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  1. Good Answer! I was just going to say don't buy that crap. They are completely worthless pieces of junk sold by snakeoil salesmen. I thoroughly believe anyone who tries to sell you one of those should be kicked squarely in the nuts, or associated female genitalia!
  2. Medman, You are awesome. I love the fact that you are teaching physicians things at a barbecue!
  3. After reading this thread last week. I started deep squatting with my bodyweight in my cube at work. I found that keeping my toes pointed forward my knees would ache on every rep. By angling them outwards about 30-45 deg. with a wide 1-foot more than shoulder width stance I was stable and pain free with my hams hitting my calves. I was amazed I could even get that low. So last night I loaded up the bar with 165 (significantly lower than parallel squats for me) and got 12 reps about 15-20 % below parallel (just before my hams hit my calves). It felt great, and going below parallel I could really feel my hams working. I don't think I'll be doing parallel squats again any time soon. I plan on trying to get rock bottom and slowly work the weight back up. Even with the lighter weight, I'd say my quads almost got just as good a workout because of the depth, and my hamstrings got way more of a workout. So thanks for the article and advice tumbleweed and VeganEssentials !
  4. I have the blendtec total blender that I got for $289 US off ebay. It had 0 cycles on it. It is extremely powerful and pretty much can handle anything I throw at it. My girlfriend and I have gotten in the habit of making green smoothies with spinach and kale and it grinds them up into a smooth consistency where you can barely taste them if you add fruit. I haven't used the vitamix but have heard great things about it. I decided to go with the blendtec because it was much cheaper.
  5. Welcome. And the shoulder looks much better than the bicep from that angle
  6. A ripped cow anthropomorphized (sp?) standing up, curling a dumbell in one arm and holding a blender with a green smoothie in the other.
  7. Welcome. This forum is awesome. The key to staying motivitated I find is to visit a lot. The community is really great here.
  8. Welcome. A Boston area meetup sounds interesting.
  9. Thanks for the welcome everyone! Lean and Green, send me a message anytime.
  10. LOL. Well, at least I'll see you at the Vegetarian Food Festival. If she's there you can try to give her the Vegan Sausage!
  11. I second this request for knowledge!
  12. Holy Shit! This is absolutely the best introduction ever. Since you've been here from the beginning, I guess you should be welcoming me. Plus the rhymes are hilarious. I give up the beef, to chicks that queef, like your sister, who has a lip blister, which is now on my cock, About a beat my head with a rock
  13. Mosquitos. Killed one last night. Thing bit me 3 fucking times while I was trying to read a book INDOORS! I shooed it away, but it kept coming back for more. Sorry, guess it's not the Vegan thing to do, but too bad. From an animal rights perspective I just assumed that my wish to not be bitten was more important than it's right to live at that moment.
  14. That's exactly who I was going to pick. She is smoking hot.
  15. Welcome. If you lift, eat and sleep you will grow. Specifics abound on the forum.
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