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  1. My cat goes nuts when he sees a moth also. Sometimes, if he's lucky he catches it and you see him trying to eat it for about 15 minutes.
  2. I take my shoes off and they leave on their own.
  3. Yeah, John Stossel is always full of shit. I remember when he did his organic vs. regular food special. He's a right wing jerkoff.
  4. Robert, I think you need to add "other" to the list. I guess I'm on x86 hardware, but so are most Mac users these days. I have been running Linux only since about 2003 and only use windows occasionally when required at work. One of the first things I did when I joined my recent company was wipe my PC and drop Linux on there. I've also used OpenBSD a bit and Solaris in school on vastly different hardware. And while I doubt there's many people on here that use those systems, I'm sure at least a few run Linux. So mark me down for other Sorry for the rant, but you asked for it!
  5. Wow. I'm not single, but I would have though saying you were Vegan to girls was an instant Panty Dropper. It means you're sensitive and all that shit
  6. Awesome, That's pretty much most of the Palm oil I eat.
  7. I second that. The most effective time to take creatine and protein powder are POST WORKOUT. Take them together like everyone else and they should work well. In fact there has been suggestions that creatine may help with protein synthesis and by having a steady stream of quickly digested aminos around from the powder you will probably be getting the most bang for your buck.
  8. Awesome answer DV. I've just realized how many sources of protein are actually short in Lysine. Although, like you and others said, as long as you eat a wide variety of food you should be fine.
  9. Welcome. You will find a ton of info on this site. If you are looking for Vegan protein supplements, I recommend Gemma pea protein isolate from trueprotein.com and/or nitrofusion from nitrofusion.com. They are both good supplements. Some people, especially raw/ whole foodists prefer hemp protein supplements. I agree they are excellent, I just cannot stomach them myself. I do like mixing hempseeds in my oatmeal though for a little extra bit of protein and EFAs. Another great option, or so I hear, is Vega. I honestly never tried it. Mainly because it's really expensive. I may grab a few single serving packs next time I'm in whole foods though. Good luck with everything.
  10. Rik, I just signed up. I'm looking forward to Nov 1. Maybe Robert will join us. I know he'll be in town for the festival. -Andrew
  11. His plan is all wrong. We should not hand over our new energy infrastructure to private companies. They cannot do it better than the government and once the initial investment is payed off they will be bilking us for what is essentially free energy for decades to come. Maintenance costs will be minimal for windfarms and can be handled by the DOE. Do we really want to trade the oil companies for the wind companies? Does America need more corporate masters? This is all about getting the rights to the energy infrastructure while we are bogged down in war and economic turmoil. It's a fast one by a long time dirtbag. There has also been plenty of criticism of the potential for massive bird casualties where Pickens wants to put these wind farms. While that may be a small price to pay for energy independence and may be up for debate, handing over energy independence to people like him is an absolute 100% mistake. Furthermore, he is also trying to privatize water in this country and is invested heavily in others trying to do it around the world. The man is a snake and wants to own the world. Oh and I'm sure while Pickens is funding his Animal Welfare charity he's probably chowing down on Filet and Stone Crab. See the following for a bit more, including shifting to natural gas which he's also deeply invested in. http://www.alternet.org/water/95471/why_t._boone_pickens%27_%27clean_energy%27_plan_is_a_ponzi_scheme/
  12. Gemma and NitroFusion. Although, the fructose in NitroFusion bothers me because of the extra calories. I much prefer the texture of Gemma also. But its nice to have multiple sources of protein powder around just to switch it up. Joe, I would say stick with the creatine. I've used it before with good results. L-carnitine always struck me as a waste of money.
  13. I think that it is incredibly naive to think that all GMOs are bad. Yes, yes, Monsanto is evil and their GMOs are next to useful, but the science behind them is exciting and revolutionary. But I'm with Cubby in believing that these things shouldn't see the outside of a lab for many many years to come.
  14. Well said Richard. Although after years of living in the northeast, resisting those fried clams in the summer is oh so difficult.
  15. Awesome. Thanks. I think I'll have to get my girlfriend to make these
  16. I would also like to add that typically poaching laws exist to protect endangered species while hunting regulations serve to allow the slaughter of overpopulated animals such as deer. Many people, omnivores included, treat poaching like an afront to the environment and worry about not being able to "enjoy" those species in the future. However those same people rationalize the killing of deer by the fact that they are "benefiting" the environment. But you are right that in essence they are both the killing of animals.
  17. Hey Medman, have you ever tried adding any protein powder to them? I eat a clif builders bar almost every morning for breakfast but would really like to shake that habit for something like this. I'm just a bit concerned about the low protein content.
  18. Yo, VE I can't wait to see the new pics. You look huge there. I was just thinking "If only he could lose about 30 pounds he would look twice as big! Glad to hear you dropped a bit of flab as you will really look like the hulk when that definition POPS. I'm so amazed you're a Vegan that I may have 2 green smoothies tomorrow! Way to go.
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