post workout shake consisting of 20-40 grams of gemma pea protein from trueprotein.com along with some soymilk a banana and perhaps some dextrose/maltodextrin mix for simple sugars to replace muscle glycogen. If you don't want an isolate like pea protein and are looking for more of a whole foods solution you should try to make a similar shake but substitute the pea protein for some form of hemp protein. I would also recommend eating more fruit throughout the day.
  4. Happy Birthday. I enjoy reading your posts.
  5. If you have two drinks daily, I believe you are an alcoholic. That being said, I could care less if it doesn't affect me in any way. But I doubt that it is actually healthy.
  6. 3 Questions: 1) Are you an experimental quantum physicist? 2) Do you understand Dark Matter, The theoretical Higgs Boson, Black hole diffusion etc.. from a QUANTITATIVE standpoint including calculating the amount of power needed to generate sub particles through supercollider experiments? 3) Do you know how to build a neutrino detector and further cosmic ray detectors? If you answered no to any of these questions, then quit worrying and leave these people alone to do their job. Do you really think that the LHC has enough power to generate a black hole capable of destroying the universe? This is just a larger version of previous detectors to enable the detection of subatomic particles with higher energy. The world didn't end last time and it's not going to end now. Hell this thing is waaayyyy smaller than the Superconducting Super Collider destined for the US that got cancelled due to funding issues!
  7. Thanks! I saw that last night after I lifted, but haven't watched it with the sound on yet. Rippetoe is awesome, so I'm sure it's quality. Hell, just from watching it without audio, I could tell it was good.
  8. Oh. I forgot to ask. Do you guys always wear a belt when doing them? Last night I didn't use one at all, but I have in the past for the heavier sets. I'm not sure it helps at all though. Thanks.
  9. Thanks Hilary and Ryan! I will try to get a video. We'll see how embarrassed my girlfriend will be when she has to stand in the Boston Sports Club videotaping me deadlifting! I was thinking about it more last night, after I posted, and decided to keep doing them, but with light weight for reps after my heavy squats. That way I'm nice and loose already, and I can get my form down and a decent workout in without worrying about weight. My back pain is pretty much just regular soreness and DOMs. Definitely nothing to worry about at this point. I've deadlifted over 315 before with "bad form", so in grand scheme of things, last night was pretty light.
  10. Ok. So tonight I deadlifted for the first time in a while. I ended with 205 lb x 4 reps. Not bad for weight, but I feel like I was doing them incorrectly. I never did them consistently mainly because I didn't think my form was right. I've spent hours reading up on them and watching videos, but I still feel like I'm not doing them correctly. I perform Romanian Deadlifts perfectly (at least I think so, as I feel them in my hamstrings and my lower back is never sore), but for some reason I can't get the hang of the deadlift. I can also squat below parallel with ease. But when deadlifting I just feel like my lower back is on fire. I am really thinking of just not doing them, as I get plenty of low back work from hyper extensions, and I am really scared of the consequences of doing them incorrectly. I've also had some lower back issues in the past. I think I'm going to lay off them for a while until I can either find an experienced lifting partner to watch my form or have enough money to hire a trainer with the proper background. I would like to do them, but not without supervision. Has anyone experienced this? Do you think I am over-reacting? My physique is progressing quite nicely without them, as I am currently dropping fat and getting stronger, so I'm not sure they are even necessary at my relative beginner stage in my recent workout history. I've only been working out for about 2 -3 months now, since a long layoff. Any input would be appreciated. Oh, and just so you know, my goals are more related to bodybuilding/looking good nekkid, than powerlifting. Thanks, Andrew
  11. Welcome. You'll find plenty of info here. Just remember to keep your protein intake moderate. You don't need massive amounts of 1-1.5g per pound of bodyweight as stated on most of the other bodybuilding sites. However, as weight training athlete you need more than the minimum 10-20 g that some Vegans recommend. Yes, you can probably eat that little protein, but you will not gain muscle unless you are a genetic freak, or think that Tim Van Orden has a "lot of muscle".
  12. Wow, Your whole family is Vegan. Awesome. Now time to hit the free weights and ditch the machines. Welcome!
  13. cough robert cough cough no but seriously, squat first, then leg press. always. don't f*** around Johan, that is funny. Not because you're messing with Robert, but because you wrote f***, when you have the word FUCKING in your sig. Awesome. I love this forum.
  14. Such a rational law! I think at least part of the reason for it, besides the conspiracy theories of the government trying to keep the loggers and cotton growers happy, etc, etc..., is that the Feds don't want to confuse it with Marijuana plants and/or allow growers of hemp to mix in Marijuana also. Still very stupid though. Of course so is making weed illegal, but I digress.
  15. Wow, Dr. Pink sums it up for me. I thought I was the only weirdo who liked that feeling. I would love the nutritional and digestibility benefits, but like Dr. Pink I am far too lazy for that, and the benefits probably won't outweight the nastiness of soggy nuts.
  16. Welcome! You can learn a lot around here.
  17. Even with the roids, the symmetry will not come without the genetics and everything else Rob listed of course.
  18. That doesn't sound totally vegan to me. Unless they were wild donkeys, not captive, and they came up to you of their own free will.
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