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  1. What an excellent transformation! I'm glad you had Vegan friends to support you. You look great now! BTW, I would totally wear that 2XL t-shirt also.
  2. Tumbleweed, Thanks for letting me learn more about you. My family is actually quite liberal, however when it comes to eating meat they also couldn't care less about the animal cruelty issues. However, after annoying them for months they have definitely come around to understanding my diet more. I am starting to think that what you and others have said about the health angle is perhaps the best direction to go. For instance last night I was talking to my mother who told me her friend just did a Vegan cleanse. I said it was probably because she read the "Skinny Bitch" book which recommends a Vegan diet. She had no idea that's what that book said but was well aware of its popularity. She sounded excited to go get it. It amazed me, because she definitely would not even consider a Vegan diet simply to help animals. So, yes I think you are on the right track. Just keep doing what you are doing. You are a very welcome addition to this forum. The more diversity of backgrounds we have here the better we can understand how to spread the word and be the healthiest we can be.
  3. It is tough being Vegan with all the negativity directed towards you. However, just simply ignoring it can work wonders. And if you feel like it, just tell everyone to go fuck themselves. It works for me
  4. Welcome! You should have no trouble finding the information you seek here.
  5. Welcome! Great intro, and location tag.
  6. Aww, Too bad about the accent. I think Boston accents are wicked awesome. Actually my dad is from Dorcester and my mom is from Brookline, but neither one of them have an accent. They've been living in CT for over 30 years now. As for Clark Gable, I have no idea. But I'm glad to provide you with a voice for my posts. If only you could hear my ("married in") uncle's brother. He's got a cross between Italian and Boston accents. We call him the godfather He scared the crap out of my cousin's boyfriend one time.
  7. liftandcode


    Awesome. Nothing Like a Vegan who wants that Rambo look! You could strap vials of spirulina across your chest instead of bullets
  8. Hi. Tumbleweed. I have to say that I chose to go Vegan 100% for Animal Rights reasons. I would probably second that with environmentalism followed by health. While I have been Vegan for about a month, I have realized how much better I feel and have read more about the health benefits then I ever knew. Like you, although not as old, I used to be seriously into lifting heavy weights and was very lean and muscular on a diet of mainly meat and carbs. I have not lost any strength since going Vegan and am sure you feel the same way. I greatly respect and admire your decision to become Vegan, and I'm sure you will live a happier and healthier life along the way. However, I hope you come around to the understanding the reasons why people are so concerned and outgoing, maybe even pushy about animal rights. The horrific abuses suffered by the many creatures on factory farms just causes people to be blinded by rage. A lot of Vegans are not "hippies" and it is an absolute shame that the meat and dairy industries have caused such a backlash against such a noble cause as Animal Rights. Animal Rights activists simply want to end suffering, which as you can attest due to the myriad choices of a Vegan diet, is completely unnecessary. I hope that along with the positive health message that you and your brother can bring back to your "conservative" communities, that you will learn more about animal rights and Veganism and further the spread of knowledge that is being stifled in this country. Good Luck with everything. Much Respect. Now Go get HUGE!!!!!!
  9. Wow, I must be slow. Clearly you are in New Hampshire
  10. Haha. No, I'm originally from the New Haven, CT area. I don't believe I have an accent, but I suppose you could say it is kinda meta- New York. For instance some times I catch myself saying cawfeee for coffee and coshtoom for costume :=) There are a lot of ethiopian places in the area, not sure about somerville though. Cambridge certainly has a few. Where are you located?
  11. Yeah, Well I once shaved my male roomates back before we went on spring break to Jamaica. He was embarrassed by all the hair. I told him I was emabarassed to be seen with him! BTW, xjohanx: Simply unbelievable. I never would've known from your avatar! Sick abs and back. Good most muscular.
  12. The shirts are pretty sweet. I think I need some time to earn one though I hope I'm not stepping on any toes here, but I was thinking about some ideas for logos for the "future". Keep in mind that I have no artistic talent or resources to make this happen What about a cartoonish cow with a green-smoothie/blender jar in one hand, curling a dumbell in the other with bulging muscles, standing up like a human and chewing his cud. There could be a tag like: Gettin Huge on Plants! I'm sure tags and logo ideas could be a whole other fun thread. Just a thought. Cheers, Andrew
  13. Wow. That story totally made my day.
  14. Looks Like you're going to be back there in no time. Good progress!
  15. Thanks Guys! Currently eating 3/4 cup of oats with some mixed nuts, agave syrup and pepitas. Feeling goooood!
  16. Hi all, I'm a 27 year old male from the Boston area. I'm so glad to have found this site. It's been a tremendous help these last few weeks. I've been a vegetarian for over 2 years, eating some seafood here and there. My girlfriend and I went "unhealthy vegan" for about 7-8 months back in 2006/2007, but fell back to veg/pescaterian. I've been back training hard for about 3 weeks, 100% Vegan. I feel much more knowledgeable now than I was a few years ago and hope to stick with it permanently this time. It also helps that I know a few vegans personally this time around I used to be seriously into bodybuilding, got to about 170 lbs w/ 10% bodyfat from about Age 19-21. Then things fell apart. Back then it was all grilled chicken and pasta. I've chosen to live a cruelty free lifestyle and am hoping to get back to that weight as a strict vegan. Currently I'm about 230 lbs at 5'7'', which is grossly overweight. I'm still quite muscular, just trying to drop fat while gaining/maintaining muscle. The good ole BB mantra I guess. Had a good workout last night. Squatted 225 x10 and 245x6. I may need some motivation here and there on the Vegan diet but really am looking forward to keeping it strict. I also want to say that Troy really motivated me with his green smoothies. I went out and got a blendtec and a pump and seal so I could bring them to work Still waiting on the pump and seal, but I've already had quite a few green smoothies at home.
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